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99% of altcoins are scams, with the exception of a handful of legit projects, that are however 90% likely to fail as well. Looking for the few that are going to matter, is a continuous quest of finding a needle in a hay stack.

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Review Date: June 10, 2020 06:36:24

Similar functionality and purpose as Binance Token. Nothing much to say about it, apart that the value of the token is very dependent of the existence of the exchange. Be aware of that. The token itself, apart from legality, is not explicitly shady or anything, as OKEX is a reasonably established exchange.


Review Date: December 03, 2019 23:14:40

So this shady shitcoin finally launched and there has been a lot to do about it; Heart has been promoting it all and everywhere the last couple of weeks. Btw it is not called Bitcoin HEX anymore, just HEX. And indeed it is just an ERC20 token, just like all the rest of them, but somehow this is supposed to be better than Bitcoin! May I remind everyone that Mr. Heart previously was a bitcoin maximalist and even went as far as trashing Ethereum as being a worthless unreliable project; yet now apparently he is launching his "better than bitcoin" coin on it. Richard Heart appears to be a very crafty snake oil sales man that is very skilled in manipulative discussion techniques to make it seem as if he is dominating the conversation with his often word salad and evasion techniques. I used to find him entertaining personally in the past and he could bring up interesting points to think about, in the space generally; but since he is actively promoting his shady HEX project, I can't take him seriously anymore. In fact the project does have an interesting smart contract with could be defined as a DeFi product: essentially it is a CD (Contract of Deposit or Time Deposit), which will give you an interest on staked tokens. After the first year of distribution, there will be an infinite inflation of almost 3.7% per year, to be divided over all stakers proportionately. In terms of store of value and scarcity it is most certainly not better than bitcoin. It also has a very complicated structure (especially in the first year) of distributing coins, of which the 2 most important ones are: straight up buying with ETH from the smart contract (similar to an ICO, with some tweaks) and claiming free tokens for BTC holders by signing a message with your btc wallet (the process is fairly safe, although doing this will link ownership of your bitcoin to your claimed HEX addresses, so you can be compromising the privacy of your bitcoin). So beyond the poor quality and overall uselessness of the token itself, let's look at some more red flags: - First of all: tokens are factually being sold to the public via the smart contract and the raised Ether is "flushed" to another Ethereum address of which Richard claims he doesn't know who has access to that address (yeah right, very credible). First 24 hours the smart contract raised $3 million worth of ETH. Richard also denies that he knows what that money is going to be used for. - Richard says he isn't involved in the launch of the token, while he has been working on it for 2 years and won't get a benefit. I am suspicious because of the sale of HEX for Ether. Also he is probably one of the biggest btc whales to claim HEX for free for himself, making him a HEX whale too (although large btc addresses get less HEX to give you the impression that he is doing it for the small people). - It seems quite obvious that this project is very centralized and that Richard has very likely a lot of control over the project, which also makes him very liable to regulators crack down (unless he exit scams to a country that has no US extradition treaty). Because the code is not on Github and devs work closed source, it is hard to see what's going on. - One of the very big no-no red flags for every project are the blatant profit predictions, which is very common in the HEX communications and by Heart himself, by making a lot of references to bitcoin's price increase in its early years, relating it to the "pumpamentals' of HEX, which should also produce 10,000x returns and that it is "programmed to pump". Basically all his BS shittalking is geared towards misinforming his audience making them believe in his silly ERC20 token with infinite 3.7% inflation and appeal to greed of non-sophisticated investors and crypto holders. Please be aware of the snake oil sales man and don't get fooled. It seems quite obvious to be a moneygrab and I am going to stay away from this as far as I can. And no, I don't even consider claiming the free tokens simply because it could be "free money". Other caveat: your claimed free tokens based on your btc balance (per snapshot), are forcibly staked for 50 weeks, so you can't even "dump" them, only after 1 year and who knows how "much" it will be worth by then. 2 articles for more background information: From Jan 2019: https://currencyjournals.com/bitcoin-news/bitcoin-scam/why-richard-hearts-bitcoin-hex-is-a-scam-crypto-insider (some of the info in this article is outdated, but most still applies) From 2 years ago, early days of HEX development, talks about the personal experience with the character of Richard Heart: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@isacoin/the-truth-about-richard-heart-aka-richard-j-schueler Then there was an over 6 hrs Law Review episode on Tone Vays' Youtube channel, where Richard Heart also appeared and defended his project 3-4 hours long (gotta admit that he has strong debating skills and had the balls and character to come on it to be scrutinized heavily, but as said most of it are evasive and manipulative tactics). In the last part a former coder of the project also appeared to clarify some ins and outs on the code level of the smart contract to find out the things Richard was evading to explain or made it much more complex than needed; link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saora3AMIxo. All and all; this has all the elements of a classic scam and I don't trust it for 1 single bit


Review Date: November 14, 2019 23:16:15

I have seen many many many of these similar tiny projects that try to become a better bitcoin by forking the code and making tweaks. I don't see much innovation in them and am very skeptical of the viability of such projects. However if developers want to develop on open source they are entirely free to do so. The project claims to not doing premines, ICOs, Presales, Founder rewards, so they are not solliciting anyone's money, except they do accept donations, which they should be free to do of course. Be aware that when you start mining this thing or trading the coin (if that is even possible anywhere, anytime; currently only trading at some near zero liquidity tiny shady exchange), that is also similar to donating your resources to this project. I also get skeptical if I see a website that just lists only a summary of details similar to their bitcointalk post, and no whitepaper either at any point describing what the project's aim is. Another thing that makes me skeptical is whenever a bunch of accounts (of which some appear to be directly related to the project itself) come out around the same time posting overly positive but with very generic reviews. Technically I can't immediately identify it as a true scam in the most narrow sense of the word, but in my personal opinion the 100s or even 1000s of similar projects that all look the same and all pop up all the time like weeds, are mostly just vaporware that one should be very critical of before spending time on them. Note: I did not dive into the anonymous "team", which forced me to rate them with a "neutral" vote.


Review Date: October 15, 2019 22:04:23

I can't believe this even-worse-than-any-other-useless-ERC20-scam-token has the ability to have more than even 2 shillers, which I can't even imagine anything else than them just being the team in question themselves shilling their BS token. I believe there is not much more to add after the other REAL reviews here, but I can say this: - website and online presence, must have cost as good as nothing looking at the quality of it - to issue the token costs 1 WAVES coin, which has been worth under $4 this whole year. - Indeed the whitepaper definitely looks like a $5 expense on Fiverr. And there you have everything the project actually consists of, which can also be achieved with a beginner level knowledge of wallets and cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of absolutely dogsh*t tokens available in the cryptocurrency space that are still 100 times more legit and of any substance than this one! Let's not waste anymore of our precious time on this crap.

UpStake Token

Review Date: October 15, 2019 21:47:37

First and foremost: this project runs an MLM model, which in my books is a major red flag and immediate full stop! Then the team is completely anonymous so we have no idea who is behind the development. This might be acceptable, in so far that we also don't know who Satoshi is, BUT at least for decentralized projects such as bitcoin, the current developers do not have "fear" for their association with bitcoin, such as the whitepaper claims to be the reason for the full team's anonymity. I am not convinced. I do not trust this project, purely based on the MLM red flag, but also the fact that the token is only traded on their internal exchange against a forced every increasing price (they claim up to 30% per month). Obviously this is an unsustainable model of price setting by the team and by no means any real price discovery. Which gives it a very bad ponzi like taste. BUT, I give them a very tiny positive point and that is the part in the whitepaper where they discuss their position on KYC/AML regulations, which I will quote here: "As for KYC and AML, it’s appropriate to ask: Who do these laws protect? They don’t seem to protect the investors. In fact, AML has been found to intercept less than 1% of the illicit transfer of money4 . Why would the crypto industry be so quick to adopt a regulation that has proven to be 99% ineffective? Mostly, it appears that the existing financial system is burdening the crypto industry with these laws, with the intention of protecting the interests of banks, big business, censorship, strongarm government control, and taxation. We are deeply concerned about what happens when an individual has to go through multiple KYC screenings and procedures for every ICO, exchange, and token they hold. Who is protecting all the personal information for that individual?" I cannot do anything else than wholeheartedly agree with this opinion, even though for the rest their whole project might be a total sh*t show or outright scam! So if they are indeed scammers, on this point I will have to agree with them lol. Furthermore, the whitepaper clearly states that if anyone is uncomfortable with the anonymity of the team, they are advised not to buy any tokens. Which is a fair position, but considering the weight of that element, this should be much more prominently displayed as disclaimer and hidden at the end of the whitepaper alone. I consider this an extremely high risk project when it comes to almost certainly losing your money.

Karatgold coin

Review Date: October 06, 2019 20:04:12

Most of the relevant information why this project should be looked at with the greatest suspicion is to be found in many of the previous reviews here. MLM and ponzi, don't need to know much more. I want to add an article done by Coindesk, who also dived in this project, and their findings seem to confirm all that most already thought: shady business! Some of the major takeaways in the article: - The so-called Miami based crypto bank that the company is promoting does not seem to exist and no license has been issued. - Florida regulators are investigating the matter - Coindesk couldn't identify the so-called Madagascar gold mine that the company claims to have. According to the mining agency in Madagascar, no such mine exists and the company is not registered to be holding a mining permit anyway. Full article here: https://www.coindesk.com/gold-backed-crypto-tokens-promoter-investigated-by-florida-regulators I assume nothing is wrong with their physical gold products as long as you receive them in your own hands, but anything else the company offers, including (especially) any of its affiliate programs, I wouldn't trust it one single bit.

