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Considering the sheer amount of shitcoin scams out there, as a noob you are probably better off when you "invest" in stable fiat currency (like USD), because at least you will "only" lose 3% per year through inflation!

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Review Date: December 10, 2019 14:31:06

Confirmed Chinese ponzi scheme that operated from its launch in 2018 during the so-called World Blockchain Forum. Most of the participants were from China, but also some from other countries throughout Asia and even further, but because of its operations being in China, most of the rest of the world have missed its existence. Regardless they were able to defraud 200,000 bitcoin from the investing participants. It all came to an end when 6 of the operators were arrested by Chinese police. However, still a couple of other operators are still at large and it seems those have control over the funds, as they are trying to mix them and also there have been reports by chainanalysis firms that large portions have already been sold on exchanges. Plus Token was your average typical bitcoin pyramid ponzi (similar to the notorious Bitconnect), where users were promised unrealistic high returns on investments with bitcoin in Plus Tokens. Since the arrests were made, withdrawals by participants became impossible and the project since then collapsed. Here are some insightful articles explaining the scam and the aftermath. Because of the high amount of bitcoin that the operators are controlling, there are even speculations that bitcoin's poor performance since June, after the Plus Token collapse and arrests, is the cause of negative sell pressure by those Plus Token operators selling their bitcoins in the past couple of months, allegedly. Behind MLM article: Bitcoin Magazine article: Recent Boxmining article: Beware that other similar ponzi's were announced during that World Blockchain Forum 2018 that are still operational, but of smaller size than Plus Token; those are: "Cloud Token" and "S Block". Be careful out there: if it is to good to be true it probably is not true!


Review Date: November 05, 2019 23:24:40

I wholeheartedly agree with user scottf's review here and have not much to add to it. It is the coin to be launched by the famous star AKON, and it is supposed to support an entrepreneurial eco system in Africa, largely around providing solar power, if I understand it correctly. Almost always and in the past without exception any coin endorsed or launched by celebrities turned out to be a scam or an outright disaster, however with AKOIN I am somewhat more optimistic as I do believe they are operating with a genuine intention to build this project and not as a greedy cashgrab. But that is just an outside observation to be honest. The website of the project and the foundation offer some marketing style information about the project, however not much in depth, detailed information about the platform, eco system or technology is provided, such as a whitepaper for example. I have not searched for it beyond the websites either, but I think a link to such documents should at least be prominently offered impo. I do have to count that as a minus on the information spectrum. Another point of critique is the FAQ section where the question "How can I be sure this isn't a scam?" is answered with "At Akoin we are committed to ensure we are selling cryptocurrency in a safe, secure, and private manner by complying with KYC norms." which obviously is not even an answer to that question and doesn't address it all. This seems so ridiculous of an answer that it would make more sense that the answer is to make people believe that this is a properly addressed question, which in that case would be kinda shady, but the interpretation of possible intention, I will leave up to everyone individually to judge. For anyone that wants to contribute to this cause, should do this without any expectation of profit, and still proceed with a lot of caution and enormous due diligence. For the time being it has the benefit of the doubt from my part.


Review Date: October 02, 2019 19:15:47

No doubt this is one of the most respected privacy coins, with the best experimentation/development going on around privacy and cryptography, which is badly needed in order to ever make cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, fungible. I can't criticize the technical side of things because that is way over the heads of us normal human beings haha. I am however very critical of their taxation on inflation scheme, which seems like an unreasonably high cost. Opinions are differentiated around the validity of that "taxation". The centralized/corporate aspect is also a concern in terms of this cryptocurrency ever getting real adoption and too popular, there would immediately a quite risky single point of failure. Also the fact that privacy is optional and hardly used because of the high cost associated with privacy transactions, introduces risk vectors for users that do require privacy; only a few users utilizing privacy features are immediately a target of suspicion. A successful privacy coin should have privacy by default. I am therefore of the opinion that Zcash is somewhat inferior to Monero, but I do hope that successful implementations of Zcash privacy improvements, could lead to better privacy improvements for bitcoin and maybe even ethereum. Zcash acquired especially a lot of fame because of the endorsement by Edward Snowden, but I recommend everyone interested in Zcash to not take that as validation alone and very carefully investigate and take a deep dive into all aspects of this coin to make a very informed decision if it is something you actually believe in or see value in as a user.


Review Date: August 21, 2019 22:05:16

Although the name and ticker resemblance is unlikely intentional, this LEO coin has NOTHING to do with the Bitfinex' LEO token. I have not looked into this LEOcoin, however it looks quite suspicious to me right from the surface; simple ERC20 token that is supposed to be, according to their website, "an established digital currency that allows individuals to make fast and secure transactions through a decentrali[z]ed peer-to-peer network. It's digital cash and works without the need for bank or transfer fees." The "established" part seems quite the misrepresentation and other than that, there is no innovation here, because you could just as well use bitcoin or even ethereum with exactly the same proposition, but better than this ERC20 token that adds nothing new on its own at least. One surprising detail, many ERC20 token projects eventually migrate to their own blockchain protocol/mainnet, however this LEOcoin apparently has migrated the other way around, from its own protocol to Ethereum's ERC20 token. EIther way, I am suspicious about this project, but do not know anything about it to make a well founded judgment. Mostly I wanted to point out to not confuse this one with the LEO token from Bitfinex.


