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I became interested in crypto after i had received some help from a crypto community with a project i was doing to provide solar equipment to the elderly in my area. My interest still remains in philanthropic use and the social implications of the technology being applied to various other aspects of life.


I think they are honest but do not understand why it would have any value with no potential use, but it is an experiment after all so we will see how it goes.

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Help The Homeless Coin - HTH

The inactivity is a big red flag for me. Also i am a little underwhelmed by the effort they put in to help people themselves. it is basically a donation funnel for a bunch of other charities most of i have never heard of. If they are passing these donations on it is great but there is no longer active developers to even ask where the money went or will go if contributed.

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Dogecoin - DOGE

Does what a coin should made me no promises it did not keep. Many people do not understand that most coins and tokens are little more than a copy of open source code with a few variables changed. The cause, and the community are what will make the largest difference. There is some development competition to create user friendly applications and a few actually trying to write new code for coins but most everything is layered on top of the same few foundations and can be used with basic command codes if you know how to actually use a computer effectively(unlike myself).   I like how Dogecoin has attempted to exemplify this to some extent.

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JP Morgan Coin - JPM

No! No! No! Big banks are not your friend, unless you have a banking license then you can just print money. I am no tech expert but i know our fiat money and its history and how banks work and i would not trust anything they make. They are loosing power and the ability to control the masses and they know it. This will be allowed to exist only because of fear and weakness of individuals that will flock to it with no understanding of it. Governments and banks fear the blockchain if it is ran by the public but not if they control it, this is something we all should stop and think about. Why is it we can not be trusted with to make our own decisions and have our own money? Why is the only currency we are supposed to use controlled by a select few individuals with the ability to print more and the ability to take what i have at a whim? I will guess it is not for our best interest.

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EverGreenCoin - EGC

There is no promise of fast cash or unrealistic rewards from developers, I like that. The EverGreenCoin Foundation is a registered 501c3 public charity in the US that has to follow the government standard for operation to maintain its legal charity status. This is one of a few if not the only crypto that has legally enforceable accountability to maintain the blockchain and provide project updates to its community regularly and is not only accountable but is recognized as a public charity so holds itself to an even higher standard to maintain this status. They provide fee free crowdfunding for green projects as well as promote many green efforts like the recently launched Proof of Environment program that rewards and promotes environmental action.  This is a philanthropy coin and does philanthropy if you measure gains in good done by the project and its community this coin would be a clear winner if you only care for personal profit this may not be the coin for you.

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