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Review Date: April 21, 2019 10:13:29

The website was in the process of being move from when the listing was created, it has since been completed. 

The TTNZ coin powers the Traceability Blockchain in the same way ETH powers the Ethereum Blockchain.  

The project is a public business platform for traceability.  A previous review stated, "It makes little sense to do such a thing on a public blockchain with some token attached to it".   

That is wrong for several reasons.  
  • TTNZ is a "Coin" not a "Token".  Coins are how miners are paid to protect the Blockchain.  Tokens are assets that ride on a Blockchain protected by a coin.
  • Permissioned Blockchains are operated by a central authority like IBM, Oracle, or Microsoft.  The lack of adoption of Blockchain in business is due to the barriers to entry caused by the large companies operating Permissioned Blockchains.  Projects are announced but never completed.
  • Public Blockchains pay the mining community (Instead of giant corporations) through transaction fees and block rewards paid to miners. 
  • Public Blockchains are much less expensive and more open for small businesses.  With a Permission Blockchain, there is an upfront cost and in most cases it is necessary to operate a node. 
The project is very legit, and please visit our website to learn more.  If you are part of an industry that requires traceability such as Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Transportation, or Healthcare, please explore adding the Traceability Blockchain to your applications. 

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