Review Date: August 14, 2019 23:15:15

The coin that started out as a joke/meme coin. Famously known for its dog mascot logo. Under normal circumstances I would categorize this coin at least as leaning shady. However this coin has established itself -through a substantial track record of existence, as it has been around since the early crypto days, launched as grass roots and no ICO or otherwise shady financing. Also it has built up a strong and loyal community that heavily support this coin. Very low risk of exit scam or anything like that; this coin will probably not disappear so easily as many others have and there is virtually no risk of trouble with the SEC or whatever. Recent Binance listing should also support liquidity and availability for this coin. However, since 2017 it seems development (in Github) has stagnated a lot compared to the years prior, which seems a bit worrying. Also, the DOGE trading charts show a peculiar pattern of MULTIPLE quite extreme price pumps, inevitably followed rapid declining prices, not sure what to think about that and whether or not there is a repeated pump n dump scheme going on. No evidence however, so let's just keep it at that those patterns look kinda weird. Overall, I think I have more confidence in DOGEcoin than 99% of other coins out there, just be extra careful when you are looking at buying DOGE during one of those extreme hockeystick price rallies.


Review Date: August 14, 2019 22:31:10

Founder used proceeds of the ICO for personal expenses apparently and made claims of having sold to certain parties, which ultimately doesn't seem to be true either. This is unfortunately how many of ICO's have ended or will end eventually. Assets have been frozen, INCLUDING 15 Ethereum addresses???? How does that work exactly, freezing Ethereum addresses?

Karatgold coin

Review Date: August 08, 2019 17:11:29

The video review is insightful; just too many red flags all over the place! Even though they offer a tangible product that customers can buy, it is still an MLM organization and MLM + Crypto is the #1 red flag that should trigger every wise crypto investor to directly dismiss such a project. The other red flags that count heavily for me are: - coin price predictions - the deceptive way they promoted the "Binance Info" page listing, as if it were an exchange listing. Literally read, the statement was accurate, but the way they wrote it, was very obviously misleading. Considering all the smoke around the company, I do not trust them to actually store gold on my behalf to back any of their payment systems. With a 99% accuracy I would predict that this crypto project is not going to end well!


Review Date: July 22, 2019 23:39:58

This token is/was an exchange token similar to BNB token for Binance. It gives discount on trading fees, but had a unique characteristic that token holders will get a part of the trading fees (in all listed currencies) added to their portfolio. This feature still exists. Currently at the time of writing this review I noticed that (the exchange) is doing a token swap apparently. It seems due to company merger there were 2 different tokens in the eco system and now they will deprecate both (including COSS) and merge them into a new token to represent all features, to be swapped in the new COS token, which will be the new ticker everywhere. The COS token will also have the fee sharing feature for token holders. I have used COSS exchange in the past and I didn't have complains, though it was low liquidity back then, but that doesn't have to represent anything about their current situation, because obviously a lot has changed. They are still active despite crypto winter, which is a good sign I believe. Overall, so far the exchange seems to be legit (at least up until now), and I did like the fee sharing feature. I don't know if the mechanics have changed, but in the beginning you would get quite a lot of "dust" of all kinds of small coins in your exchange wallet. You could convert most of it easily, but to withdraw most of it (I don't exactly remember the whole process), transaction fees were required to pay, which ended up not being worth it. You would need an enormous amount of COSS to offset the transaction costs and actually be profitable from the fee sharing program. I did like the idea, and it might be worth looking into it being improved or not, but I remember back then to have been a bit disappointed in the system. Because of the fee sharing program it seems that the COS (formerly COSS) token could theoretically be labeled as a security token by the SEC, so there might also be a potential legal risk on that front.

Bgogo Token

Review Date: June 11, 2019 20:55:53

This is an exchange token for the exchange and basically has similar utility as for example the BNB token for Binance. In a sense Bgogo is trying to replicate that model. Part of that strategy has been (or still is) launching IEO's. One of their first was supposed to be a big hit and their was much anticipation upon which the price of BGG increased astronomically (also due to low liquidity). Then suddenly they decided to replace the first IEO by another project and on top of that that project denied that they has a deal with Bgogo and even forbid the exchange to do it, accusing them of pulling off a scam. Bgogo claimed that they had a deal with one of the presale investors and that they would either way guarantee the IEO tokens to investors (even if they would have to purchase them on market). This got all a very messy shit show and very bad PR. Many BGG token holders lost faith in the team and abandoned their investment and dumped on the market. Price went south pretty fast and has not recovered still. On top of that rumors (potentially FUD) have been circulating that the team is secretly preparing an exit scam. Moon mission seems to be aborted altogether and investors' confidence deeply damaged. It is uncertain if the damage is recoverable or that the team is going to show more competence in the future (instead of actually exit scamming). This recent history of shady behavior and (unconfirmed) rumors do raise some suspicions, which is why anyone considering BGG as a speculation, should do double due diligence first and is then still taking a disproportional risk.


