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Brave Frontier Heroes

Review Date: February 08, 2020 16:46:29

Sure, this game isn't perfect. It definitely isn't for the type of gamer looking for absolute adrenaline rush, engaging second after second in fast-paced, skill-oriented action against a gigantic dragon boss. Brave Frontier Heroes is a casual RPG game with retro-graphics. It is meant to be a representation of older game titles like those of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. To tell you the truth, there are a bunch of things that need improvement, but I don't care. To those who do not know, and to those who are expecting the gameplay to be as easy as everybody is saying, let me just say that Brave Frontier Heroes has one of the most mentally-explosive gameplay. Sure, player-skills aren't needed, but just because you aren't controlling your heroes doesn't mean the game is easy. The game is automated, but THAT IS ALL PART OF THE GIMMICK. If you think the game is all about RNG, then you're wrong. There are all kinds of setups. So many possibilities that even the EXACT SAME heroes may not have the same abilities any longer. You'd think the heroes would just be attacking random enemies, but that isn't the case. There are a lot of skills and some equipments which WILL MAKE your heroes attack WHO YOU WANT to attack. It's just that people haven't figured things out yet. You know what makes Brave Frontier Heroes even better? In a world where people have already forgotten the term "Team Work" and "Give and Take" in exchange for pure competitiveness (trying to win tournaments and keeping their secrets to themselves in order to keep their advantage), Brave Frontier Heroes' community has proven to be that "HOPE" isn't lost. A community driven by their desire to make the game as complex and difficult as possible (in order to enhance the engagement), a community driven to help other players reach a decision to whichever units, equipments, and skills to obtain JUST BECAUSE. A community that is so non-toxic it's almost impossible to believe. During my stay in this game, I haven't had a fight with anybody. NOT EVEN ONCE. That should tell you something. BFH is a solid 10/10 for me. A TRUE gem in the midst of darkness waiting to be found.


Review Date: February 01, 2020 08:41:16

I have no qualms about MetaMask as a dapp wallet for Ethereum. It's very easy to create a wallet from scratch. Layout and interface is clean and simple. Works on all the browsers I use. MetaMask is also one of the most widely used dapp wallets around which is already an automatic advantage because no matter what dapp I go to, they will always connect with MetaMask.


Review Date: February 02, 2020 22:40:57

Customer support's answering time varies, but I love how they are so friendly and full of respect. It's as if I'm talking to a friend or colleague when I talk to them. It doesn't end there, however, because they DO stuff really fast! As in, if you've got an issue, they really will try to fix it as soon as possible! Information on the platform is thorough, clear, and easy to understand. Earning opportunities are plenty, and there are already a lot of stuff one can buy (and I can only imagine it will grow month to month). So far I haven't noticed any drawbacks yet. Haven't encountered any bugs that made me want to slap my head on the floor. Community is peaceful and healthy.

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