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Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network - FRM
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Review Date: January 13, 2020 11:44:58

I started to hear about Ferrum Network since the beginning of ICO. I was very excited about all the information the developers gave on social media and especially their telegram channel. I think it is the best means of communication for crypto investors. Ian Friend (COO) has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in all AMAs to make known the mission of Ferrum Network. The team of developers has demonstrated hard work by introducing First Kudi App in their Android and iOS versions as well as their First Kudi Verve card prepaid debit card. Through the app, you can to send/receive bitcoin, gusd, naira, ether, and frm. It should be noted that the App was designed for Nigerians but may well be used by international users. This app is designed for consumers and business users. Peer to peer transactions is performed instantly (in milliseconds) with almost 0 fees. And with the card Nigerians can buy goods with crypto. This all-in-one financial solution will allow for Nigerians empowerment and give solutions to emerging economies. The Team has expressed that its mission is to be a leader in the African market. With a plan to expand to other continents. There are other products in development such as: UniFyre Wallet, Infinity DEX and Sub-Zero Wallet where users can easily make transactions, exchange, and store digital assets in a single ecosystem. Ferrum network has a lot of potential and talent to show; only it needs our trust and support so that it can get ahead with all its products and fulfill its mission.

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