Review Date: June 04, 2019 21:45:05

I think one would only have to see one of the banners on the homepage to conclude that this looks as a total fraud of a token (spelling mistakes are taken over as is): "Time to accumulate! Get ready to pick up some cheap Regium coins from dumpers after the latest Airdrop. Now you have a superb chanse to double your Regium holding at a great price on ....." I would say: a SUPERB CHANSE to run away from this as quickly as possible!

Voucher Coin

Review Date: June 03, 2019 23:58:34

Honestly I do not see why CRM systems need a public blockchain with a cryptocurrency attached to it to make CRM more efficient, seem like a completely flawed usecase to say the very least. If anything, applying one of the out of the box private blockchain solutions are probably much more efficient. Interestingly, if you click on the bitcointalk link on the coin's website you will get a regular bitcointalk channel. However, if we click on the link to the CRM service and then click on their bitcointalk link or the link to the bitcointalk bounty thread, both those threads have a warning that these pages have been flagged as potential scammers. So please be very cautious about this project, personally I am not trusting it.

Voytek Bear Coin

Review Date: May 31, 2019 14:10:32

This project has been forked from a project called SolaceCoin which was abandoned not once, but twice after enormous sh*tshow. And now it has been picked up and continued as BEAR. Yet another money printing scheme trying to appeal to people based on charity. Also the shill reviews suggest that as well. Github only activity was 6 months ago, so spare me the active development. Roadmap is laughable and did I mention I couldn't find any whitepaper. Prototype shitcoin according to general standards.


Review Date: May 31, 2019 13:54:47

I am sort of 50/50 on this coin tbh. And I have some pros and cons. Let's start with the positive - pro active team and a lot more contributions on github than most other dead coins/scams listed on this website. (only quantity not necessarily quality of commits) - Coin exists 5 years and is still operational, which at the very least gives it some credibility and track record, infinitely better than the vast vast majority of crap projects out there, which are by far much younger than this one, and many of those already live in a zombie existence. - I find their S-curve coin issuance a very good solution for fair distribution of coins, so that not only the earliest adopters benefit (like in most other cryptocurrencies) the most and what theoretically should allow for more stable growth. Their max total supply will be 10 billion, which optically and practically looks much better than lower supply numbers, but that's just optics, not real innovation of course. But there is also plenty criticism: - They did have a pre mine and I've seen posts that in the beginning they weren't completely transparent about it. - Team is only anonymous and although in most cases that is a red flag, in this type of project it could be reasonable, just like satoshi was anonymous, however the team only consists of a few anonymous members, which makes the coin also highly centralized in its leadership. - No whitepaper, which is also a big red flag. There is not much information available to assess this project's feasibility based on what innovation they bring to the table and what roadmap there is. More about that in next points. - The only innovation seems to be some tweaks like the distribution S curve schedule, supply and claims that their capactity is 10x faster than Bitcoin. For the rest they are pretty much a bitcoin (based on bitcoin core client and electrum wallet). They also claim to be protected against 51% attacks, but no technical explanation to be found that helps to support that claim. - There pretty much is not much roadmap except a very broad claim that they want to create a Fuji marketplace, but no explanation on what that is supposed to look like and how or when to achieve such goal. - The website needs a serious update, which makes them seem not so professional or even deceptive: the website claims that they are listed on many exchanges, but according to CMC it is only on Yobit. Even worse: even Cryptopia is still on there, while that exchange is already shutdown due to hack/exit scam/bankruptcy. Not a good sign. So even though the negative points would normally lead me to give much lower ratings, I am leaning towards giving this coin some benefit of the doubt, mainly due to their longer history of existence and activity. In terms of my belief if this is a viable investment and if they will reach greater adoption and traction: I highly doubt it, but that is pure personal opinion. That doesn't exclude the possibility that random pump and dumps may occur at any random time ofcourse.


Review Date: April 22, 2019 03:10:53

I actually think it is very likely going to be one of the biggest scandals of crypto history: LTC Foundation and Charlie Lee being scammed by Token Pay. Don't forget Litecoin already has made a similar mistake in "not doing their due diligence" in the past (Litepay): In my opinion it would be even miraculous if TPAY turns out to be legit in the future. Let's wait and see, I will be happily "missing out" on those magic TPAY gains if that would ever even happen. The amount of red flags are so overwhelming that the only rational decision is to avoid this because the risk/reward is just not worth it.

Lino Network

Review Date: April 15, 2019 04:53:42

Theoretically, if this is a scam, so far only private investors with deep pockets, like vc funds will suffer and not average joe, because only those have been able to invest in LINO so far, including a $20 million fundraise by Zhenfund.  I would guess they have done their due dilligence for us, so we can cautiously assume that this project is pretty legit. It is, like many other projects, supposed to be social media/youtube on the blockchain and LINO is going to be the currency for primarily the content creator reward system and also for governance, as you can stake the coin to be able to vote on certain types of changes. 

