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I was recently informed by my brother that he was making loads of money investing in Bitcoin. However, he had difficulty explaining exactly what he was doing and couldn't even properly explain what he had purchased and how. Apparently he had a lot of help from "a friend" and he had managed to quadruple his initial investment in less than a month! After the second bout of bragging about this and telling me the details of how he came across this bitcoin exchange, an Asian Tinder contact no less (WTF indeed), I got very suspicious and decided to do some research on his behalf. He was present of course. The initial Google results for Evex were a mixture of warnings and detailed accounts on Reddit and other websites, listing experiences of people getting scammed the very same way. I then came across this site and saw the worrying review, from Iacopo6, that stated an account freeze when a withdrawal is attempted. Immediately, I advised my brother to try and withdraw some of his money to see if his account would also get frozen or not. Yes, you guessed it, his account was "frozen" just after he attempted to withdraw, so, YES, CONFIRMED SCAM EXCHANGE. Apparently, this girl hooked him in to all this by posting screenshots of her own balance bragging about how she was making loads of money. This is how my brother was originally caught up in all this. When he feigned interest as part of the normal Tinder messages she linked the site and went into full promo mode, helping step by step and even asked to get remote access to his PC. She convinced him to first purchase bitcoin to then, subsequently purchase balance in Evex, so no hope of ever getting any money back. Apparently this scammer had been messaging him for 2 months so these scammers will put in a lot of effort to get your money. Thank god I was able to stop him from investing more or, worse yet, advising other people to invest. Remember guys, if its sounds too good to be true it most likely is! Also, never take financial advice from someone you meet on Tinder!

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