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Review Date: February 22, 2020 03:39:52

Kick is an interesting project with some good potential upside considering the very low cost of their token today. Disclaimer: I'm one of their top holders and an ICO investor. They ICO'd back in 2017 and released a platform to help other companies ICO,. They did well for a brief period of time with the token appreciating in price from .08 cents to 80 cents but as International Regulators killed the ICO market so the quality of the ICOs on their platform dropped. As a result the coin dropped in value considerably to its present value of 1 sat (circulating supply is around 14B but the actual market cap is higher due to a release of un-tradeable frozen tokens which I discuss below) GOOD: They actually released a working product after ICO BAD: The drop in the ICO market could have been easily predicted by anyone with knowledge of regulatory processes. So the KICK team kept working and are developing an ecosystem of products... * An exchange (KICKEX) which is online now in open Beta Testing and should release in Q2 2020 * A legal ICO platform due in Q3 2020 * A new non-company crypto-crowdfunding platform, the release date I do not know Incidentally for this last project they tried to release a new iCO which did not do well and at the same time the KICK token price dropped fast to the level it is at now. This was a bad management decision as it showed that they had not yet delivered value for KICK investors but wanted to raise more money on a new token...so any value created in the new project would not go to their KICK investors but new Investors. GOOD: They are continuing to actually deliver good, useable products (how many ICO companies still do that 3 years after the ICO) BAD: Management decision making is a little naive. The reaction to the new ICO was easily predictable, investors would always bail on a company that tries to pivot into a new project where the old investors cannot participate in any gain. Why I think it is worth looking at KICK.... * Huge user interest in their new products due to a massive marketing campaign where KICK airdropped frozen tokens to users. There are billions of such tokens which created the interest, however these tokens are locked down and will be released slowly as the users trade on the new KICK exchange. As tokens are redeemed other tokens will be bought back and burned. This should bring the market cap down to realistic levels as the number of un-tradeable locked tokens is high. * Its cheap. 100 dollars will get you about 1.15 million KICKTOKEN at todays prices. When you consider the projects they are releasing come online over the next 6 months, one of those products is already online for you to test (with dummy funds) then the risks are low and potential upsides high if the token returns anywhere close to one-tenth of a cent (1,110 USD return). If it got up to 1 cent then your return is 115K USD. This investment "MAY" also see your ETH address receive the airdrop of frozen tokens you can use to trade with (so no trading fees) which could be unfrozen when KICK begin to unfreeze those tokens (the exact terms of unfreezing are not yet known though). GOOD: Lots of possible upside and cheap entry into a project with proven deliverables and a history of releasing product. BAD: Huge market cap of frozen tokens, most of which are unlikely to be unfrozen but it still makes the actual market cap look much higher than it is. I'd say its worth some time to look at at the very least.

Yobit Token

Review Date: February 22, 2020 03:16:05

Please avoid Yobit. They are an unregulated exchange in Russia with an easily researched history of scamming customers. In my own case back in 2017 I transferred 13 ETH to them to trade with (as their token prices were better than other exchanges) and the funds arrived but were never credited to my account. 12 months of regular emails to support were never answered once. Mine is not the only such case as a quick google, FB or Youtube search will show. Their usual m/o is to let you trade a coin then block your withdrawal and claim that the wallet for that coin is in maintenance, and it will remain in maintenance for ever. If they do this to you simply create a new account with a different email address and you will be able to see that on your new account the Wallet in question is not marked as being in Maintenance. They also do not remove defunct coins or will release coins with similar sounding names to real coins in order to deceive users. There are social media groups dedicated to exposing Yobit but it does not help much as new complaints arrive all the time. Personally I think that recommendation sites such as this one need to be more vocal about advertising such bad actors.

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