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This is the best article about HEX if you need help making a decision: https://t.co/IBx5ngh25U?amp=1 Richard is the real deal been following well before hex launched. He knows crypto better than just about everyone and tells the truth and is most always right. He was a BTC maxi but is smart enough to to realize he must update his worldview when better things comes out which he has and that’s why hex was built on ethereum. Hex is a product that did things the right way by not taking people’s money and making promises and never delivering like 99% of crypto projects instead they raised no money completed a working product then allowed users to participate that’s the way it should always be. Some poeple out there have bad things to say about hex but that’s just because there ignorant and have not used hex don’t let my opinion or there’s make up your mind for you go do the work to find out if it’s good for your or not and best of all try it out.

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