Even though this project claims to solve the issue for content creators by removing the middle men that are now Silicon Valley BigTech, however LINO itself is also a Silicon Valley startup so basically part of the same crowd. LINO network will evidently largely rely on the company to run the business, so I just guessing that the "censorship resistant" aspect of the network might become an issue in a future where LINO becomes more relevant. DLive is now also part of LINO by the way and Youtube's largest content creator Pewdiepie has decided to move to DLive, so let's see how that works out. 

Interesting project it seems where a lot of actual work is being done and they have good cards in their hands, so I consider LINO far from shady, although I am a bit concerned about the centralization and censorship resistance issues, but for now even on that matter I will give them the benefit of the doubt.


Review Date: April 03, 2019 08:28:21

Not much to say about this project because there doesn't seem any information available except from a working Top 10 site that lists all kinds of top 10s. There is a tiny Twitter account and a tiny Telegram account linked, but no information about the project available: no whitepaper, no reference to the token. After some research I found the Github, which shows only the erc20 token standard code; read me file contains no information. No team information either. Even Etherscan token address had to be found in the Etherscan search function. This shows that 55% of the supply is held by a small exchange called CREX24 where the token can be traded, and another near 45% is located on one other account. So as long as not any information is known about this project, Imma give it a low confidence rating. 


Review Date: March 30, 2019 03:51:18

So here is another gem scam: Cardonio! Did they choose that name to be similar to the more reputable project Cardano? Who knows. It seems like this project is already abandoned: no admins active in their tg group chat, no more announcements in announcement channel, Twitter quiet since Oct 2018. The website shows that Phase One of the ICO is still active, while according to the timeline they should already be in the final phase (or even concluded)

The scam is another cryptocurrency credit cards offering, which is a red flag in and out of itself, and this doesn't seem different. Blatantly show cards with VISA logo. Cards should be dispatched already according to the roadmap; anyone received his cards already?

Website shows how the ICO price increases each phase from $0.02 till final phase $0.80. This is to let unsophisticated investors believe that the actual token price increases by this much for the investor, on the one hand to create urgency that they will have to buy before the price increases and to falsely make the illusion of price appreciation, while the price is set by the company....the market price will be a whole different story.

And of course this is just a standard ERC20 token (no development after employment in Aug 2018) with no further (innovative or represented) value nor utility. 

Another warning: apparently they also require KYC if you want to buy tokens on their website, but they are being accused to be selling your KYC data, so please do not provide them with your sensitive data!! 

The "buy tokens" form also includes a field "sponsor" which smells like pyramid-style affiliate marketing (another red flag), because that term is used in that industry to describe the person who "introduced" the new participant for reward payouts. 

The team does not seem to be active on this project anymore, however it seems you can still buy their tokens, so they will accept your money and personal data. But I don't think you will even get your worthless+useless tokens! 

Stay far far away from this one too!

Here another article for more details that also supports my opinion:


Review Date: March 25, 2019 05:29:25

So here is another example of those amazing algorithm trading bot and lending program coins that promise unrealistic returns (48% per month in this case). I added the bitcointalk thread because the website is already down, as this project already exit scammed right after the ICO, deleting all social media, website, etc, with the exception of bitcointalk. ICO raised $4.5 million as we can read in this article that provides more details: Read and learn to prevent yourself for falling for any similar ones!


Review Date: March 19, 2019 06:05:11

I do like their ideas and the fact that some vetting has been done by another party (does anyone know the credibility of Proof of Review as review source?). I read the report and it does make BitCash seem a lot more legit than I would otherwise perhaps had assumed. Project does also have some interesting innovations: 

  • can send crypto to social media accounts, no addresses are strictly necessary to transact
  • blockchain has privacy features to keep the public records secret, but can be disclosed for law enforcement with a "master key"
  • wallet has easy integration with accounting software
  • recurring payments are possible
An argument could be made that law enforcement should be able to track criminal activity, because that would discourage criminals from using it and therefore make the cryptocurrency more legitimate, eventhough it is much more privacy enabled (for prying malicious eyes) than most of the average public blockchains with public records. Eventhough impo governments in general should not be granted that kind of access to transaction histories either (just like with cash transactions they don't have that and should not have that, but I understand that is also a political point of view). The fact that the general public at least can't spy on everyone's transactions and that criminals are discouraged from using it are both good things. 

For as far as I can judge, I do not feel this project is intentionally trying to scam people and they do seem to be reasonably integer to want to create a coin that keeps criminals out, which seems a noble objective. No ICO, only airdrop, so not a blatant money grab anyway. The traction of the project seems a bit lacking, so from an investors perspective there might be other issues to look into, because for the project to succeed and not die like so many others, they really need to gain a lot more attention and users. They do have funds reserved for that from their pre mine and block reward "taxation", which then doesn't seem to be spent properly on marketing and community building, this is more or less one of the few concerns I have with the project.