Basic Attention Token

Review Date: October 02, 2019 20:30:55

Legit team with real experts and I have confidence in Brendan Eich to deliver an excellent technology product. Brave browser has definitely been one of the most successful products made by an ICO project that has gained much adoption even outside crypto insiders. Adoption of BAT token is still a challenge, but their approach seems to be working to get as well content creators signed up as well as users donating to content creators. If it is going to be enough to get people to generate demand for the token and put real money into it (beyond the free tokens they give away), seems also challenging, bc the ERC20 token hasn't anything innovative in and out of itself. Another problem they might be facing is the SEC, because their ICO looks like they might be deemed a security's offering, which could result in some legal issues. I do think BAT is one of the better, more serious ICO projects with tangible progress in real world products and adoption prospects; I have however more faith in the future of the browser than in the actual success of BAT token, as it is not clear to me where the buyer side incentive for this token would come from, and then the other risks that are associated with the token's prior ICO. Also, despite the browser being positioned as a privacy focused and more efficient/faster browser, it still needs more development and performance improvements (still buggy sometimes), and don't rely on it for perfect privacy (also personal settings and user behavior could very much affect the actual achieved privacy; users should inform themselves about the real capabilities and weak points, which of course is ever changing along the way).


Review Date: September 30, 2019 23:13:39

It doesn't get more obvious than this! So far they have been operating as a regular database and not a blockchain at all. Promises of launching a real blockchain so far haven't been fulfilled. Interesting interview by Ivanontech with one of the whistleblowers of OneCoin. Beware, especially newbies, this con game is still running despite all publicity, cease and desist orders and arrests being made. They target specifically outside of crypto communities to avoid the tech savvy crypto people that immediately recognize their scam. Interview by Ivanontech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTCG5jrr4uY

Wrapped Bitcoin

Review Date: June 10, 2020 08:30:04

Reasonable compromise on decentralization to operate a fully backed bitcoin token on Ethereum. Fully legit cooperation between several crypto projects. Currently custody is performed only by 1 entity; ideally this should also be increased to multiple parties in order to obtain an optimal for decentralization. This project should be reasonably reliable to transact with if for whatever reason you need to transact with bitcoin on applications or smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Creative solution that enhances interoperability between bitcoin and ethereum. Not the type of investment that would give you an edge because it is just a 1:1 representation of the value of bitcoin.


Review Date: September 30, 2019 20:15:53

I have mixed feelings about this project. It is kinda seen as a legit project within the altcoin space and is supported by a fairly sizable community. There seems to be reasonable activity on Github. I also like that they appear to be very libertarian focused (many libertarians are part of the community). They claim to be Quantum computing resistant, which I will have to take for face value. My main concern is with the founder of this project, who gives me a very con-artist like vibe and he claims to be some kind of hyper intelligent, multi talented super genius (composing symphonies, building space ships and now a "better than bitcoin" coin inventor). He is like the super eccentric vitalik of Nexus coin. The fact that this project has such a prominent "leader" as Colin Cantrell, also is a very weak point, even if the project is intended to be fully legit. Here I included a link of an interview that also featured Colin; I could not help when listening to this guy talking to not take him seriously and have my skepticism radar on full alert. There is a small chance that the other participants in that interview (incl Tone Vays and Monera founder Fluffypony) and I completely underestimating his abilities due to his personality traits, however I consider that a less likely scenario. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2xYcL2B4-U BTW: NEXUS (NXS) not to be confused by something else called Nexus Global, which definitely is a 100% ponzi pyramid scam a la Bitconnect. No doubt NXS is much more legit than Nexus Global.


Review Date: September 15, 2019 22:52:33

I can be very brief with my judgment about this project! It is to be avoided under any circumstance! Just opening their website already tells you everything you need to know about this project; that they are don't know anything about crypto and/or are willfully misleading. First of all, their homepage has a "how it works" link to a video which only describes the working of blockchain in general, yet nothing in particular about the NTX, which is already weird. But the worst thing is what the homepage states: "Peer-to-peer (P2P) means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions." This is not the actual meaning AT ALL of Peer-to-peer currency and could only been written by people that are clueless about cryptocurrency. This sole fact makes it an immediate full stop in the need to investigate further and an instant "thumbs down". Don't waste time on this nonsense is the first thing that comes to my mind. The actual meaning of P2P should be something like: a "cash-like" digital transaction directly from 1 person to another, without the need of a third party or intermediary. Any description that would more or less reflect this, would at least be acceptable for me to have to spend at least some amount of time more to dive just a little deeper in the project. This type of misleading or grossly uninformed statements are the sort that are meant to deceive crypto newbies that have no understanding at all of matters and it therefore does not matter if whatever they write does not make sense whatsoever.


Review Date: August 28, 2019 19:31:23

Seems the consensus is very clear when it comes to this project from 2017; the founders were even posting pictures of their luxury lifestyle, allegedly paid for by the KEP investors. Your typical AI etc buzzwords project, however during the 2017 ICO goldrush, crypto speculators were even less sophisticated than currently and even scam tokens were often profitable, so it is understandable that the Kepler team was able to easily extract the money from many people. Shameful, but hopefully these types of scammers will get a harder and harder time trying to deceive crypto investors.


Review Date: August 28, 2019 19:12:37

The entire cryptocommunity is very skeptical of the organizations that have launched LEO, the parent company that controls Bitfinex and Tether. Tether is very distrusted because unbacked USDT and the token sale for LEO was mostly to cover for "lost funds" up to $1 billion and according to documents from a lawsuit with the NYAG, Bitfinex was very short on cash due to the funds that according to them were seized. It needs to be said however that a lot can be said about Bitfinex, but they are still operating after many years despite all the accusations and that they are very creative in finding solutions for extreme problems, of which losing banking relationships is a very common one among Crypto exchanges. Bitfinex seems to be wanting to stay clear of government overreach, and fights back against regulators. From a libertarian point of view (which is supposed to be one of the common values on which the philosophy behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency is based on). In fact LEO is a simple ERC20 token that has many similar features as many other exchange tokens, with some extras as well. There is also the promise that if Bitfinex gets the seized funds back (and I believe also funds from another hack), this will be used to buy back and burn LEO tokens. Bitfinex has already started a token burn program, because they have committed to use part of the revenue to buy back LEO regularly. Because Bitfinex wants to ensure itself US citizens can't get any tokens on the exchange (Bitfinex has banned US customers), there is a KYC process on the exchange for those that wanna trade it. Just like any exchange token, its existence and value proposition depend completely on the management of the exchange itself. Failure of the exchange itself or its mission for the token, will determine the fate of LEO. Determining if LEO is a scam, depends entirely on anyone's opinion if Bitfinex is a scam operator. Sure enough the exchange is very controversial, however they have been fighting and no one can deny it has built up a track record and some resilience after the many battles it has fought (including a major heist). Even after it came out that USDT was only less than 75% backed, the market hardly cared and it turned back to trading near 1:1 with the dollar. Therefore I can't really say whether it leans shady or legit, a case can be made for both sides as demonstrated before, so I have to keep it Neutral. Personally I am reasonably confident in the survival of Bitfinex and that they will make a legit effort to make their LEO token a worthwhile investment, though I don't see it ever becoming a 10x token, but it has more potential to outperform the great majority of existing shitcoins out there. I would not be uncomfortable if I had a small position in this token, although some patience is probably required before things come to fruition with its price development. LEO is just a speculative "investment" that might serve as diversification from the bulk of the crypto market, and has the potential to move less correlated with the market (similar to the direction BNB has had for its first year after conception). But nothing more than speculative. And keep in mind: if Bitfinex shuts down, collapses, exits or whatever, you can expect LEO token will instantly become pretty much worthless. It is pretty remarkable that the coin is so high on CMC (#13 currently), but that is mainly because it raised such an enormous amount of money, which keeps its marketcap pretty high right from the start; also keep in mind that the trading volume is among the lowest in the top 20 coins.


Review Date: August 15, 2019 23:41:06

This started out as what was generally within the cryptocommunity perceived as a legitimate project, back in the day when it was still Vechain (VEN). In 2018 they launched their mainnet and switched their ERC20 token (VEN) for their mainnet coin Vechain Thor (VET) at a 1:100 ratio (this is good to know, bc on CMC only the VET history is visible, not the previous VEN history, conveniently). So far so good. But what people later criticized this project for was completely diverting from their initial focus of supply chain management into a "money grab" ICO platform (an Ethereum competitor). Also this project is so-called Proof of Authority, which means you need to acquire permission to become a validating node. And thus it seems more an almost completely centralized corporate blockchain. There was quite some FUD spread by Youtuber ChicoCrypto about this project, but like some others responded that seemed more a lot like conspiracy theory, however there were some shady practices exposed nevertheless. Youtuber SunnyDecree gave a reasonable take on the whole situation; some of the additional takeaways of some of the deceptive practices: - overhyping the so-called BMW deal - Announcing a MacDonalds that deal, that later was denied by MacDonalds. More from him (and also links to the ChicoCrypto FUD) in his review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDTNJuoRQaE On the flip side, Vechain Permabull Youtuber Boxmining is still super bullish on this project, this video is his reaction on attending a Vechain summit recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhJHAmw55dw. And it's obviously quite positive. Other potentially positive news is that Vechain's Founder had announced that over a period of 12 months it would buy back $24million worth of VET to take those out of circulation (token burn); that is about 10% of the marketcap currently. Token burns are often perceived positive for price direction, because a reduced supply with equal demand should theoretically raise the price. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/vechain-foundation-buy-back-25-124700520.html?.tsrc=fin-srch. A critical question might be asked: with what money is Vechain going to finance this buy back program, is that investors money or from revenue (does Vechain have revenue)? So what do I make of all this? Well, honestly in the early days I saw this project as relatively serious as potentially interesting as a supply chain management solution. Now that is a completely permissioned corporate blockchain, I am actually not so sure where the value for VET holders should come from. If that is from ICO's, then I am afraid that ship has more or less already sailed. I am very allergic for the hyping of partnerships that turn sour quickly, with a high suspicion of trying to pump the coin price. So I do totally not think this project is anywhere near a scam in the purest meaning of the word and that they are (or at least up until now have been) actually building a real product, but I have lost a lot of confidence along the way to be totally honest.


