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Holochain moves beyond general Blockchain by offering inclusive ways of being a part of a hugely scalable ecosystem for building decentralized applications which are run peer-to-peer. It solves a number of critical issues which Blockchain has failed on. Whereas Blockchain requires a global consensus on every store of information, Holochain is agent-centric, so each contributing entity creates their own chain. There is not one big Holochain, but lots of little chains. Scalability is a massive problem for Blockchain, but Holochain becomes more efficient as it grows whilst also being cryptographically secure. Holochain is the next big step for the internet and provides vastly more effective solutions to Blockchain technology's failings like scalability, speed, energy usage, and lost coins through not being able to cancel transactions. Hosts in the ecosystem will be reimbursed in HoloFuel for their contribution of supplying computer processing power, meaning it has a beneficial value to both the developers of the app, and the individuals who host it.

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