Modern Finance Chain

Review Date: March 18, 2019 05:20:36

This one smells like an exit scam, walks like an exit scam and talks like an exit scam (better yet, doesn't talk at all), so what to think of it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but red flags all over the place: this article lays out the case against MFX: Just to give some highlights:

- ICO softcap wasn't reached (2700 btc instead of required 4500 btc), yet they claimed softcap was reach and project would move forward, no refunds given to investors.
- The closed Telegram community and moved to announcement channel, only 1 post since Jan 2019
- After ICO, communication with team was exceptionally non existent.
- No more communication from other social media either and from the same time the founders went silent to on their personal Twitter
- Github inactive since Aug 2018. 
- Website unusable, because register function is disabled.


Review Date: March 14, 2019 00:12:45

This seems more like a regular startup because its actual product is a hardware device that is supposed to improve privacy against trackers and ads (a glorified ad blocker device). Now I am unable to determine the technicalities of the device (if it is any good or not), but it seems that blockchain is pushed on this product based startup to acquire the funding investments. They claim that the byzantine fault tolerance algorithm is used for the security feature of the device to ensure the security of your internet traffice, I just fail to understand how that would work or if that is just some throwing around of buzzwords to impress noob investors. I am skeptical though and leaning to the latter. Also their use of tokens doesn't seem to have any valid value other than rewards loyalty points with tokens that can be used to purchase the device. 

They claim in the whitepaper that they fully comply with SEC regulations, HOWEVER, US citizens are excluded from any token sale. That seems contradicting to me. From how the whole ICO is constructed it just seems to me that this in fact IS a security-type investment that they try hard to cover up by misleading investors by implying there will be returns on investment at the company's success, yet simultaneously stating that it is NOT an investment opportunity and that there are no rights whatsoever attached to the token.

There is a complicated 2 token structure of HNYD and HNY tokens. The HNY tokens are the actual tokens for the "eco system", the HNYD tokens are "convertible" tokens that can be exchanged for HNY tokens or that may become eligible for re-purchase after 18 months after token sale (sort of refund policy they say). Token sale price is $0.0375-0.05 and buy back price is $0.07, so this could also be interpreted as "guaranteed ROI" on investment.

The company sells the device at $100 in pre order* (while the actual sales price is supposed to be around $60 (against $32 prognosed manufacturing cost), according to other documentation) and simultaneously sells the HNY/HNYD tokens in the ICO. It is not clear to me why anyone would have any advantage to buy tokens if they don't see it as an investment with an expected ROI, which would make it a SEC non compliant securities offering. Minimal token purchase would be $1500, while each individual would normally need only 1 device. 

(*: a competing hardware device by pi-hole sells for around the same price of $100 (calculated in USD from GBP) )

In their 4 yr financial forecast they make a projection of selling 50,000 hardware units in the first year, growing to an annual sales of 500,000 units in 4 years, resulting in a profit of $90 million in the 4th year, to which the sold units contribute only 16% and the rest should come from additional revenues such as premium services, marketing and partnerships. Also, like so many other shady projects, a lot of the promised success is based on non existent partnerships and a lot of claimed negotiations, which means absolutely zero. The projections seem very ambitious for such a small startup, so investors should assume a very small probablility of achieving this (same as every other startup). Even more, it seems that these financial forecasts wouldn't have much influence on the performance of the token, because it is NOT a security token and the value of the token (according to described token economics) doesn't seem depending on the network's/company's success. 

It should be noted that Honeypod was initially called honeybox, and incorporated in Kentucky by Bryant Marone (CEO). Apparently they rebranded to Honeypod and incorporated in Delaware afterwards and the address checks out (with Harvard Business Services as registered agent on that address). Rebranding and corparate structure changes don't necessarily have to indicate red flags, but it is worth noting. On this issue, no straightforward red flag could faithfully be concluded.

There are also rumors about the company CFO Mark Rittmaier being marked as a fraud, but the link with that information appears to be about some people accusing him of cheating on his romantic relationships and not business oriented accusations, so these can't be included as evidence against the company in all honesty. Also these accusations can be the result of a smear campaign born out of vengeance by a jealous ex or something. Not conclusive evidence though for business ethics.

WIth no opinion about the product itself, which may very well be a good product, this project seems like a tech product startup seeking to raise money by misleading crypto investors that this project has anything to do with cryptocurrency and selling them tokens that have no inherent value or price appreciation expectation, for which there seems to be no apparent reason to buy this token. Although I cannot see clear evidence of this being a cookie cutter scam, I do advice people to approach this investment with the utmost caution and the lowest expectations, because I do not believe in the inherent value of the proposed token in relation to the company and product and in that sense my opinion is that the company is trying to sell make believe in order to take advantage of unsophisticated investors. 

Very bad probabilities because in case of the company's success with their product and (not yet existing) partnerships, there would be little upside to the token value, but in the case of the company's failure, the downside to the token value will be equal to its failure rate, in other words: not much to gain when you win with this bet and much to lose when you lose the bet. 


Review Date: March 11, 2019 09:50:04

Disclaimer: I did not do full research on this project, because the red flags on the website urged me to not spend any more time on yet another "bitcoin but then better, I print my own money" coin. 