Review Date: June 25, 2019 20:25:24

This coin is around already a long time. It's a Russian creation and they also have a DEX powered by WAVES. It is a similar platform as Ethereum, just cheaper and more userfriendly. You can launch your own token very easily even within the mobile app for the price of 1 WAVES. I have no reason to be suspicious about this project and it is one of the more reputable ones even though it's flying under the radar most of the time. Very accessible and easy to use platform and wallet.

Paxos Standard

Review Date: June 25, 2019 20:20:12

This is a stable coin against US dollars with its reserves in FDIC regulated, US banks. The company is fully regulated and is also the company that launched itBit exchange. PAX is launched in 2018 along with a bunch of competitor stable coins. It is an ERC20 token, so security lies completely with the security of Ethereum. Whether or not this token is censorship resistant or confiscatable: that depends entirely on the whims of US regulators. But in terms of safety of the reserve funds and legitimacy of the team, 100% confidence. Even a senator is part of the board.


Review Date: June 21, 2019 12:36:36

By the looks of it, this project should not be taken too seriously, they are trying to sell a lot of hopium but the paper describes very little on how exactly those goals are going to be achieved. THe token is not at all needed only then to facilitate funding. ERC20 tokens are as easy as copy paste, yet in the whitepaper they call it as if they "designed" the token to be something special, no designing involved. THey are selling a worthless token based on vague promises and claims that are going to be immensely hard to achieve. Hot air no substance.


Review Date: June 19, 2019 22:34:21

Facebook's long awaited "cryptocurrency". I am as good as 100% sure that this coin will not exit scam, so simply for that matter it can't really get the lowest confidence score. Besides that it is supposed to be backed by a basket of fiat currencies, which should keep the value of the coin relatively stable; for sure much more stable than many of the world's unreliable fiat currencies. Because essentially it is a stablecoin, no speculation on rising value (like other crypto) can be expected, neither substantial losses, because it should keep its exchangeable value. The project however is NOT a blockchain (we can conclude that from statements from the whitepaper) and eventhough it is much more decentralized than any individual fintech company, it is still a centralized coin that will be subject to regulatory restrictions and censorship. It will also not be permissionless, and eventhough there is the claim of intention for transitioning to permissionless, no solution is given that we could rely on. I will not trust this coin for one single bit and stay absolutely away from it whenever it's released in 2020, because I do not trust facebook with personal data and privacy (especially towards governments), let alone with financial transactions. Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated it cannot be trusted on its promises. Furthermore a multitude of companies that are among the founding members, with facebook leading the pack on that front as well, are known to be very trigger happy on censoring speech, deplatforming individuals and even financial censorship. No doubt the validators will not shy away. Financial censorship, full scope financial surveillance and confiscation by governments will also be very easy, as it would take only a phone call to the Libra Association. If Libra can overcome the many regulatory hurdles and pushback (which will probably result in dumbing down even more of the blockchain/cryptocurrency properties and be more like traditional fiat systems), it might eventually become a force to be reckoned with nevertheless because of user convenience, access to Facebook's userbase and the Sillicon Valley's art of disruption and putting the right incentives in place for network adoption. And I am sure in that case it might very well be a tool for the billions of unbanked people to finally get ahead. Users should nevertheless be aware of the (above mentioned) risks that are associated with Libra as well. Just because Facebook is trying to sell this as a blockchain based cryptocurrency, which is supposed to have open access to anyone and be very privacy focused, I am inclined to believe based on what I am reading, that those statements will turn out to be rather deceptive.


Review Date: June 12, 2019 22:15:05

Exchange token for the Dutch hybrid decentralized exchange Blockport. The exchange aimed to be the Coinbase of DEX's. Key feature was that users keep control of their own private keys. Unfortunately the exchange had to go into stealth development mode, due to lack of funds and users to continue operations, allegedly because the CEO didn't secure part of the Ether from the ICO funds into fiat, which made them loose a lot of the value of their funding due to bear market and crash of Ether value. The CEO gave the same advice to another ICO project of which he was adviser. Because the exchange closed shop, of course the price of the token tanked horribly. Currently there are whispers of the exchange preparing a re-launch after all. Personally I am reasonably confident that the team is acting in good faith, however there might be some competence concerns. If the exchange indeed relaunches, there might still be a token speculators' confidence issue that needs to be restored.


Review Date: June 12, 2019 21:37:06

Not to be confused with another project Spectre.ai, which is entirely different. Spectrecoin is a privacy coin project. They do have a registered foundation and developer team non profit. The founding team is only 4 members. The transparency that this provides, also makes them very centralized and also seems a vulnerability for a privacy coin. This aspect can thus be viewed in a positive and negative light. Apparently this is a fork from something called Shadowcoin. Spectre did an ICO, but only raised 16 btc (at around $700 price), so that didn't bring them far, but they claim to have received private funding. Main innovations were supposed to be the TOR integration for the wallet plus the TOR obfuscation product. Beyond that something like anonymous staking algorithm which for a long period was doubted that they could even pull it off. However, apparently in the latest version since May 2019, this feature should finally be implemented. One aspect that does look a bit remarkable is that they changed their bitcointalk thread after a lot of FUD and negativity was being spread on the original thread. Now I can't determine if all or part of those opinions/discussion have any merit, but I would recommend to take a look and assess for yourself: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2103301.2560. The team said that they opened the new thread because they were locked out of the old one for some reason. Note that they have introduced a taxation on the mining reward which is going to a developer fund. Upgrading to the new software version includes agreeing to this. Generally taxation on mining reward is considered 50/50 shady. Even though overall this project seems to be around for a longer period of time and being reasonably active (which is far more than probably 80-90% of all other small cap coins), which would give them some sort of credibility, I can see why some people are a bit suspicious too. Also beware that leading up to the new version release the price of XSPEC has gone up already substantially (and since release date already retracing somewhat), which could theoretically lead to a "sell the news" situation, so be careful with that too.


Review Date: June 12, 2019 20:20:22

Game developers with a physical address that have created a specific Ethereum based Collectable Cards game, with an in-game currency Elementeum. There seem to be claims that they didn't raise any money to fund this project and are just offering their game items/currency for sale, however the whitepaper (not published on their official media, I had to Google to find it) clearly describes a pre sale offering. If indeed they deliver a functioning game (it appears not to be released yet: items store is empty apart from 2 items and the app that they provide a link for to the Playstore, doesn't lead to the app, which is not published), there seems nothing inherently wrong. However, I keep some reservations with regards to the token as long as the product has not fully launched yet. I am anywhere between lean legit and neutral upon reviewing this project but have to choose so I chose the more conservative rating. ***UPDATE*** There is now an app indeed available in the app store and there seem to be indications that they are self funded. So until proven otherwise (with regards to token sale investors refunds), I will give this project a little more benefit of the doubt.


Review Date: June 06, 2019 20:46:57

Fork of a fork of a fork coin. Actually apparently it is a community takeover of a failed project that was based on PIVX. It is supposed to become some sort of gaming coin, however the available information (lacking any whitepaper) is very limited so the validity of the project development cannot be assessed on its merits. Website doesn't have security certificate either, which also is major red flag, so be careful when visiting their website. One positive thing: at least this project doesn't have an official "CEO" or anything like that in the team, because any project that does have one, can be guaranteed to be highly centralized, which this project probably still is, but just saying that I like the look of not having a CEO.


Review Date: June 06, 2019 20:29:56

The only coin that you should hold on to and be careful not to lose in scams or by speculating/trading in shitcoins, like the many that are listed on this website. Do not get fooled by people that say that Bitcoin is slow, old fashioned or lagging development, because it is supposed to be that way in order to become the globally accepted hard money standard. It is the most secure store of value that anyone should have some of under their personal control (private keys), not only for speculation but also for the small but present danger of any type of catastrophic event that could hurt the normal financial system. Bitcoin is the only digital censorship resistant, permissionless, borderless, secure, unconfiscatable, gold-like store of value. Whatever other cryptocurrencies are doing has little or nothing to do with the purpose and position of Bitcoin, so it is pointless in comparing them with bitcoin. Be very very responsible with the bitcoin you have and make sure it is the major part of your crypto portfolio IF you decide to speculate on alts as well.


Review Date: June 05, 2019 21:41:34

Pretty much a confirmed scam. 2 team members, including CEO, are fake profiles: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5046161.msg46695487#msg46695487. Project's Twitter account even suspended. I do not need more information than that tbh. Whitepaper pretty much confirms that there is nothing of added value in this project. Yet another ERC20 token scam.


Review Date: June 05, 2019 21:22:27

CEO's Twitter account doesn't spark much confidence, he joined Feb 2018, which seems a rather short online presence and his 10 followers also isn't very convincing either. Speaking about Twitter, the project's Twitter account contains a Tweet containing #HODL and #Moon, which suggests hyping the token for price appreciation, which is also a red flag. I am also very suspicious about the blockchain usecase for CRM and looks like a very poor excuse to launch a token. Further more for some inexplicable reason they also plan to launch an exchange with the token as usecase, which doesn't make any sense at all in terms of their supposed "CRM" project. Just another ERC20 token combined with a website and whitepaper full of buzzwords to scam people out of their money, so it seems. They claim not to be doing an ICO, but they say they are going to sell their tokens on the website to fund the project, which is basically the same thing as doing a continuous ICO, so there is large misrepresentation there to say the least. Roadmap consists primarily of exchange listings, marketing and the earlier mentioned exchange; only somewhere down the line they would launch a mainnet. Not at all convinced about the validity of their supposed project and it all feels and tastes like your average ERC20 token scam and I wouldn't fall for it!


