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Review Date: April 24, 2019 05:39:04

A lot seems to have been covered by the other review which went in depth, about Tangle. I can only echo those sentiments and agree totally. In a crypto space full of shady, illegitimate ICOs, tangle is a refreshing change. 

I have had great communication with the tangle team during this ICO and they have answered questions and been very helpful. They have been clear about how the funds will be used so there is no ambiguity in this regard. 

Tangle offers a solid usecase in a growing industry, blockchain based prediction markets which are gaining popularity thanks to Augur and some others that makes it possible to predict outcomes of real world events on a decentralised blockchain based platform. The blockchain being used for Tangle is Neblio, also a very upfront, honest and hard working group that are helping to simplify the process of enterprise and scientific research projects making a move into this technology and utilising it 

I definitely recommend Tangle as it is a potentially great and credible project which could do very well over time. A rare gem of an ICO in a space dominated by sharks and not very honest people.

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