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I remember how I felt knowing about bitcoin but skeptical of pulling the trigger. I'm talking about when there were free bitcoin faucets!. So to try to recoup I bought alot of shitcoins, with cardano being my biggest bag. Sat on that for two years and nothing. So I started researching on YouTube about how to get in early, how to actually know the founder, and that's when I came upon Richard. I followed him for 2.5 years and in that time he was talking about making a token. Everything he said added up not to mention the dead bodies he killed when someone came up against him. So I decided to pull the trigger one last time. I put a total of $675 spread after the first day of launch. My total account has been as high as $123000!!! But has settled to about $40000!! All this from just $675 in under a year. All the influencers calling this a scam are costing their subscribers alot of money. Please for your own sake do your own research and get some of this stuff while it's cheap so we can all get paid. I'm dollar cost averaging Eth to Hex and staking and it's working out beautifully! See you on the other side!! If you are an influencer, here's your chance to be a hero to your subscribers before they find out for themselves!

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