Review Date: June 04, 2019 21:36:46

This is really one of the worst sh*tcoins I have seen. Notably an ERC23 token instead of ERC20, but they don't offer anything more than a speculative token with no further utility besides using for payments, which every crypto token/coin on the planet can be used for. Their explanation why a limited token supply is better than higher supply is either deceptive or hopelessly ignorant. Pretty much their only focus is exchange listings and price appreciation. Their logic for not doing an ICO, because exchanges ask listing fees and they will go to them directly does not make any sense at all. And they basically say they will use the proceeds from the tokens that they are selling (in the open market I presume) to support the token price and volume, which also seems ridiculous. I will stay far away from this "lion king" of shady tokens.

Haron Token

Review Date: May 29, 2019 18:19:47

The so called "big volume" and "10 times price increase" mentioned in another review are quite deceptive: big pump and dump on this exchange. Price has dropped back to zero and virtually no trading volume left. No buy orders in the order book, only sell orders. Literally worthless token. Then no visible team and no whitepaper. Github shows just 1 activity of file upload and nothing more. This must be a joke coin: it's some scary website that claims you need to pay one token to a wallet address to pass the river of Hades in the after life. Creepy coin would perhaps be a better name for this. This is just a joke pump and dump coin. Idk who bought this at the initial CREX listing, but they got rekt completely and if it were the team selling I guess they were able to suck away valuable satoshis from naive investors.

Animality Coin

Review Date: May 29, 2019 18:00:14

Looks like at least 1 of the brigade members here is also part of the brigade of the other shady project SperoCoin that I just reviewed (similarly of Brazilian origin), which automatically makes it super suspect. On top of that I agree with the statement: Brigade + no real token utility = stay away! The website and whitepaper fail to explain how this token's utility could be leveraged to save endangered animals. It is all just extreme fear mongering without providing a solution. Fundraising can be as easily, in fact easier, be done by just using bitcoin. No need for this BS coin. Oh and github also shows very low level activity. Don't be fooled, this garbage is waste of your time and money and not gonna help any animal, outside maybe the founders' pets if they have any. By the way the yearly inflation of the coin supply is 30%, which is a hell of an inflation.


Review Date: May 29, 2019 17:16:12

Be careful everyone, it looks very shady to me: no whitepaper to begin with and the bitcointalk forum topic that is linked with the project contains an announcement by bitcointalk admins warning about scammers: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2260985.0. Be suspicious of the shillers among this project's reviews.


Review Date: April 23, 2019 02:26:29

Just as you thought things couldn't get any worse, then a project like Elitetreum comes along. The name alone should already make everybody real suspicious. No whitepaper, no team, focus on the promise of high investment returns, related to an organization that quite obviously seems a lot like a ponzi AND is clearly selling to investors by means of a multi level marketing program, which everybody should know, leads automatically to the worst confidence rating. I will not waste too many words here, because all you need to know, is already described above. These type of ICO's focus on crypto newbies or non crypto users, so that they will believe the "amazing opportunity" very easily, because they lack the basic knowledge that more advanced crypto investors have of judging a project. Any slightly advanced crypto investor would immediately reject this offer based on the above aspects alone. No further investigation required.

One thing I would like to also point out to newby crypto investors who are reading this, and which I repeat from another reviewer on this site: "Beware of any project that starts with an ERC-20 token since the barrier to getting started is low but the barrier to creating a complete project is enormous." The second part of that statement is more for projects that are legitimately trying to build something serious. Projects like Elitetreum set the bar of achieving technical goals very low, but for newby crypto investors it may seem as something revolutionary, OR: they are just blinded by the greed of the promised get rich quick scheme.

One of the reviewers in this thread has also posted in bitcointalk. In that thread other interesting details are revealed: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114103.0;all. From what I read, apparently the YMCI organization is motivating their members to switch their reward payout balances on their YMCI accounts into the ELT token against a rate set by the organization (not by the market, bc it is not traded anywhere). This is obviously a strategy to prevent members from withdrawing their balances, which would lead the company to pay out real money (fiat or bitcoin), by motivating them to invest in this ICO (to make amazing returns as they claim). A token they printed themselves, which if indeed listed on any exchange somewhere in the far future, would lead the market to bring the price most likely to near zero, this way the company would have eliminated a great deal of their liabilities to their members. Now of course I am mostly speculating based on my personal experience and interpretation of events that i see unfolding, but I think a lot of people involved with YMCI and/or ELT "ICO" are going to be badly burned financially. 

Also, I just noticed, when you open the following link, it seems that their wallet itself also has its own issues ("sending private keys per email in plain text"......good heavens, that is really bad!): https://etherscamdb.info/domain/wallet.elitetreum.com. The comment section on that page also shows a comment that basically confirms my suspicion as described above: "Previous company doing pyramid scheme on investment, change to ELT to skip cash payment to its members."


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:03:24

Project was shilled by Suppoman (and I believe Balina too), which immediately places it in a shady corner. The team however seems quite legit and I would not expect this to turn out to be an exit scam of anything in the sort either. Only github data is the crowdsale of the erc20 token and nothing more, which means either 2 things: nothing in terms of coding ever happened or this is a completely closed source project, which latter also doesn't add to credibility. With some pluses and some minuses I end up with a neutral score in this case tbh.


Review Date: April 16, 2019 02:27:13

Youtuber and crypto influencer Tone Vays did a lot of the research on this project. Even though he is a bitcoin maximalist and highly biased against any altcoin project, the facts he reveals alongside his not unusual salty opinions are still worth reading: https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/1017917017532362754. Tokenpay was not exactly helping their own side of the argument by personally attacking mr. Vays by claiming he is an ICO shill (which he is the absolute opposite) and has been shilling Bitconnect. Their examples were an obviously intended sarcastic Tweet and a parody video (which apparently they didn't bother to check first). Their reactions were extremely unprofessional and seemed to suggest their complete lack of knowledge in the space. Which legitimately raised red flags in and out of itself.

2 days after Tone's Tweet, TokenPay's CEO did an AMA about the merits of the then recently announced partnerships with Litecoin Foundation and the bank they acquired.

One specifically interesting aspect is that the TokenPay project has signed an agreement with Litecoin Foundation and has the support of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. I am personally of the opinion that Charlie is generally a credible person in the space and doesn't have ill intent, so unless Charlie himself is being misled by TokenPay, and assuming that Charlie did enough due diligence, it would certainly give TokenPay some points in favor of credibility. Here is a recent interview between TokenPay CEO and Charlie Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-IUCGq5yug.

Then very recently TokenPay decided to send a cease and desist order to Tone Vays for defamation and libel, to which Tone replied in a video response. Most of the response involves legal research on if and why he believes he has a strong case for himself, but in the video he also points out a few more aspects that definitely put TokenPay in a shady corner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBm6LI0ogL8

Also it is worth looking at a whole website dedicated to exposing Token Pay: http://tokenpayexposed.com/

After reviewing all this info, I am mostly siding with Tone Vays on this matter but I am indeed also very confused by the fact that Charlie Lee clearly seems to be associating with this project, so that does cast some (circumstantial) doubt about the definitive claims of Tone. And we also need to take into account the fact that Tone applies a much broader definition of the concept "scam" than the majority in crypto do, so that certainly also accounts for matter of opinion too. My personal opinion is that this project does look very shady/problematic and I do hope that Charlie won't burn his fingers on this collaboration, because that would affect his credibility a lot probably. I wouldn't categorize is on the same level of shadiness/scamminess as Bitconnect and One Coin, but at the same time that might even make it all the more dangerous for investors, as it is much harder to recognize as such (if the project indeed is as shady/scammy as Tone's raised red flags seem to suggest).

(By the way: crypto projects sending cease and desist orders, is usually not a good sign in terms of shadiness. Another interesting detail: Tone mentioned in the Tweet thread the COO of TokenPay, who was also the CMO of Verge (ties between TokenPay and Verge are big, remember Verge is that privacy coin that got 51% attacked 3 times!). From my understanding, within 24 hours that team member was removed from the TokenPay website. That certainly does not look good either.)

Asian Dragon

Review Date: April 13, 2019 05:04:33

Aims to be THE Asian cryptocurrency, but it is first and foremost an ERC20 token and most of the promised advantages of Asian Dragon are already inherent to Ethereum and any other ERC20 token. So the only special thing would be its name and marketing, other than that, nothing of inherent value to make me believe that, according to the whitepaper, the value of the token would become on par with all major Asian fiat currencies (disguised promise of unrealistic price increase) within 5(!) years! 

And what is their special strategy to achieve such bold target for the value: it is supposed to be achieved by supply and demand of traders and investors on exchanges.....well, isn't that what ALL coin projects are trying to achieve. How is it going to be different for this project? No one knows, especially because they claim NOT even to be doing pump & dump schemes, nor token burns to support price appreciation. So they are even in disadvantage.

Bitcoin is even unlikely to achieve to be the main currency in which product prices are denominated in any country within 5 years, let alone this meaningless ERC20 token (which is claimed in the whitepaper)

According to the whitepaper, the founders and team remain anonymous because of potential legal consequences around the legality of cryptocurrency in certain jurisdictions. Which is very convenient reasoning obviously, or is it maybe more about legal issues surrounding illegal fundraising/scamming from investors? 

A very interesting and divergent point is that, unlike almost all projects, the team is allocated only 1% of supply, and founders/owners 0%. Of course they would receive the funds from investors and without token allocation not even the incentive to work on the project for price appreciation. Interesting aspect that is not common for in the space, but not convincing at all impo. 

