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Review Date: January 21, 2020 18:05:37

Used them from the start with no complaints. Quality service, great coin selection, and improving all the time. Much easier than maintaining your own wallets and setting up VPS staking. If you want to try a new coin, you should trade for it instead of looking for it on a certain exchange. I also like the great charity work they do as well.


Review Date: January 21, 2020 19:12:21

Has unlimited supply, but this is good for their charity work and the growth of the project. Numerous people got the largest airdrop I've ever heard of (including myself). They want to stamp out fraud in the space so they set up their own "police" and security force to help guard against the rampant corruption in this space. I'm still staking my Earndrop rewards and would like more exchanges and volume. But that will come with the Treasury allowing them to pay for advertising and growth. For 5+ years this project will grab a hold of the market and grow in popularity.

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