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Review Date: April 12, 2019 06:10:13

Steemit is social blogging platform with content incentivized by its cryptocurrency. Users are encouraged to write because their readers reward them and so forth. The community is thriving but many outsiders including myself see Steemit as just an experiment. Although not the most popular blogging platform, it has succeeded in what it set out to do: create a decentralized self-sustaining community around content creation. I can see larger blogging platforms such as Medium/Tumblr/Quora looking to Steemit as a case study when considering whether or not they should inject any sort of economy into their communities. 


Review Date: April 12, 2019 06:02:12

tl;dr struggling company pivoted to crypto/social play only to keep struggling, token has no utility in the product

disclaimer: I participated in the InvestFeed ICO but no longer hold any tokens

InvestFeed originally aimed to be a social network for investors to share knowledge and chat about all types of market movements, not restricted to crypto. However, they didn't really get any traction with that prior to 2017. When the crypto hype train arrived in early 2017, InvestFeed hopped on right away as a means to reinvigorate its product. They quickly added cryptocurrency features to their social product which was a good effort. They proceeded to hold an ICO right away, distributing a token which has yet to see any utility in their product. As of 4/12/2019, their website is under maintenance, but their twitter feed suggests development is ongoing...


Review Date: April 12, 2019 05:52:11

tl;dr real company doing cross border money transfer but have yet to deploy true utility to their token, but token is well-traded on trusted exchanges

disclaimer: I participated in Everex ICO, but hold no EVX tokens anymore

Everex started in Singapore with an ICO with an industry targeting cross border money transfer which is huge in Southeast Asia where there are many countries and lots of cross cultural pollination in close density. They've since launched a mobile app to facilitate money transfer, however their EVX token is not really being used at it's specified utility. As mentioned on their website, the EVX token is mainly used for driving their lending/credit marketplace, which doesn't exist yet. The plus side is that if you believe in the company, the token is available to trade on top exchanges like Binance as well as a few Asia region exchanges and is show on CMC to have high volume. Strong liquidity backing a token shows promise.


Review Date: April 12, 2019 05:38:52

tl;dr Hype coin with only a sliver of utility that can never be profitable

Anyone with any technical background will let you know that mobile mining is inefficient and not profitable for an individual at any scale. As an engineer myself, I've looked into Electroneum's codebase and it's simply a clone of Monero, and I've done plenty of Monero mining to understand when it becomes profitable. They even carried over Monero's patched bugs at one point and had to scramble to fix them. A large part of what's propping up the price/company of ETN is BELIEF from their large user base many of whom don't understand that the utility of the business behind ETN will not reach profitability on an individual basis ever. Many of these reviews call out the "realness" of such a company (an office, a user base, a CEO that is a human!), but if the core business of mobile mining is flawed, what's the point of the hype? 

Also take note that the majority of "Not Shady At All" reviews for ETN on this site are driven by lazy shill accounts (anon43, anon44, anon45, ...) along with some autogenerated spam accounts. Seriously guys?

Binance Coin

Review Date: April 12, 2019 05:31:44

Binance coin is a utility token for one of the largest, most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Traders purchase Binance coin to pay fees on trades so the price of this coin usually moves upwards when volume increases. 

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