Another aspect that seems to be misleading is that the whitepaper says they will not be doing an ICO for the public, only private investors can buy. However, there is an allocation for public sale (57% of supply vs 36% for private sale). So what's up with that? Well, in the whitepaper they explain that the public sale will be done over time through exchanges to the public. Which means that the project will be diluting the supply and by dumping the coins on the exchanges where it would be listed. It is very hard to imagine any price appreciation with these dynamics at play. 

I think I have written enough about this waste of time and energy shady project. 


Review Date: April 13, 2019 04:35:46

I would go a little further with the judgment on this project. Literally the only thing they did in crypto was issuing the erc20 token for the token sale. After that nothing has been done, so it seems more to me that the company has mislead investors to believe they were investing in the cryptocurrency pivot, while it seems to have been nothing more than ordinary money grab. Since early Jan 2019 their Twitter has been quiet too and the fact that their site went down seems to suggest that the project is abandoned. I wouldn't call it literally an exit scam, but it is close enough to it. I am sorry for the bagholders, but it looks like a miracle has to occur for this to turn around for the better, on the scale of probabilities.

BTC Global

Review Date: April 09, 2019 06:06:08

Already exit scammed ponzi pyramid! Some magical binary option trader (binary options is huge red flag), Steven Twain, that would produce 14% weekly profits for investors (unrealistic profits: giant red flag #2) and they operated a pyramid scheme promotion plan of up to 5 levels (Multi Level Marketing / pyramid selling = red flag #3). Site is down, people can' withdraw funds anymore. Confirmed scam, full stop!


Review Date: April 09, 2019 04:33:06

I wouldn't call the previous review a review, but more promotion of this project, so don't put to much weight into the given rating. I am just gonna say that even though I have a hard time believing in the success of this ZEON coin, which is a GPU miners and masternodes focussed coin, everyone is ofcourse free to launch their own open source coin. However they claim to be a coin that takes the positives of cryptocurrencies and solving the negatives (among which the flawed conception of energy "waste" of PoW mining). Eventhough there is more than enough technical specifications available, a whitepaper that clearly explains how this project is so unique and worthy to spend money on for mining or masternodes, is not provided. They did a small pre-mine, but for the rest they aren't doing an ICO, they say. There are wallets available and they even have there own (zero liquidity) exchange, where trading pairs are provide for their coin against bitcoin and litecoin (and 2 more coins). Github activity is low, though there is some activity at least, which is more than I can say of many other projects that I have seen passing by. Team on the website exists of 2 individuals, 1 with visibility, so assume for now a highly centralized situation.

Definitely not the worst that I have seen in terms of shadiness, but also not the most legit either. I am going to have to be relatively mild, but with low expectations. They claim to address the energy "waste" of PoW, but how about them not wasting others' time and energy with a seemingly useless coin.


Review Date: March 28, 2019 07:39:25

Somehow scam coin projects think it is a good idea to list their project here! Well, I guess that if you believe that even bad advertisement is still advertisement, then I guess they have a point! So onto my personal opinion about this scam coin, because yes, I do believe this is another one of thousands of scam coin vaporware. Has a lot of similarities with Wixlar actually, one of those is the claim and promise of a credit card in Q1 2019, well I wouldn't hold my breath and to me the projects (with a few minor exceptions, but broadly speaking) that claim they will offer credit cards are highly highly suspicious!

Another similarity can be found in the whitepaper: here again they claim that OLXA coin has an innovation against the so-called flaw of double spent problem of cryptocurrency. This is highly misleading because the innovation of Bitcoin's Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain based cryptocurrency was actually the SOLUTION to the double spent problem (not the flaw). In the OXLA whitepaper they essentially describe the working of Ethereum's PoW (on which this sh*t token is issued) as their fix to the flaw in cryptocurrency. Very misleading targeted to newby investors. 

Then they boast about some Class A certification by some entity that apparently certifies Direct Selling, NETWORK MARKETING and MULTILEVEL MARKETING companies for a code of ethics. Well, being associated with multilevel marketing within cryptocurrency space is actually a big red flag, although I don't seem to be able to find much direct evidence of any pyramid structured rewards program. Unless the admycash website that is associated, is some form of MLM program, however this is a crypto business advertising program with affiliate marketing links system. How the OXLA token is connected to this, other than it might have provided the funding from the ICO, is unclear, because payouts from the affiliate program is in paypal, bank wire or bitcoin (not OXLA).

Coin has no wallet of its own, but can be stored with the usual generic erc20 compatible wallets.

WHo knows, the admycash program might be legit-ish and could generate some revenues by sharing affiliate links (apparently without the need to invest first, so that appears ok), which I don't have any compelling reason to advise against (although one should be cautious anyway, especially about the type of affiliate links you share online). However the OXLA I would highly recommend to avoid like the plague!

I see some of the other reviewers criticizing my critical analysis. Well, I have looked into hundreds of projects over the past couple of years and indeed I hold high standards for what I view as a reasonably not shady crypto project. If too many red flags appear with little to nothing to compensate for that, then by default EVERYONE should be utmost suspicious, due to the sheer amount of crap and scam projects that are out there. If I see valid reasons to give a project the benefit of the doubt, I will certainly do so as well. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case for this project. So I am sorry if you are a bagholder and due to your vested interest, you might have a lot of hopium that this project will bring you what you thought it would bring, and I am sorry that the reality in crypto is so much harsher. If the admycash opportunity works for you and you are not promoting scams with that program, good for you, but the ICO fundraising has definitely been on very shady foundations and there is absolutely no innovative value attached to that token. 

Good that I had to come back to this review, because I forgot to mention that in the project's material (website, whitepaper, etc) and by the project's shills, the anonymity feature is promoted. HOWEVER this is also a misleading representation of reality: there is no additional anonymity associated to this token anything more than the pseudonymous level hat Ethereum transactions provide, which is in fact LESS anonymity than Bitcoin transactions provide, due to Ethereums "account balance" model. Users that are told that OXLA provides anonymity should be very aware that this is far from the case; transactions are recorded on the public blockchain and although wallet addresses are not directly associated to identities, with blockchain analysis it is currently not that hard to associate identities with transactions! So don't be fooled by this! For enhanced anonymity you will need a privacy coin like Monero (which is currently one of the most secure privacy coins) and even then you can't fully assume that your transactions will be anonymous forever. 


Review Date: March 28, 2019 06:54:05

Ridiculous ERC20 token with no innovation whatsoever and sold to the public as technological improvement compared to Bitcoin, piggybagging on Ethereum. 

Whitepaper is also ridiculous, no technical innovation in this project described, it only describes the already existing blockchain technology. 1 example is how they claim they have "double spent protection" where they basically just mean PoW of bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The other HUGE RED FLAG in the whitepaper is paragraph 4.1, titled "The Opportunity with Wixlar Coins ICO". The paragraph starts with conflating the {total} Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization of (then) ~$170 billion with their ICO, which obviously have nothing to do with each other, but seems to have the function to make unsophisticated prospects believe that the ICO has that scale. The last sentence is the more obvious red flag: ".....it {WIX} will rapidly rise in price." In fact after reading that you can just stop right there and not give it any more attention.

Promovideo on the homepage claims that Wixlar Coin can be exchanged for other currencies (including fiat) on "legal exchanges" and they name Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex and Bithumb, however Wixlar is not listed on any of these exchanges at all!

Many scam coins also promise to launch a cryptocurrency (Mastercard or VISA) credit card. Wixlar also claims they will launch a credit card, however the link that goes to that page, gives an error page, notably the URL extension of that link writes "mastercard", which should make us believe they will have a Mastercard credit card.......well I am not so sure that that will ever happen! The card is promised for Q1 2019, so eventhough there are still 3 days left, I have a strong suspicion it will never come!

And somehow being included on Coinmarketcap is big news for them, 3 videos they have about it and it is featured with spotlight on the landing page.

I would nominate this project for shittiest scam coin award of the year if that competition would exist. 


Review Date: March 26, 2019 00:53:12

I have mixed feelings about this project tbh. On the one hand it looks like the typical suspicious HYIP "AI" trading bot which I would immediately reward with the highest red flag rating available! However this project has some interesting deviations from the usual ponzi trading bot scammer schemes, which makes me wanna give them the benefit of the doubt perhaps. 

  • existing reasonable whitepaper
  • reasonably fair ICO
  • Visible, existing team
  • available information is very extensive and transparent; besides the given profit projections, they do give a reasonable disclaimer on their website support documents: "Dropil is not a lending platform and shares no common grounds with these models.  There is no hold period on your funds – you may withdraw them at any time, and incur no fees.  We do not guarantee any specific returns. This is, after all, trading and it cannot ever be 100% certain.  A strong full-time trader will be able to beat an algorithm trader most of the time, and any bot claimed to always be better is suspect. Dex System is not for the top 5% of traders, they don’t need it, our product is for the rest of the population that does not have time, skills, or interest in full-time trading but still wants the benefits of active, profitable trading." Ok, fair enough. 
  • Indeed they don't sell any "packages" with lock up periods, in fact your principal (deposit) can be withdrawn at anytime; only realized profits need to have been in the system at least 15 days, or else will be forfeited on withdrawal of principal.
  • they claim that their services (such as the available bots) are free to use, the only requirement is that you HODL the token in their wallet, which is definitely a divergent method from most existing legit and scammy (bot) services. Premium services may be at a cost in DROP.
  • The given locked up founder tokens addresses are indeed in tact (late March19), first address is due for unlocking March19, wallet balance still there, but holders should be aware that the circulating supply may increase substantially in the short term)
  • Their 3 types of bots seem interesting to explore: their automated AI DEX bot runs a pool of funds from all participants compiled (only this tool would fall in the category of being potentially suspicious), there is another bot that just monitors exchanges and generates signals and another bot soon to release that can autotrade on the user's own exchange accounts (user control his own funds, so virtually no risk of Dropil team exit scam).
  • They do make a claim of projected high potential profits of 1-2% per month up to 4-5% per month, although they do make a proper disclaimer about that.
  • This whole project is completely closed source, only the Dropil token contract is published on Github
  • They only have an online wallet that serve to interact with the services, which I would argue is not the safest way to store larger amounts of funds, it is a very hot wallet! Recovery code sent per email and private keys per wallet are easily shown on screen. Also when the server/domain etc goes down, you won't have access to any of the stored funds, so make sure you do back up each and every private key in a safe manner. A DROP HODL-er that doesn't use any of the services of Dropil, is probably better off with a more secure Ethereum wallet, although Dropil also provides an online multicurrency paper wallet generator.
Like I said, I see enough positive things in this project to offset most of the suspicious elements, which would primarily be the claim of having a highly profitable AI trading bot. The fact that people can withdraw and get payouts are not necessarily proof that there is a bot though. So weighing pros and cons I would be kinda neutral towards this project, keeping some slight suspicion. Either way, best for users/investors to proceed with caution and as always don't invest more than you are willing to lose!


