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Crypto Jobs List

Review Date: January 09, 2020 13:59:56

Great jobs board for anyone who is looking to work in the crypto/blockchain space. It's up-to-date and has a good flow of opportunities for all types of positions, technical and non-technical. Recommend following them on Twitter or signing up for their newsletter so you get the latest positions sent to you, so that you can apply sooner rather than later.

Brave Rewards

Review Date: January 09, 2020 14:02:01

I am only speaking about this as a creator. I connected Brave Rewards with my social media accounts (YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) and it was a seamless process. I integrated it and forgot about it but apparently over the months we've accumulated $100 worth of BAT so far. So I guess THANKS are in order for all of our visitors/viewers who tipped us a little bit. This is pretty cool from the creator perspective. I haven't personally turned on ads, earned BAT tokens, and tipped any creators though so I can't defend them from their criticism that it is broken from the regular visitor's perspective.


Review Date: January 05, 2020 16:25:13

FWIW, may not be the best exercise in branding/marketing by explicitly mentioning that they are "pro-Bitcoin BTC", but I do find value in the writing from this group. I personally respect many of these thought leaders even if they may not pass the purity test that many Bitcoiners demand. I read a few of their articles already - the ones from Balaji, Arrington, and Buterin - and I really enjoyed their clarity and message. I learned something new from every article. Definitely will be excited to read the more pure Bitcoin BTC articles as well, but I don't mind the mix of topics.

The Block

Review Date: January 09, 2020 14:04:23

I read The Block articles sometimes when they are shared in crypto social media groups. I would never pay for the subscription though, unless we were in a bull market lol. I do think their journalism and reporting is much needed for this space and imo they are not "biased". Their reporters and researchers are sometimes unprofessional on Twitter (but who isn't in this immature crypto space lol).

Live Coin Watch

Review Date: January 08, 2020 14:51:07

Live Coin Watch is a great coin prices and market cap website. In fact, I believe it is #2 after CoinMarketCap in visitors (I may be wrong though). I like its gorgeous and simple interface a lot. In my opinion, it's easier to use and has a better UI/UX than CMC. Unfortunately CMC has the 1st to market advantage so it's pretty much second nature for users to visit there first when they want to check crypto prices... Live Coin Watch should try to find some other way to differentiate and draw people away from CMC to them!


Review Date: January 22, 2020 13:18:50

Just posted my first non-video post on LBRY and found it rather basic in terms of UI/UX. Reminds me of the early days of Steemit and it's a bit of a turn off... I also did some simple testing, like attempting to watch the supposedly trending videos, many of which didn't load properly. May check it out again in a few months.


Review Date: January 09, 2020 14:14:19

I love the Exodus wallet. I've been a LONG time user since it's early days with the desktop app. I loved using its ShapeShift integration to swap coins haha, it was a thrill. I've also tried out their mobile wallet app and it's also a beautiful user experience - onboarding was great as well as sending/receiving coins. Nowadays I don't use it as much since most of my coins are in cold storage or vaults. But I believe they now have hardware wallet integration which makes it even more safe/secure! I definitely recommend all newcomers without THAT many coins to download Exodus wallet and store some coins on there to play around and get familiar with it!


Review Date: January 09, 2020 14:27:08

Big fan of Coinbase and a long time user. I think they are the best exchange in the world in terms of security practices and user experience. They've never been hacked and I'd bet my money that they wont be for a long long time (wouldn't hold my breath for it). I miss the old days of GDAX though. Even though it would crash under times of heavy usage, it was still easy to use and we could trade with 0 fees if we used Post Only. Now with Coinbase Pro, they raised the fees on us so it's pricier than other exchanges depending on the volume and exact order. I think there are other quality exchanges like Gemini, but for now I will stick to Coinbase since I've been a satisfied user for many years now and think they have improved their Customer Support and other points of former criticism.


Review Date: January 09, 2020 14:06:32

Super simple interface and it connects with both Binance and Kraken! This makes it super easy to swing between different portfolio allocations and also re-balance monthly. When crypto was pretty volatile in early-mid 2019, I was using this often to swing between Bitcoin-heavy, altcoin-heavy, and stablecoin portfolios. This was able to help me capture some larger swings upwards. I paid for the year long subscription for HodlBot and definitely recommend it to all Kraken/Binance users. (I don't use it as much anymore though bc I am US based and was booted of regular Binance)


Review Date: December 22, 2019 18:30:29

This is a fun cryptocurrency which was forked from PIVX in 2018. It is led by serial entrepreneur Pascal Papara and they have a loyal community surrounding it. They have been able to build up 40+ use cases for this coin. What I mean by that is that you can use Telos with various online merchants and other products/services. After all, that's the point of a crypto "currency" right? To be able to use it. Now their products/services are not world beaters, they are pretty niche and probably don't have that much adoption yet. But I think they are doing it the right way, creating their own coin but then rolling up their sleeves and creating value and use cases for that coin. I wish them luck in the future! (p.s. 1 hint is to clean up their public facing online materials like their website, etc. Get some designers to make it look more pretty and polished.)


