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Review Date: January 15, 2020 12:27:26

2Key Network combines all types of smart contracts designed for blockchain with smart links to websites running on the internet. It has a revolutionary role in the integration of the internet and blockchain networks in everyday life. 2key Network will therefore play a leading role in the future of blockchain technology.

Ferrum Network

Review Date: January 12, 2020 17:30:23

Ferrum was first brought to my attention by the fact that its token supply is not very high. Of course, the real star is the first Kudi exchange, a bank card that is used in everyday life and which I call Africa's luck. If you only look at 2-3 of the 2020 milestones (its own wallet Uni, Mainnet, Staking program, Infinity Dex and many more) you will learn about the future of the project. The Ferrum Network is one of the most important blockchain ecosystems of the future.

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