  • no whitepaper available on website, not even any explanation about the project other than just your average bitcoin competitor.
  • no visible team aka the team page link is broken
  • No github link on website, though they do have their project there.
  • First sentence of the github readme: "DeiMos (DEI) is a descentralized global blockchain with a focus on mars colonization and space exploration." (is this a joke? Plus: no further explanations given about this concept)
Apparently the coin is not an ico or premine or anything like that, so that could be seen as a positive, that prevents me from giving it a super shady


Review Date: March 11, 2019 09:08:16

NoLimitCoin is a PoS coin behind a fantasy games platform which has a working product, you can play fantasy games on their platform. And there are giveaways for using the platform. NLC2 is the native coin and is very thinly traded on Bittrex, which is the most reputable exchange that it is traded on at least. Cryptoyoutuber TheyCallmeDan was often promoting it, bc he was associated with the team and team members have been on camera, so that is a good sign. I am inclined to believe this project is legit and tries to accomplish to offer a fair play platform for fantasy games. So, the team is real, the product is real and alive. Development on Github seems a bit low though, so I am not sure how active the team is still working on moving the project forward. The disappointing results of the coin after the last ATH pump is another thing that worries me, low trading volume seems to indicate low usage of the platform. 

Generally I do think the project is legit, however, because development activity and promotion seem a bit lacking I am also a bit cautious, otherwise I would have voted not shady at all (and a year ago I would probably have voted that without a doubt).

Binance Coin

Review Date: March 07, 2019 07:40:28

Apparently one of the best performing coins despite bear market conditions, and against bitcoin it is even making new all time highs since its inception. Technically it is still an ERC20 token used for the fundraise to fund the launch of binance exchange, but they are planning their own native chain as well. It is a utility token that can be used for the following aspects: 

  • 25% discount on trading fees if paid in BNB (used to be 50%)
  • one of the base currencies in the available trading pairs.
Demand for the token is very dependent on the demand for services that the Binance company (such as the exchange for paying trading fees). There is a token burn program to make the supply smaller, but this effect will be lesser over time.

Just to summarize the reasons for higher demand, specifically recently:

  • BNB is required for participating in Launchpad which is the new form of ICOs. This could generate a lot of hype, perhaps comparable to what happened to ETH when the ICO hype in 2017 was happening
  • BNB will be main trading pair coin on Binance DEX
  • Binance is encouraging ERC20 projects to switch to Binance Chain (which although maybe not illegal to do, it certainly is not clean business either, so this is part of the slightly shady score)
  • More Binance coin (500) in your account gives right to higher referral fee.
  • As said already: trade fee discount with BNB. 
On internet there is a significant amount of people that accuse Binance of shady practices. I did not look into that, but you might wanna take that into further investigation. For the extra caution required, has added to the slightly shady score too.

If epic hype pumps up the price of BNB to astronomical heights, which it already did, please be careful, because demand that is based on primarily hype has a very high chance of eventually being corrected by the market. As of right now I do think that mid term there is still room for growth and in the next bull market it is probably going to outperform many other coins, but I think it wouldn't hurt to secure some profits (if any) from time to time on the way up.


Review Date: March 07, 2019 07:13:58

Steven Seagal must have been paid quite a some of money to promote this, or he has been fooled as well by this project! Didn't he get in trouble with regulators though? Weren't regulators cracking down on celebrities endorsing scammy crypto projects? Either way, I would stay far far away from buying this pile of horsecr*p. 


Review Date: March 07, 2019 07:08:27

Not much to add either, as this was already long time confirmed. But nevertheless surprising to read that people are still falling for this. Avoid like the plague!


Review Date: March 06, 2019 03:39:31

Isn't this a fork after all, it is basically green protocol copy/pasted? And also there is a mention of presale in the whitepaper and (vague undated) roadmap, which leads me to believe that it might be an ICO. Not sure exactly what the money grab model is here, although if they did an ICO, then that must have been it. 

Team is apparently Brazilian and they didn't take the trouble of providing reasonable translations. Website and whitepaper very hard to read. And you can download the "Papper wallet" lol. 

The whitepaper includes terms that refer to investment purchases, which strengthens the suspicion of ICO fundraise. Whitepaper is really horribly bad (apart from the rough translation), provides little to no substance to the merit of the project itself other than what was already the Green protocol and bitcoin itself. 

It doesn't appear on CMC, but it does on a few other smaller coinlisting sites; there you will find that it is only listed on small shady exchanges, in oct18 it had an ath, -99.7% drop since then, trading volume 46.- (yes, you read that right). So I think that if there are any investors in this project, they are not so happy right now.

On Twitter they are mostly shilling about coinprice, exchange listings, masternodes, etc, such as:

"soon our masternode will increase from 2500 coins to 25k coins. do not waste time, buy EDCASH now" 



Review Date: March 05, 2019 07:08:58

I see that indeed the OneDEX website is unavailable. The project seems related to another project Onechain. As there wasn't any further information to find about One DEX, I went looking for what I could find about Onechain, here are the red flags:

Github: Only 80 contributions in the past year, but no activity since Sept 2018. 
Twitter: Last Tweet in Dec 2018
Medium: last article in Dec 2018
One chain website: very bad loading and horrible interface. A lot of high performance claims made, but no technical details given (as the whitepaper is also unavailable; broken link)

Seems like a pretty dead project to me!