Review Date: March 24, 2019 01:21:43

Well, this should have the shadiest award of the year impo! Just doubling down on Bitconnect! Maybe not a coin yet, but that may still be coming along further down the road (USI Tech also launched their coin much later, in the last stage of the scam). Copy paste MLM & ponzi scheme blueprint!

Modern Finance Chain

Review Date: March 22, 2019 05:33:45

That awful name already.....please people be very careful with your money, because you will loose it lightning fast with all the scam coins that pop out the ground and this has the usual hallmarks too. Why is every Nigerian Prince and the like launching his own coin? because greedy noobs are too easy to scam, so you can't hardly blame them for trying! Anyone that invested in this, I fear the worst, but it seems that the founders are now on a tropical beach drinking cocktails! 


Review Date: March 22, 2019 05:25:00

Although the website might be useful and is apparently a working product, I do still wonder about the cryptocurrency usecase for the Yelp on the blockchain. Other than that: no whitepaper, no information about coin supply metrics, coin distribution, I cannot find an explorer for this coin. Furthermore........for this coin to gain any value, there need to be people that want to BUY this coin too, so why would anyone want to buy this coin? So if anyone is considering to actually buy this coin, buyer beware and ask the hard questions! 

MIND Network

Review Date: March 19, 2019 07:07:57

Update March 24: based on disclosure by a later review (presumably by the company), my response would be: fair enough, if the company just uses blockchain technology and no cryptocurrency attached to it, I will adjust my initial rating less unfavorable. Still, people: DYOR!

Original review:
Is this even a coin? I couldn't find any useful information and if I click on "learn more" button or "download" the business plan, nothing happens. So with only website with all kinds of claims how amazing their service is and no other information available to back it up, I will have to go with very shady at best. Maybe I am too skeptical, but in cryptocurrency that should be the default state of mind.


Review Date: March 19, 2019 06:43:44

hmmm yes, vetted gives it at least some level of credibility however, most of that vetting doesn't go much further than ID verification and seeing if there is plagiarism in code or whitepaper, which for this project doesn't seem to be the case, so that is a good sign. 

I do not agree with the position that it is a good idea to have a master key that can give governments insight into transaction histories. I understand their motivation, but unfortunately a big part of the need for privacy for a real cryptocurrency to be able to survive, will be that it is also privacy protected against governments snooping. Remember that practically all technical innovations have been early adopted by criminals, however over time the honest use of those technologies would complete outweigh the criminal type. 

I agree that from most other perspectives this project appears not to be a true scam in its purest form, but there are some concerns:

  • per general crypto community standards pre mine and block reward fees are by default a shady practice (this is however without regard for its application)
  • for a project that truly tries to bring a cryptocurrency for the world, the Github activity seems to be underwhelming the last few months.
  • there seems to be 2 coin system with a stable bitcash dollar that would protect the value of your coins in your wallet. However, in the whitepaper it is not explained at all how that technically works and influences the supply of coins. Somehow you would just get the double amount of Bitcash for your bitcash dollars if the dollar value of bitcash dropped by 50%. No explanation on where those coins are coming from and how that works in economical sense. Seems wishful thinking to me.

Zent Cash

Review Date: March 13, 2019 10:26:59

This is supposed to be a privacy coin for gaming platform (that is supposed to be built), not even sure why that is needed for gaming. It is a coin with 4% pre-mine. Code is largely forked from other protocols, so innovative it can't hardly be. There is something of a whitepaper though (although it says it is just a part of it). Not much information yet around, considering the short existence, but my gut feeling is that it is going nowhere and will be short lived more than likely. However I will keep my vote semi-neutral due to the lack of information available and short period of existence. Just trying to be fair here.


Review Date: March 13, 2019 10:01:08

Yup indeed, this is yet another guy printing his own money. Besides that, consensus algorithm is not gonna decide future code improvements proposed by community, these will be ultimately decided by the dev "team". No whitepaper, no actual details, sorry I am not liking this yet another "better than bitcoin" attempt with no value whatsoever. On the other hand I also don't think the founder is trying to intentially steal money from investors, so I won't be too condemning either.


Review Date: March 13, 2019 07:40:13

This is the Dibcoin that is mentioned in another review about RXsmartcoffee (link can be found on their github). In 2017 was the last activity on github. Apparently this is supposed to be some security token that should be used to acquire penny stock companies. Completely illegal security as far as I can see. Strangely enough you can read on their website about the suspension that one of the companies behind this received by the SEC. Furthermore another article is posted about some major "hack" that occured (smells a lot like the exit strategy, haven't seen the fire, but there is a lot of smoke). According to the article the "hack" resulted in a major dump on exchanges. It is my guess this shady project is already in or after the final stages of termination.


Review Date: March 12, 2019 00:36:41

Bitconnect but without MLM program. Just your average "lending" ("staking") platform and of course they have a trading bot that generates all the profits. No team, no whitepaper, so this smells so much to Bitconnect and its companions that any informed crypto investor should know well to avoid. Call themselves NovaChain, however, don't be fooled, the token is just another useless erc20 token. If I read the experience from another review here, it all says enough about the sort of platform that it is. Also you can read another review on medium here: https://medium.com/@manyblogstocome123/novachain-lending-platform-review-fc7625ffbfb6


Review Date: March 08, 2019 09:13:40

Formerly known as Ryo coin, but now rebranded to RYA coin, whatever the reason (in the whitepaper it is still called RYO though). Last development on github seems to have been 2 years ago, because the updates that were done 2-5 months ago, seem to be related with the rebranding. The blockchain is a clone of nxt blockchain, and a clone kit is used to launch it. 

The only real red flags I could find are:
- no visible team
- no details on coin supply and distribution (also the block explorer is not transparent)
but i don't find these red flags enough to call it a scam immediately

THe introduction goes like this and is a very dead beaten wannabe bitcoin promise, especially the goal of being store of value and medium of exchange:

".... is a cryptocurrency and monetary system designed to be both a store of value and a medium of exchange. " 

Then it goes on to call bitcoin's PoW NAIVE: "Let us first examine Bitcoin’s naïve Proof of Work based model for money supply through the following equation: "

The whitepaper argues that it is naive because of the maxed supply of bitcoin. RYO/RYA wants to replace that model with a model that is credit based (like the fiat monetary system, but then decentralized) so supply and demand for a currency would theoretically be more in balance and thus the coin more stable. Note that bitcoin's design was specifically and purposefully against the credit based model, however on this issue economists are divided, eventhough mainstream economics is heavily biased towards Keynesian economics. That discussion may be a bit outside of the scope of this review, but we can at least establish that they aim to achieve the opposite of bitcoin, mainly: a credit based economic model for managing the coin supply, which would then be flexible.

It also introduces a Proof of Trust concept (so at least there is some innovation, regardless whether it is good or bad, that I believe is original to Ryo project), which is a sort of credit score system with an extra Trust token which is non-transferable and increases decreases with trust earned or lost by either holding the coin or lending/borrowing (faithfully). 

(When it comes to providing a cryptographically created stablecoin with a decentralized elastic money supply system, it seems that MKR/DAO so far has the most successful project so far. But that aside for a moment)

Another positive point: no ICO fundraise, just a "small premine" (although information about amounts are unavailable, not mentioned in whitepaper) and airdrop. So on the surface it seems it is not immediately a money grab nor exit scam.

RYA is not featured on CoinmarketCap, could find it on CoinGecko: Marketcap unknown (but I think that is inherent to the coin supply system), trade volume 33k.
Block explorer: shows zip aciviy in blocks, no transactions.

The Rya/ryo project fails to understand the economic innovation of bitcoin impo and thinks it can be superior to try to create a decentralized credit based central banking system. I guess the future will tell which system is going to succeed in the market. So far RYA as a project doesn't seem to be very successful to say the least. We can add to that by saying that this aims to be a stablecoin, yet it is down 80% from its ATH, which looks like pretty huge failure for a "stable"coin.

Verdict: although I don't see much reason or evidence to call it an outright scam or money, it does have some minor suspicious aspects to it, so I can't really clear them from suspicion either. More importantly it has all the characteristics of a dead/failed project. Still promoting this as having any form of meaningful value (despite the absence of real development) is therefore inherently shady impo. In my rating I won't be too harsh though, because it leans more to failed project than a real intentionally misleading money grab scam.


