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DEX Vision

Review Date: February 10, 2021 09:45:51

I only use this when viewing price charts for my charting. Very easy to use and I always have the chart up. Lots of built in features and tokens. I mainly use it to chart HEX but it also has other pairs for information. I prefer this to trading view since TV uses hitbtc as a reference for charting which coins matter to me, which is HEX. If you’re planning on charting HEX there is no better tool than this here.


Review Date: February 10, 2021 09:42:19

Amazing app. Easy, seamless, user friendly, and intuitive. This is the perfect app for nocoincers and experienced crypto people who are in or are interested in HEX. Staker has all the features you’ll need; real time price charts, real time information on stakes, buys, sells, transfers, etc. also has a fiat on ramp as well as the ability to do swaps (uses 1inch as a dex iirc). And, as a completely ingenious idea, is able to pay fees using HEX or even USDC as the fee instead of ETH. Very satisfying app and very easy to use. Made by two of the smartest people in the HEX community, and probably all of crypto. I can’t wait to see how staker evolves the HEX community and subsequently progresses the crypto space as a whole!

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