Useless Ethereum Token

Review Date: March 01, 2019 07:33:56

The name says it all: this was the most honest scam in history because the anonymous founder clearly states on his website that the token would represent nothing and that he would use the funds for his personal interest. Yet the ICO raised quite a good sum and proved the ridiculous excuberance of the 2017 ICO gold rush! This token even got listed (on HitBTC) and was actually traded for some time. But it is now a dead coin and the whole project has ended. I won't classify it as super shady because the founder was fully transparent about his "malicious" intentions. However, apparently there are/were copycats that were indeed maliciously trying to steal funds from people, so be aware of those too. 


Review Date: April 22, 2019 23:43:09

Scam token launched by, for as far as I can judge, notorious ponzi scheme scammers. YMCI (formerly known as SMCI) is a Malaysian very likely ponzi that operates in multiple Asian countries. They did a pre-IPO ponzi with GMCI shares and they are also operating through a company called OD Capital. In the Thai video linked below you will see on screenshare an (English) announcement letter of this company promoting Elitetreum as their newest crypto money making scheme and how they will push the price by agressive marketing (in other words creating FOMO to have the participants buy more tokens). 

The tokens are transacted only in the wallet internally, as there are no transactions to be found on the token contract on Etherscan; all tokens are located on 1 address. The "market" price is therefore probably set by the company itself. According to their roadmap the internal "pre-ICO" will be until Q2 2020!!! Yet launching the token on exchanges will not be until a year later!! 

Meanwhile they will be selling their ELT miner to the pre ICO participants to extract even more money from the victims. References made in the announcements to bonus payouts include terms as OD5, OD6 etc, this obviously has a connection with OD Capital and their MLM bonus referrals program. Indeed, no whitepaper or technical explanation, just some random claims, no team, no github (source code they claim to release in early 2021 lol)  

If you click on the Twitter and Facebook links on their website, the links will only bring you to the ELT website homepage, so those accounts don't seem to actually exist.

Do not trust this, I have reviewed the operating companies behind this (YMCI, GMCI, OD Capital) and their program and it is cookiecutter ponzi/pyramid and their ELT token will not be any different. Stay far far far away from this. I would therefore also recommend not to use the Xrypto wallet because it is part of this scammers project.

Video link with YMCI announcement letter:

Enough red flags to raise a lot of suspicion, but as a disclaimer: this review should be interpreted as personal opinion and is certainly not investment advice either. What I do recommend, is to do TRIPLE DUE DILIGENCE and fact check everything. But as far as I and most of knowledgeable people in crypto: any crypto project that promotes itself with Multi Level Marketing is highly suspicious and it is (impo) a financially healthy approach to just avoid those by default.

Bobs Repair

Review Date: February 24, 2019 08:45:08

Mixed feelings about this token. Obviously for the ICO investors among us it is highly disappointing, the token being 87% below ICO price in ETHER (never mind how much that would be in USD). Trading is laughably low at $300k which is even higher than its marketcap, which is quite extraordinary. The founders already had a platform for connecting contractors and customers since 2014 and decided to add blockchain and crypto to enhance the reliability of contractor reviews. The plan of the platform is to utilize Ethereum (for the token that is split in the a dividend token and utility token) and Steemit (for the immutable ledger of reviews and ratings (up/down votes), which seems like a reasonable idea. The platform is launched and the roadmap completed. Founders are still active in TG and people are using the platform. But obviously investors are not happy yet with the lagging performance of the token. I do like the concept and considering they have launched a working product, I wouldn't describe this project as a scam. However, I do have the feeling money grab was a big part of this ICO and the team is overpaid for its project. John McAfee was an adviser and shiller during ICO phase, which is a red flag and on a personal note: my personal experience with the ICO was that it was extremely chaotic and unprofessionally managed by the team. Also, tokens were initially credited to an account on the website, after which they were supposed to be distributed to your Ether wallet. I know many people have received their tokens, however I have not and even after reporting this a few times, the issue is still unresolved and no tokens received so far (truth said, due to the disappointing price, I haven't felt really motivated to actively resolve the matter either, but still it doesn't look favorable for the project nonetheless). So on some issues I would rate this not shady, on other issues I would rate this very shady, leaves us with an average of shady for Bobs! I wish I could bring it down to just slightly shady, because deep in my heart I am actually in favor of this project's concept and stated goals and I do believe they have realized a reasonably functional product with a proper implementation and utilization of blockchain and their cryptocurrency token, I am just disappointed about a little too many of shady issues around the project. Perhaps the future will prove us wrong, but for now, and also looking at CMC, it doesn't look so well!


