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RiseCoin Token

RiseCoin Token

RiseCoin Token - RSCT
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Review Date: November 07, 2019 09:54:05

I have followed this project for a very long time. I would say from the ICO phase. I see they have changed their project depending on the market condition in Asia. Their new project which was launched few months ago has great potential. Their new project is a platform like Quora, Reddit and Stack Overflow where people ask questions and give answers. The good thing is that their platform which is named as CryptoBoiler will pay to those who share their knowledge. Basically they will share the revenue with their platform users, which is a nice idea to utilize a token. So it has great potential. The only thing lacks with this token is popularity right now. It's like it is a sleeping beast which will take over in few months or years. It is listed on right now with ticker RSCT at the very bottom price. I have invested in it for a long term perspective. 200% profit is minimum here because the coins are limited and team is not dumping at all. Thought this information will be useful for other people.

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