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Review Date: March 11, 2019 14:24:41

This has been the best passive income platform that I have come across both in the crypto and non-crypto world. The developers have spent many sleepless days/nights over the last 13 months adapting their platform to survive the brutal crypto bear market. Despite low funds during the ICO phase they have continued to deliver amazing products that are both sustainable and focused for a longterm goal. Personally I have managed to make more than 25x my original investment in just over a year. The newest additions coming to NOVACHAIN in the next few weeks will solidify the company as a mainstream platform in the crypto space as investors will have the ability to invest using BTC or ETH and be able to make daily BTC or ETH with live varifiable exchange transactions to prove validity of the profits. This can already be followed on YouTube beta testing videos. I am very excited about Novachain’s future and lucky to have been an investor with them since the beginning. 

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