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Bitcoin - BTC

this is the #1 coin that everybody else try to copy to profit of its noble name. this is the currency of the future. invest now and you cant go wrong. it is a store of value rather than a coin to daytrade with. I recomend you to buy and hold for long term.

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Ethereum - ETH

i love ETH you cant find much negativ to say accept that there development takes so long time. but this is a project that will be around forever in one form or another. Actualy ethereum is the fork and Ethereum classic is the original.

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Bytecoin - BCN

I don't see why people continue to invest in this project. There are way better ones. After the dump on binance nobody should trust this coin. if you like anonymity coins choose zcash or dash, maybe monero

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Regium - REGI

Maybe im not the right reviewer of the coin Regium, i am invested in it my self and might be a litle bias. It do have some pros and cons. Let's start with the positive - Active team and some contributions on github. I can see development of the project that make me feel like the team knows what they are doing. Their max total supply is 7,2 milion coins, and that serves me well, as i like to invest in somthing i can afford 1% of total coin supply.That make me feal like i own a part of the company. Many other coins have a billion max supply and i just can´t see those have any future. The Team is anonymous, this is not optimal, you like to know who you are dealing with. But ofcorse satoshi nakamoto was also anonymous. And if you look at the website they explane this. And you can just chose not to invest if you don´t trust them. So far i have no reason to doubt the Regium team. Regium coin have a whitepaper, and it sems legit. Many other coins dosn´t have one, so that´s one more plus. Regium have links on etherscan. Regium have working socialmedia channels and you can always reach the admin if you got some questions. A minus is that there is not much roadmap except some more exchange listings and more crypto card payment applications, but still that is mor than many other altcoins have. I still think the coin will be profitable in the future. The website makes them seem... not so professional, but if you don´t need a flashy hightech homepage, im sure you get all the info you need from it. If you like me are not a bitcoin maximalist and like altcoins, then i think this is a good project.

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