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FujiCoin - FJC
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Review Date: June 10, 2019 20:20:08

So I've been experimenting with, mining and using Fujicoin for a couple of years now. All I can say is that this is genuinely one of the top altcoins out there. The lead developer is exceptionally dedicated to this project and publishes updates both punctually and transparently. Every time there has been an security update to Litecoin or Bitcoin for example, the patches are replicated in Fujicoin almost the next day. This is obviously reassuring to investors and miners. There is a very active development and investor community over at Slack. This project is distinguished by its honesty and simplicity. FujiCoin is not a gimmick like many other altcoins. It is solid and highly usable as a currency, having almost zero transaction fees and a fairly quick block generation speed. It uses a rather unique scrypt-variant algorithm which essentially renders it impervious to 51% attacks, as mining this algorithm via NiceHash etc is not currently possible. FujiCoin is a very quintessentially Japanese coin. Honest, resilient, practical. I think that also being one of the very oldest altcoins, it has a great future. Keep an eye on this coin in the run up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Rumour has it that this coin will be going all the way to the moon, and I don't doubt it.

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