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Review Date: October 04, 2019 11:38:12

Scam coin. Don't invest in this project. Since they have deleted my comment from their post (Shock) and banned me, along with many others, from their discord I feel it is necessary to post a topic here to deter other people from being stupid enough to invest in this project. I still have over 10K LNO coins, so this may not be smart for my investment but I don't want other people to throw their money away. The team behind this project doesn't develop anything, they outsource everything to other people and this coin has done nothing but drop in price. It's quite frankly - a joke. There have been nothing but problems from it's inception. From wallets/chain broken for months to exploits. The chain has been "exploited" not once but TWICE and they can't fix it. One of their goals is to open an exchange, they are going to open an exchange!? They can barely fix problems with something "THEY" created and they want to a god damn exchange!? Delusional. As i mentioned, their chain has been exploited TWICE. When I say exploited, I have strong suspicion the LNO team of "developers" have exploited their own chain to dump their own coins. Their wallet and chain was completely broken for months and they had to pay a developer (BarryStyles) to fix it and withheld payment from him. Funny how the address in question has suddenly stopped after I complained about this issue? They ban detractors from their discord, delete comments from their post on BitcoinTalk because they can't refute these claims. Sounds like a great project right? Genuine concerns from their community and instead of effectively addressing them, lets just ban people who bring it up. Search this address on their explorer or MNO. It has a 3000% win ratio and has gotten 25000 coins in the last month, that's double the ENTIRE volume that was on CoinExchange. LSvHCDH5cDLztS1FW95LoA8jXM1pMH59bX https://i.imgur.com/pIG4zrD.png I was banned from their discord for bringing this issue to the attention of the community... For spreading FUD. FUD!? Are you serious, your chain has been exploited for over a month (Not once but TWICE) and you call that FUD. I call that a team of incompetent "developers" who have no idea what they are doing... Well, they probably know exactly what they are doing.

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