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Review Date: November 18, 2019 13:50:22

Pundi X is a Global FinTech company whose aim is to make digital currencies more accessible to those who are under-banked, and in the process, improving the value of the cryptocurrencies that are used. The four products they have are Xpos - point of sale machine, Xwallet - a digital wallet for storing currencies, Xpass - a digital asset debit card that can be linked to Xwallet, and BOB (BLOK on BLOK) the first true blockchain phone. The admins that disseminate the information through the telegram chat site are knowledgeable, helpful and polite. The company is transparent about their token holdings and the team addresses are readily available. There is no price discussion on the main chat as it detracts from the aim of giving out information about the products, services and team vision. There is an unofficial chat site that is also well run by non team members. The Xpos machine is a point of sale machine that gives the merchant the choice of accepting crypto currencies for day to day sales. The merchant is also able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies... up to the limit of their funded merchant account. It's a simple process to setup and use - it is rated as extremely easy. The blockchain phone is a showcase piece... they will only be producing 5000 units to showcase the function x blockchain to existing phone manufacturers who are invited to incorporate the function x blockchain in their own models. The company is only 2 years old and is already positioned to be a major player in multiple countries where blockchain technology is embraced. Great startup company that is addressing real world needs of the under-banked, countries suffering from hyperinflation (Venezuela), and countries that want to be leaders in the smart city concept (Dubai). Loads of potential and loads of ground breaking partnerships that will only continue to gather momentum. The token has a harshly undeserved reputation as being a scam... probably due the large amount of impostors that mimic the company/chat site and steal ETH from unsuspecting newcomers... its a real problem trying to disassociate from that as bad experiences can go viral on the net leaving Pundi X to clean up the mess. Love what they are doing.

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