Review Date: November 30, 2019 20:32:46

Just discovered this project from an influencer I follow. Cloak seems to be here for the long term since they were picked up by a dev team in 2014 and has been alive and kicking since then, surviving through multiple bear and bull cycles. This is a privacy focused coin which has a super dedicated community and is accepted by >100 vendors and counting. They also have pretty good privacy tech which hasn't been broken yet, ever since they announced a bug bounty for their protocols. I definitely don't think this project is a scam at all... However there are some cons for this project - most notably their weak marketing, lack of liquidity on exchanges, and also a more macro issue out of their hands - which is that regulators around the world are cracking down on privacy coins and hence there is a shrinking market for those. That being said, it seems like the CLOAK/BTC pair is currently in an extended accumulation phase, as designated by a set range. And hence if it is able to break out of that range, that could signal the next bull cycle for it potentially. Disclosure: I do not own any CLOAK but I have my eye on it, only at a good price though.


Review Date: November 22, 2019 20:33:33

Very interesting project that isn't even a blockchain nor do they have a native token! Wait a minute, you may ask, what is the Holofuel token or HOT all about then? Well they creatively integrated this token with their hardware devices that hosts Dapps, websites, and more data in a distributed/decentralized fashion. Basically any dev or project that wants to use your nodes to host their data will need to pay you with HOT tokens. This is a novel approach and their core team is super technical and has decades worth of experience in this broader niche. Only gripe is that they don't have a strong marketing team, which is good to have on any crypto project that is trying to get more adoption. Overall I'm a fan of this project even though I don't currently own any. Fez actually made a great video about it that you should check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkGq8wl9mww (it is up to date as of late 2019)


Review Date: November 18, 2019 11:59:17

Nano is an interesting DAG project (so it isn't blockchain technically) that really rocketed in 2017/2018 and was the darling of crypto Redditors. It is built primarily for payments so it is fast, cheap, and scalable. Their team is not the best in terms of accomplishments or skills but they are still pretty "blue-collar", professional, and no-nonsense. They have a really bustling community which has built services/products that accept/integrate with Nano out of the goodness of their hearts. They had one bad event in their history, mainly the Bitgrail hack and fiasco in which a lot of people lost money and the Bitgrail founder got in huge legal trouble in Italy as well. Now was this Nano's fault? No, it wasn't the fault of their tech or anything like that. But the team still botched it a little bit and didn't handle the PR firestorm and spillover that ensued in the best way possible. But that's spilled milk already so no need to dwell on that. Now I really like what they are doing and their focus on payments but I think that is ultimately really limiting their full potential. They don't have a smart contracts platform on top of it like IOTA does and when Bitcoin's Lightning Network improves and works on a wider scale, it makes me wonder, what will be Nano's purpose anymore?

Golem Network Token

Review Date: November 18, 2019 11:34:39

One of the OG Ethereum-ecosystem projects of 2017 aimed to build a decentralized world supercomputer where people can share unused computing resources for others to rent. They have a very technical team, a lot of them computer scientists living in Central/Eastern Europe. In terms of roadmap, they've hit their "Brass Golem" milestone already and now are working towards their "Clay Golem" milestone. You can look at their website for more info about where they currently are. Seems like they are working slow but steady. But this means they have a working product and you can start using their product right away. Even though they are early on in their overall ambitious roadmap. This project has been around for a long time and they are still very alive and kicking, surviving past the bear market. They have many strong use cases but still need more imo in order to really ramp up their adoption. The max supply is almost being reached in terms of the emission schedule so that's really good for future price action imho. (I don't hold GNT, DYOR, not financial advice) Watch this video for a Q4 2019 update of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmeji689ZvE

Bitcoin SV

Review Date: October 25, 2019 12:38:18

If only BSV didn't have Craig Wright and his crew at CoinGeek in its ranks then I would instantly bump it up more. I really don't like everything about Craig and his approach to this space with lawsuits, patents, crazy claims, emotional court outbursts and more. But enough about Craig -- I think BSV folks make great points from an economic perspective and I also think that Satoshi and what he wrote in the whitepaper are still relevant to this day. I also really like how they are building apps with microtransactions on the BSV blockchain. Twetch is one of my favorite ones and its token economy is really interesting, putting new incentives around the Twitter system pretty much. Even though I like this dapp and probably others that ppl are building on BSV, I definitely don't think all the worlds apps and data needs to be on the blockchain, that just seems a bit ridiculous lol.