Review Date: March 08, 2019 07:33:03

One would not have to do any research other than just looking at the name, take notice and move along to other stuff. So this is the roadmap as published on their bitcointalk page:

{1} Announcements
{2} Creation of website
{3} Creation of Token 
{4} Airdrop
{5} ICO opening 
{6} Exchange listing
{7} Coinmatketcap
{8} Exchange Launched 

Literally no innovation planned, just creating a token (which anyone can create) and promise to build an exchange (or at least that seems the plan, because the exchange is otherwise not really mentioned as the main plan).  the "advantages" of the coin are: it's "tradeable" (not really something new, is it), and proof of stake (3% per month for keeping it in your wallet, well I guess it is easy to giveaway 3% of something that is worth nothing). Luckily this is not easily available, only on small shady exchanges, so hopefully not too much people will actually pay money to acquire this vaporware token. 


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:07:22

Again, posted by a profile that obviously is linked to the project, and has shared the project posting here on their own Twitter. Well, I hope my review won't spoil the party then. 

Apparently this project is a fork (which you could also interpret as "copy") of the Conceal Network, which is based on the CryptoNote protocol. It is supposed to be some kind of banking application, no further explanation provided. Indeed, at least they didn't do (or so they claim, I haven't checked it) a premine, ICO or Dev fee, which is positive (which prevents me from giving the worst rating). It is unclear from the information what exactly the benefit is of this fork over the existing Conceal Network; is there any innovation that justifies this fork? I couldn't find any.

The project doesn't have much to show for however: no whitepaper provided. On the roadmap (which doesn't give us any dates) as last item is mentioned the whitepaper, so they don't seem to have the intention to explain the project in more details before doing things like a funding system (raising money after all perhaps?), exchange listings (trading the coin before even publishing a whitepaper) and ecommerce applications.

Hard to discover what this project is intending to accomplish and if it is indeed shady, how they are going to monetize over the backs of unknowing investors. I'll leave it at this so far, if I discover more, I might update.


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:10:05

No wonder that someone with the profile name ODEX is going to post a positive review about this project, smells a lot like conflict of interest and certainly not unbiased.

Website under maintenance so the service is unavailable, according to dappradar this EOS dapp has had 18 users in the last 7 days, 65 transactions and 30 EOS transaction volume, so nothing to write home about, also link to whitepaper on onechain website (apparently onechain developed One DEX) is broken so whitepaper unavailable. I stop my research here because I have already seen enough red flags. 

If someone can add some more relevant and credible information that adds to its credibility I might adjust my rating slightly, for now I will assume the worst.


Review Date: March 04, 2019 06:40:51

Obtaining first on chain gambling license (from Curacao), being already very successful and having paid out house profits already, it seems quite a legit platform tbh. The house has no edge, 100% of house profits paid out to BET token holders. Interesting detail: there currently is no ICO, but an airdrop to those that bet with EOS (either winning or losing bets) will get BET token, which would entitle to dividend payouts. Interesting model that would encourage funding as well adoption. The obtained license makes me assume there isn't anything inherently shady going on. The platform's initial traction and dividend model seems to indicate a reasonable profitable investment expectation if the eventual token price is fair in relation to expected future profits.


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:11:47

Corporate version of MimbleWimble. The fact that there is a CEO, in this type of protocol it is immediately a grade shadier. Considering its origin as a grassroots protocol which is better represented in Grin, my personal preference is not Beam, however I do not consider them scammy shady either. Beware there is a 20% "tax" on the mining reward which goes to funding of the project, similar to the ZCash funding model, which is criticized a lot as a model within a large part of the crypto space. Because of its presumably better funding, dedicated team and commercial approach, this might theoretically and probabilisticly turn out to be better for speculators.


Review Date: February 21, 2019 10:35:10

Too bad it's an altcoin, would have loved to see this implemented directly onto bitcoin, perhaps as sidechain, but still this MimbleWimble technology could be a very important progress for crypto. Because this coin has a very similar grassroots development as bitcoin did and thus no premining, no airdrops, no ICO, A lot of backing from bitcoin developers too I def prefer Grin over its corporate version Beam. Developers receive donations for the project, which seems fair enough. Not easily available yet on exchanges so there is an improvement point, but that is probably bc this project is inherently not so well funded that it can afford listing fees which impo they shouldn't pay anyway. Maybe not the easy gains speculators coin, but long term fundamental perspective looks very promising. One of the very few projects that honestly deserve the not shady at all rating from my point of view


Review Date: February 18, 2019 10:31:34

Atonomi is one of those projects of which there are so many in crypto! Maybe it didn't immediately start out as a scam, eventually due to mismanagement, wrong people in the team, virtually no accountability etc etc, projects die and money is just being taken out and used for other purposes. Before anyone finds out, the coin may even appear alive to the majority of bag holders while in fact they believe for the longest time in a dead coin and this one is no different. The story confirms it, Github confirms it and the price, well the price.....

JP Morgan Coin

Review Date: February 15, 2019 10:41:27

Yes it finally happened and many already predicted it since Jamie Dimon bashed Bitcoin so hard, they are now issuing their own stable coin based on the US dollar, to facilitate interbank transactions and could bypass SWIFT! (Sounds like trouble for XRP, competition wise) However the coin also means another layer of risk and uncertainty on an already questionable currency (USD). It doesn't look like the average crypto investor is going to deal with this directly, so we won't have to worry about it. However the scam that Jamie is pulling off by vocally delegitimizing the crypto world, while simultanelously buying in big time and launching its own coin, is really very very shady business! Aka Jamie's Shitcoin lol

Restart Energy

Review Date: February 15, 2019 10:29:49

Honestly, eventhough I did not thoroughly researched this project, from the outside it looks pretty legit and innovative. A member of the European Parliament is an adviser and one of the interesting things is that with the tokens you can acquire a franchise which makes the token holder an energy company. This way one can earn extra money in that business opportunity. I think for anyone interested in blockchain/cryptocurrency in the energy market this is certainly a project that is worth further investigation, if this project really takes off, the token could potentially be a real gem, considering its relative low valuation, but beware the extreme low volume.


Review Date: February 14, 2019 04:22:59

Chinese project from the NEO umbrella, as far as I know, and thus NOT Ethereum related (like is erroneously mentioned in the project profile details), I believe. Besides that, they have their own blockchain and so ONT is a native coin. According to their own words: "A new high-performance public multi-chain project & A distributed trust collaboration platform". The project is very high tech with a lot of different applications. And they have recently introduced a sharding implementation appearantly. One thing that definitely speaks for them is that their ICO consisted of various airdrops, so unless I missed something, tokens weren't for sale. There is one concern, however, which might be largely related to the airdrops, however i couldn't really find out when most of the airdrops occurred. It seems the team has a large control of the token supply, however I couldn't yet find precise details on that either. At the All Time High of ONT (around May 2018) the circulating supply was around 112.5m coins, while total supply is 1billion coins. At the height of the second rally of ONT in June 2018, the circulating supply was only increased to 151m coins. After that ONT got into a huge correction till mid Aug2018 where the supply didn't really change. By now (mid Feb2019) the circulating supply has increased to 325m ONT, which is more than a 100% inflation/dilution! So I don't know the real reason behind this, but from the outside this doesn't look really well in terms of investor perspective. It did rank #4 on the blockchain innovation ranking by the chinese governmental research institute (CCID I believe), so that should hypothetically mean that Chinese researchers qualify this project as legit and innovative. Based on the dilution issue I am though hoovering between shady and slightly shady, but will give it the benefit of the doubt, based on their high chinese index ranking and the possibility (that I am not aware of) of a legit explanation for the high coin dilution for which they might have been transparent about (for example if it was part of the scheduled airdrop program).

Resistance DEX

Review Date: February 11, 2019 06:16:24

Finally something that sparks my interest in a major way! The fact that Ivanontech is an advisor is for me a huge factor in terms of credibility of the project and I also agree a lot that the issue with DEXs needs to be improved urgently! The coin that is supposed to be issued is will be part of the process of making the exchange more privacy oriented. I am super excited about this exchange and I hope it will succeed wholeheartedly. My concern is how the team will protect itself from government interference like for example Etherdelta got in trouble for; I hope they are addressing this issue, bc I didn't have time to find this specific issue out. They are going to do an ICO, If I would invest in this ICO i would NOT do it for profit potential (no idea if there is or isn't a profit potential with their ICO token), I would invest because I want the exchange built and be successful to improve the whole crypto ecosystem! Ivan's endorsement will make a big difference I believe!


Review Date: February 10, 2019 03:54:28

I don't even know where to start with this one: it seems to have been formerly known as potion owl, website now leads to Yazom. ZOM token details nowhere to be found, not listed on CMC. ICO was supposedly in March and May 2018. Github activity: as good as nothing. Interesting detail: potion owl used the same logo (different colors) as Spectre.ai, interestingly enough. If you click on "Publication" on their website, it leads to their medium, which has no publications. So I don't know what this platform is doing, besides posting health care industry tweets. Because I stopped looking for more red flags that are likely to be found to come to a super shady rating, I just stopped researching and keep the rating at "only" very shady. UPDATE:Clarifying my initially submitted review: it is true that besides what I was able to find, there might be positive information to be found, but that should be a lot easier, because from the outside it looks very bad, and my research process is that whenever I find a certain amount of red flags and/or things that just don't seem right, that will be reflected in the rating. I already gave it the benefit of the doubt by not giving it the lowest rating.


Review Date: February 10, 2019 03:09:21

***Update: beware!! It seems Bitconnect2.0 is launching, weirdly enough! Not sure if it is real or a joke, but either way, stay clear!*** Yup good warning sign: do not touch HYIP, lending/staking coins and mulitlevel marketing program schemes in crypto! BCC is now confirmed scam and officially dead coin! Bitconnect wasn't the first and probably not the last in cryptocurrency space, because even after decades of these kinds of scams people still have a hard time to learn. And indeed, very hard to convince the believers about the obvious truth. And when it does collapse, they start pointing fingers and not take responsibility for themselves. Very toxic for the crypto space and a big relief that they and many of the other big ones have disappeared. One positive thing about the bear market: it does seem to keep the big scams away as well.


