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Note Blockchain was my first crypto coin that i got in the beginning of 2019. A few days after they launch the mobile apps, i downloaded but i still dont know how to use it. So i learn how to get some Notes by minting it at After that i joined the discord server in the February 2019 and begin to scanning Notes in there. I was happy because i got a lot Notes from discord by scanning it, and i also join some giveaway in the twitter. I won two times in the giveaway and i'm very happy ^o^ After that, i got a lot of followers and friends on twitter. But sadly i only can make 1 giveaway of $NTBC because after that my account was restricted and got suspended. And still i want to supports Note Blockchain so i make a new account and make a giveaway, but again they restricted my second account too T_T But i'm not giving up yet, even if they will restricted me again. So i make the third account and makes me want to give more supports for the $NTBC spread out the Amazing of Note Blockchain project and the easy used of it and slowly gain my followers and connecting with my old friends. After a few months later i join the telegram group which grow up so fast. They makes a lots of airdrops there and im very happy to scan almost all of it ;p Note Blockchain slowly growing bigger and listed in more exchanges, so the prize is pump up and it will go up to 1 satoshi btc per Notes. Thats was awesome, and i started to trading and get a lot profits from it. I also join the teams and makes some airdrops for the members, i love it because i can share the Love by sharing the Notes to other people. And last time sir Noteshi makes a lot of $NTBC airdrops and giveaway too, many Notillionaires born from his giveaway. And what more Amazing is, sir Noteshi make the biggest Tipfest that $NTBC ever had. its 11 Millions of Notes to shared on one of our exchanges. I'm very happy and glad to join NTBC teams, and i will give my full supports for them. Thanks to Note Blockchain i got many new friends, followers and an amazing solid teams. ^o^

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