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A lot of the negative reviews are folks with low information after the project launched. That's not a knock on them, it took me months to carefully dissect HEX - and you REALLY need to pay close attention and read between the lines to get it because of the unfortunate securities laws it needs to abide by. Every feature of HEX has a very specific purpose that benefits the project. For example, Uniswap has millions of dollars worth of ETH liquidity for anyone to sell into should they so desire. This is relatively unheard of in other projects, where some unknown and very generous entity provides the project with abundant liquidity across exchanges. Unheard of in this space and has pleasantly surprised MANY people who were previously unsure about the project. What the negative reviewers aren't telling you, is that securities law is a b*tch, and HEX did everything it needed to (correctly) to avoid being a security by avoiding every leg of the Howey Test. Unfortunately, as a result, this has lead to many people slamming the project without really understanding the "whys" with certain features - and it has to market itself in a very clunky way without making promises because of it. I also find it amusing when reviewers say it has no use case. You can send and receive BTC. That's all. How is adding addition features like staking, DeFi and Ethereum network benefits "NO USE CASE", when BTC does even less? Makes absolutely no sense and really helps shine a light on the mentality you need to be aware of when coming to your own conclusions on HEX. Read between the lines.

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