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Review Date: March 13, 2019 17:06:42

I have been involved personally with the Rx Smart Coffee company for some time, and I have witnessed first hand the evolution of this company. If you don't have a trust for multi-level marketing plans and network marketing, then feel free to put your trust in vertically integrated corporations - ie. go be an employee somewhere, however for me, I have been able to build a sales team and have been able to earn commissions without having a boss telling me to do so and the product has not stopped me. In my opinion, it depends on the individual, and most individuals are not cut out for sales-oriented endeavors, they require a set-income whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. If you are a proficient salesperson, or a proficient recruiter who can recruit and train willing individuals, or find individuals who have a predisposition to sell, then you'll have a positive outlook on models of this nature, and be able to earn commissions as large as you are willing to work for, just like a real job except with no cap; and trust me the product will not hold you back. In my experience, most people who I approach have never even heard of coffee with added nutrients in it, let alone consumed such a thing. For one to say that ginseng, rosemary, and other substances that are in this coffee have no effect on the body, would be an indication that one has no knowledge of the substance. After you do a little bit of research into what is in the coffee, I think a reasonable mind will find that there are some potent ingredients that help the body, and to put it in a substance that many people are nothing more than habitually addicted to (coffee) is truly "smart" to me. I'll add the company makes no claims, despite what the other individual said on this thread.

As far as the cryptocurrency - I'll say for one, Rx Smart Coffee is a REAL company, they (and I) sell a real product that I can bear witness to, that really does help people, and THAT is irrefutable based off of the people's testimonials who actually consume it. The fact that the cryptocurrency is backed by a company with real associates that you can talk to should allow a skeptic to trust - this coffee and this company are not going to disappear. I do agree that there could have been a better token creation, instead of utilizing Waves platform. To my understanding, the coin was to serve as more than just a utility, and at some point there is going to be a token that will reflect the value of the company in the way that a stock does, and that's something I look forward to hodling, but the ICO made no mention of that. For now, much of this company and coin is in its infancy, and time will reveal.

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