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Review Date: August 27, 2020 03:36:47

I bought this coin as an ICO in 2017. ETN made a bunch of promises that were not delivered, and was a total disaster from the start. Then all of a sudden I got locked out of the phone app. I sent numerous emails to support.. No answer. Finally after a few months of waiting, I sent support a strongly worded email. I got an email back the next day saying I will be locked out permanently. I guess I must have bruised someone's ego. Nevertheless, they took my coins and that was it. This is how these clowns treat a customer that has been with them since day one.. Support is very poor. I am not sure how they can handle mass adoption when they can't handle the userbase they have now. I am not sure why at one point they were bragging the coin went to 23 cents. They were on only one exchange at that time (Cryptopia) and it was a pump and dump. ETN will KYC you to death. I made a commitment to no longer support centralized currencies, and for the most part stay off centralized exchanges. I view ETN a dead project, I seriously doubt they can revamp. The source code is old and outdated. If you want Monero, get Monero and privacy comes with it.


Review Date: August 27, 2020 03:04:33

Minereum is a confusing coin. I am not sure how I got 32,000 coins sent to my Ethereum address, maybe I signed up for it. I really can't remember. However, one day 32,000 coins were airdropped in my wallet. The coins were locked and couldn't do anything with them. I did a little research on it. The 32,000 coins is a Genesis mining contract that you purchase on the Ethereum block chain. The coins are not available right away, they are slowly released at a rate of 1.8 coins per day over the next 50 years if you pay the fee. This is how the developers insure a limited supply rather than traditional mining. . The concept is genius. The amount of Ethereum to purchase the Level 3 Genesis address wasn't a lot at the time. It was enough for me to want to roll the dice on it, and purchase another Genesis address on their website. The reason I am only giving it 4 stars is due to the limited amount of exchanges.. It is an ERC 20 coin so you can trade it on decentralized exchanges.. However, the pools have limited supply and there is a lot of slippage. At this time Livecoin is the only exchange they are on. I think Minereum gave a lot of the Genesis addresses to newbies that have no idea what they are doing or getting into when they signed up for the airdrop. The Telegram group is constantly bombarded with the same questions. If you go to Everything you need to know is there. Overall, its a great project, and a good concept. I would like to see them succeed.


Review Date: August 27, 2020 01:32:42

At first I was skeptical of Hex. There were more bashers on social media then there were pumpers. If anything... I learned to do my own research, look at everything with an open mind, and make my own decision. Before you make a decision on Hex, you should do the same. Read the Security Audits, read the information from and other websites, ask the community questions, and check out the transparency of the coin. Hex can be a very complex coin to understand as there is a lot of math involved. One thing good about Hex is a community that will make you feel as if you are part of the family. They will happily answer all of your questions. The community has recently been referred to as "a cult", because they care about each and every end user. They want to see everyone reap the maximum potential from this coin. This coin was not necessarily intended to be a coin for day trading, or swing trading, not intended for pump and dumps.. But rather a coin to stake and hodl. Think of it as a decentralized bank CD that earns above average interest. This is a high demand product banks offer, but not really found in crypto. Overall, I am happy with my returns so far, and happy about the community.

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