Review Date: February 20, 2019 07:43:36

At first glance when looking at the platform it looks pretty cool: they are a multiplatform smart contract creator for people without coding skills. The platform is live and has already a variety of users that have launched smart contracts with it. From an investor perspective this has only been a great investment so far if you were able to buy the token between ICO and all time high (which was Q4 2017), so the timing for the ICO was perfect on hindsight. And you had to sell it before the bear market set in and crashed the price. At its peak the token was at a marketcap of $40million (ICO sale was about $2.5m), currently the marketcap is around $500k and volume $20k, only on a Turkish exchange. Other exchanges are COSS and IDEX with $0 volume. Previously on Cryptopia as well, but that exchange has mysteriously disappeared. The community seems very eager for better exchange listings for the WISH token, however the team is more preoccupied with airdropping WISH token linked tokens on other networks, such as EOS (EOSISH) and TRON (TRONISH). They even prioritize listing TRONISH over listing WISH. Idk the reasoning behind this though. WISH token holders will get the most of the TRONISH total supply airdropped compared to other airdrop recipients. The WISH linked tokens on the other platforms are supposed to be used as fuel for WISH smart contracts on those platforms, because with MyWish you can launch smart contracts on multiple blockchains: Ethereum, NEO, EOS, TRON and even Bitcoin (through RSK-Rootstock). Ethereum offers the most types of smart contracts, including ERC20 token, tokensale, airdrop, investor pool, will, wedding. Bitcoin only a will and personalized contract (written by team). On Tron you should also be able to create a game asset. The WISH token is supposed to be used for payment for creating smart contracts on the platform. Part will be used as fuel for the use of the smart contract, part is for payment to the company and part should be burned, so that with higher use of the platform the token supply decreases while demand increases which should benefit the price theoretically. On the other hand several contracts, such as launching erc20 tokens and token sale contracts are payable in ETH, so at least these smart contracts do not benefit WISH token holders. The success of WISH token entirely depends on the success or even existence of the MyWish company (as with so many projects though) and if people will use this specific service and no competitors will create better solutions. Also some of the smart contracts (will, wedding etc) depend on mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain powered smart contracts for that type of legal contracts. I like the fact that they have a multichain approach and their user interface looks very simple to use for non-coders to launch smart contracts on blockchains. Easy access to liquid markets would however also be a requirement that currently stands in the way of success. From what I can see this is an active project that is developing useful applications in an innovative way. So I am cautiously positive about this project. IF the project really takes off and demand for the WISH token indeed increases AND becomes more accessible on more liquid markets, then at this point the token is at a huge discount now and it could turn out to be a gem. On the other hand the risk is very high from the current perspective and a lot of patience and unshakable trust in the team and project for an extended period of time would be required, because selling (under current conditions) could even turn out very very difficult (bc of extremely low trading volume).


Review Date: February 12, 2019 07:07:59

So I saw this project appearing on this website without reviews so I decided to take a look. Originally it was on Neblio but decided to continue with their own DPOS blockchain by forking Ark codebase. ICO was a year ago and the team managed to grow the Telegram community to over 38k members, yet the only exchange where it is listed is the company's own exchange Altilly, which is a very low volume exchange. Qredit is supposed to become an easy and fast payment platform that is supposed to excel crypto adoption, another usecase would be similar to BNB, but then on the Altilly exchange. Github shows very little activity of development since the launch of the forked chain. If you open the block explorer you will see that mainly empty blocks are mined. Seems that the team is still active on social media (telegram), 1 year of bear market after the ICO so that could we see as positive, but I am afraid that the coin has not enough innovation going for it and despite the 38000 members in telegram is not really being traded nor used. Is it an outright scam? No, that I don't think, but I would certainly not recommend this coin either.


Review Date: February 08, 2019 08:06:27

Excuse my skepticism, but this looks like an illegal lottery disguised as some sort of wonder coin. They sell PoS masternodes for a subscription (paypal and creditcard accepted) and then you participate in some sort of lottery every week, seems a bit shady to me tbh. Supposed to be new generation easy to use mass adoption ready crypto, however US citizens are excluded, so how this ever going to be mass adopted anyway? Oh and after launch late 2018, the price went down 87% since its peak and has a current trading volume of $1850, which is absolutely nothing (marketcap of 1.5 million, although that doesn't say much on such low volume, true marketcap is probably the total value of whatever is accumulative offered in the orderbook). Listed on only 1 tiny exchange. I am afraid that this coin is a lot of wishful thinking, imho.


Review Date: February 06, 2019 07:30:13

I read somewhere that EOS had only 1 review yet and could use more so here you go: $4 billion or something like that raised in the ICO and there blockchain solution is all but censorship resistant with the ability to reverse transactions and what not. Also I am highly doubtful about the DPOS consensus, I think it is just waiting to get some collusion scandals and voter bribing to be exposed. For that enormous amount of money that they raised I have to admit I am a bit disappointed. Good thing the bear market has made EOS significantly less over priced than it were.


Review Date: January 29, 2019 20:55:35

I thought this guy Richard Heart was supposed to be a bitcoin maximalist type of guy. And now disappointing with creating his own coin that doesn't seem to have any underlying or fundamental or any technological value. This shitcoin has nothing whatsoever to do with bitcoin and better be avoided.

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