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Review Date: October 24, 2020 17:31:40

Coinmarketcap routinely and systematically lies about rankings. They have hidden the HEX ranking(currently 13) They hide it at rank 201 so none of their users will have accurate information about the marketcap rankings. Our community even caught them hiding WBTC. They do not respond to inquiries, or anyone from the hex Community. They continue to lie to all of crypto


Review Date: August 26, 2020 13:37:28

I joined crypto in Q1 of 2016. Since then I've seen alot of crypto come and go. Most crypto, even in the top 10 con people into giving them money because they promise future upgrades. HEX does none of that. It is 100% complete and audited financial product, which makes it unique in the crypto space. HEX has no Devs, team, VC's that dump the price. It is finished, immutable, and the best financial product ever created. It is the vision of what crypto was created for. To simply buy, hold, sell, earn interest on you crypto without banks. No other coin or token does this, because others have no incentive to hold. I don't trust any other "Defi" that is not a completed. Secret admin keys are a massive backdoor that cause all funds to be stolen eventually. People who scream it's a scam are intimidated by something so revolutionary, that they cant wrap their heads around how it works. Daily I receive 18-59%APR plus penalties and the Big Payday coming on November 19 2020 that will give you 3X your initial investment. It's not to late to invest and get the big payday. Hex is not a pump and dump. It is literally the only coin created to reward hodlers. You can only do that with time locks. If your staking coin is not time locks, you can unstake and sell at any time pushing the price down. You will also hurt other stakers in the process making your staking coin more volatile. The weighted average of stakes is over 5 years with HEX. And since the smart contract is immutable, HEX is here to stay.

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