Review Date: February 09, 2019 08:01:10

Socios.com does have a partnership with Paris Saint Germain and Juventus already, so it seems! They claim not to be competing with the existing eco system, rather adding to the fan engagement. And sports fans are quite committed to their teams, so any club specific tokens that give rights in the decision making process of their team, I could totally see that be a huge thing. Same as crypto space, sports is also a space fueled by tribalism, so they do fit well together. Good point that they didn't raise money from retail investors. Overall I can see this project become successful because it looks pretty clever. The CHZ coin is Proof of Authority so imo far removed from the purpose of cryptocurrency, not even sure if the CHZ token is even needed as functional component. Which leads to the next question, why is it not even on coinmarketcap? is it even listed on any exchange at all? Once again, looks like a cool, legit project, I do not believe it is a scam at all acually, but because I have some concern about the coin's validity as cryptocurrency and therefore its underlying value for an investor (if it even ever becomes available to trade), I would need more refined research tbh. That's why I also can't give it the highest score, although I was tempted in all honesty.


Review Date: February 09, 2019 07:29:22

Am I mistaken somehow? I checked out Github on this project. Apart from the criticism that I read from some of the other reviews, criticisms that I share, I would like to add, that I almost don't see any activity, especially lately, on Github. Added to that no trading volume and barely listed on exchanges (just 1), this seems a pretty dead coin to me.

Apollo Currency

Review Date: February 07, 2019 08:24:22

John McAfee seems to be the living red flag of Crypto! And this seems to be no exception! Cheap copycat of NXT and I am even wondering if NXT itself is a viable investment, let alone its cheap copycat. To be fair, I don't know all the ins and outs of this project (which is why I won't be too hard in my rating), but like already mentioned: McAfee's involvement is all you need to know lol!


Review Date: February 07, 2019 08:18:04

So apparently Cryptopia has been hacked too (since mid Jan 2019)? The New Zealand police seems to be investigating the exchange about this. Interestingly enough according to their own explanation of events happening, they have frozen the XTRABYTES wallet of Cryptopia, waiting until the exchange comes back online again and what comes out the investigation. Up until the day of writing this review, Cryptopia is still offline. Shady business going on both ends so it seems.


Review Date: February 05, 2019 08:13:13

I read the previous review and I kinda agree with most of that to be honest! My natural caution makes me a bit nervous about those speculative gains, but of course I could be wrong and there is some real value anyway. I would like to see some results on the interoperability front because indeed so many are already doing that. Because of this me too character of the project I am going to deduct a few points, really wanna see some real results from any of these types of projects first before I believe any of these aren't just money grabs.


Review Date: February 03, 2019 15:56:06

I don't have any reason to doubt this project. Team has been around, wallet has been released and it is said to be user friendly so hopefully it will help the not so tech-savvy crypto users to be part of the eco system.


Review Date: February 03, 2019 15:50:56

Not a blockchain but also not an intentional scam impo. Might become something in the future but all is still highly speculative. It is one of the best performing assets in this bear market though, so there's that (that could also mean that at the time of writing it is already overpriced, no way of really knowing though, but most of the gains are already behind probably)

Bitcoin Diamond

Review Date: January 17, 2019 19:48:57

Bunch of greedy people trying to print and control their own money. Value proposition is totally unclear in what it supposedly improves on the real bitcoin. Just adds to the confusion among newbies and people that think they can get rich on a cheap new bitcoin. Forked off bitcoin during the fork rush. Lost 99% of its value, is acting pretty dead now.

Ethereum Classic

Review Date: January 17, 2019 19:29:34

First they said: it wasn't a 51% attack, but just miners testing or what not. then they suddenly said wait for like 400 confirmations. Seems like this project can't be taken seriously much longer, although I did find their position with the DAO attack (which created ETC, or actually kept the original chain alive) more aligned with basic principal of crypto. However, unfortunately this project seems to be as good as dead, unless anyone can point out any major developments. Remarkably the price didn't move that much after the attack; so I guess nobody even cared enough to panic sell lol.


Review Date: December 19, 2018 18:32:05

Sold out in 7 minutes their ICO. Seems like the only function of the PAY token was to raise the company funding. They did ship the promised cards, but because the card provider was blocked by VISA, their cards became useless. Many promises of new cards coming, yet not delivered. This has frustrated a lot of investors and indeed this is not a positive sign. Julian Hosp as leader and spokesperson for TenX has been discovered as an active promoter of an alleged pyramid scheme Lyoness, however he has openly distanced itself from it and claims it was a good learning experience to guard against scams in the crypto world. I would give him the benefit of the doubt; it would have been much worse if he was from Lyoness management. One of the technical projects that TenX develops on is COMIT Network that should allow for cross chain transactions, and recently there has been the first success: "At the December 7, 2018, TenX Summit, a group of developers showcased an industry first: an atomic swap on the Lightning Network between a non-native asset, TenX’s PAY token, and a native asset, bitcoin." (quote from bitcoin magazine). Overall I think TenX is one of the more legit projects out there, but considering the disappointments from the past year since ICO, I have just a few tiny reservations about it, which is why i vote this as slightly shady.


Review Date: December 17, 2018 23:12:23

Very well orchestrated scam which they made seem very plausible with even a working MVP demonstration. However it had red flags all over the place, for example on their website you could calculate your profits from assumed mining rewards. It was a pretty obvious money grab and quite shortly after the ICO ended the team practically disappeared for months and after that they came out with the story of an internal dispute between the CEO and the founders. Hard to say who scammed who exactly in this whole drama, but the result is that I don’t see investors getting any return on their investment; I am even surprised the token price has “only” dropped 95% from ICO price, as most coins have in this bear market, so it isn’t even that remarkable of a decline.


Review Date: December 17, 2018 23:01:14

They tried to bank on the marihuana legalization hype, which also created a lot of frenzy in the penny stock market. I do believe this project is one of the lesser shady ones from all the other cannabis coins, still I am quite skeptical. If they indeed paid their investors back, then that seems at least if they are not willingly trying to scam people and as long as the project is still alive, they might actually try to deliver some sort of product. I would then not consider it a scam; if it is going to be a successful startup and be profitable for coin investors, is an entirely different matter


Review Date: December 16, 2018 23:18:19

another shady company printing their own money and giving themselves the most of it. They were able to hype their coin a lot with their referral program, which created tons of shillers poluting the crypto social media! I don't see any reason for this completely centralized coin to succeed. Vaporware 2.0


Review Date: December 16, 2018 23:02:17

I don't know a lot about this project because I honestly don't care! But the fact that this is apparently shillers' wet dream, I will have to assume that it employs shady marketing tactics to create artificial hype and demand for this shitcoin. By default I don't trust any coin that is being shilled too much!


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:58:51

Not a cryptocurrency at all. Totally not censorship resistant, centrally controlled, 80% of the supply in hands of company, shady marketing tactics with hype tweets to lure noob investors in buying tokens they were floating in the market during bull market. It’s more like an anti-cryptocurrency, nothing more than a google spreadsheet. Their company may sell some utility of their technology to the banking industry and if investors are lucky the company will assign some utility to the XRP token, but honestly it’s nothing more than an illegal security that has no place in coinmarketcap. Buyer beware!

Bitcoin Private

Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:58:00

Yet another team that tries to hitch-hike on the bitcoin brand and print its own money. Trying to re-organize the code and even wants to redistribute Satoshi’s coins, there you go immutable, censorship resistant blockchain. If you want to build your scammy shitcoin, at least have the decency to not abuse the name and reputation of bitcoin. Wish it burns to the ground. If they have developed anything groundbreaking in terms of improving privacy for bitcoin, I am sure if it is really that good, it will someday be adopted by the real bitcoin, rendering this piece of garbage useless.


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:56:46

It started with a joke…. But it became serious business. Eventhough the founder of Doge is perceived to be a shady figure, the Doge has a substantial track record and a large, loyal following. Although Doge is not the most serious project, I wouldn’t personally qualify it as a scam tbh, certainly not on the scale at which real scams are infecting the crypto space. Not a scam at all in my eyes, but I wouldn’t invest my life savings in it either. Just my 2 sats.

Bitcoin SV

Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:54:37

Eventhough Bitcoin SV is a hardfork of a hardfork (bitcoincash) of Bitcoin and the protocol is actually the closest to the original whitepaper of all existing bitcoin forks out there, you should be aware that one of the most vilified people by the cryptocommunities (Craig Wright is also known as Fake Satoshi, because he identified as he the “real” Satoshi, which he then couldn’t prove; since then most people regard him as a scammer), is in leading charge of this coin. Also the mining power is far over 51% in the hands of 1 entity, so it is a fully centralized coin. I do not trust this Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash fork for 1 single BIT. And then that super ridiculous logo....pretty sure that ISN'T "Satoshi's Vision" at all!


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:15:27

Super centralized project with slick marketing CEO Justin Sun. It's all about hype and moon talk about the price. In the development phase they have been caught plagiarizing their whitepaper and source code (without proper citations). Tron is all about making Justin Sun very rich, not necessarily token holders. So I wouldn’t say they are an outright scam because they do work to make an eco system around the Tron token, but they do prey an awful lot on unknowing investors imo.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 04:58:46

According to Nouriel Roubini: "an illegal cartel of service providers who are safe from price competition and in a position to gouge their customers. Dentacoin is a ridiculous cryptocurrency that can be spent only on dental services (and which almost no dentist actually accepts). It would be hard to come up with a better illustration of why business cartels are illegal in all civilized countries. Of course, the crypto-cartels would counter that customers who incur the cost of buying a token will benefit if that token appreciates in value. But this makes no sense. If the price of the token rises above the market value of the good or service being provided, then no one would buy the token. The only plausible reason for forcing the use of a token, then, is to hike prices or bilk investors."

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