Review Date: October 19, 2019 01:06:38

Used to like this project a lot more and used to be a big fan of Charlie Lee. Now I don't hate him for "dumping on us" as much as other ppl do, but it was bad for PR of course. I just don't have much faith in Litecoin anymore after the slow moving development cycles, the lack of innovation, and the constant bad news/"FUD" pouring out about lack of interest and lack of effort improving this coin. After all, it is just a clone of Bitcoin and is "silver to Bitcoin's gold" lol. Charlie Lee has vowed to turn things around and focus more on improving this coin on the technical side but he has a mountain ahead of him to climb in order to get this project back to its heydays like the old days when it would precede BTC in terms of price action because ppl were excited about it.


Review Date: October 16, 2019 12:36:12

Hate this project for how they conducted their ICO in 2017. They capitalized on a tweet by Vitalik Buterin (about their team/project) and got a lot of newbies to buy into their ICO. They took a long time to send us our tokens and made no effort to make it tradable on any public exchanges. By the time we could trade it, the value dropped 90% already (and this was before the bear market). Now they have their main cloud services business which seems like it's booming, but the token has taken a backseat. This team owes their tokenholders an explanation and a refund.

UpStake Token

Review Date: October 15, 2019 02:19:20

Pure scam, promises that their coins will be worth a certain amount of $ as time goes on. Team is nowhere to be found. This is eerily reminiscent of Bitconnect and other related ponzi schemes. Just google "Upstake scam" and you'll find multiple users saying that they deposited BTC and wasn't able to withdraw at all. That's because their internal exchange is closed and there's no transparency. They can say their token is worth whatever price but eventually they won't be able to sustain it with new sign ups and the whole thing will come crashing down just like BCC did. TLDR; Steer clear.....


Review Date: October 15, 2019 22:11:03

Come on guys, why do you think that coming here to shill a project together and only writing ~3 sentences each is a good idea? That just makes your project look terrible. In fact, now I wouldn't touch your project with a 10 foot pole because of your little brigade. Some other quick notes: 1) Waves coin, can make this even easier than ERC20 token, so barely any effort put into it. 2) It's for tobacco articles... what does that even mean and why the heck do they need a token for it?? 3) Their website looks like a 10 year old designed it. 4) At least their social media presence exists and has been active, I can give them a little credit. 5) Still think the founders (whoever they are...no presence at all) are using this as a low effort way to scam newbies. 6) Their white-paper is an absolute joke. Talks about blockchain and crypto in general and looks like they paid someone on Fiverr $5 to make it. TLDR: Stay away, far far away. I wouldn't even have looked into this project if it wasn't for the shills. You have yourselves to thank for this negative review.


Review Date: October 12, 2019 12:37:59

OmiseGo (OMG) was one of the most promising projects in the crypto world in 2017/2018. They aimed to fix all the problems with p2p digital asset transactions. They also have a top notch team with Vitalik Buterin being a notable adviser for them. OmiseGo is often tied to Plasma - a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum ecosystem. So far, they've launched a few iterations of Plasma MVP and MoreVP to the public. They've been working hard on this aspect of their platform for a couple years now. Please note that their Plasma implementation is NOT a general purpose second-layer plasma. Instead, it is specifically targeted Plasma implementation towards DEXs and payments. Also, some criticisms of OmiseGo (and to be fair this could be applied to most ICOs in the crypto world, but here we go anyways): 1) They are bad at scoping and oftentimes lead their community on as to when they will be able to complete a part of their roadmap. They've missed multiple dates in the past and have kept their community hanging. 2) Their goals have shifted many times (at least from a marketing perspective). And they've also had some "Waltonchain"-like snafus when it comes to PR and marketing. Examples include: misleading pictures @ Google, core team members leaving, partnering with questionable projects like Electrify, April Fools fork, and much more. 3) Also through the long time they've taken to Go To Market, many competitors have sprouted up in the fintech and crypto space. They are tackling a very general problem - making online payments more accessible, so the longer they take, the more competitors are going to come and potentially overtake them. In fact, if you look at the other solutions out there that target the same payments pain points as OMG, they are active and working just as well already. ----- To be fair though, the team is still working and hasn't given up on this project. Their public alpha testnet was launched and concluded. And the team continues to be very public, attending Devcon 5 and showing the world what they're working on. So for this I at least have to commend them for not just giving up and exiting with all of their ICO proceeds.

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