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Review Date: August 26, 2020 14:31:01

I like this app as a way to turn USD into crypto. Just know it's another centralized exchange. I use DEXs (like Uniswap) wherever possible, but this is a good fiat conversion tool that's never let me down. Hopefully they list HEX soon


Review Date: August 26, 2020 14:29:41

pretty good for a centralized exchange. If you have to use one (and cant use a DEX like Uniswap) then I'd recommend this one as a runner up. Be careful, not your keys not your coins!

Uniswap Exchange

Review Date: August 26, 2020 14:25:11

Uniswap is great and I'm really glad DEXs are gaining so much traction. The only thing I don't like is their default token list, which seems to arbitrarily include some tokens and exclude others (like HEX). Luckily, you can simply copy/paste the contract address into uniswap. Also, i like that it can be easily recreated and that it's open-source. This is true innovation and hopefully this takes power away from centralized exchanges. Great job Uniswap team!


Review Date: August 26, 2020 14:23:09

it's where all the real innovation in crypto is happening. Sure, 99% of projects are garbage, but at least developers can try to create something of value with smart contracts, which you simply can't do with Bitcoin. Maybe one day we will see a real mainstream use case for smart contracts replacing real-world systems (like how HEX wants to replace the mainstream CD). It will take years, but I think we will get there slowly but surely.


Review Date: August 26, 2020 14:10:09

There seems to be a lot of antagonistic people on here. I've had nothing but a good experience with HEX. Richard Heart has never made a guarantee to anyone - "lost my house and car"? come on man, you really think anybody believes that? This is simple an immutable smart contract on Ethereum that acts like a digital CD. you have the option to lock up coins to get interest paid in HEX in the future. Pretty simple concept. Lots of people have an issue with the Origin Address owning a lot of the coins , ignoring the fact that there are big whales in every coin. Heck, 80% of LINK is owned by 8 addresses, but that's ok? Seems to be a double standard for people who simply on't like coins they don't own. HEX has been audited 3 times and has no admin keys or back doors unlike most other "DeFi" (Cefi) projects out there. technically, it is more decentralized than most. economically, there are large whales in HEX. just like every other coin. If that bothers you, maybe crypto in general isn't for you. There's no promises of future work in HEX from a central party. In HEX, you truly are the network. No VCs are dumping on your head. There seems to be this weird conspiracy that one day the whales will dump all the HEX at the same time. To me, that seems absurd, and if you can't see why then I donat really have time to explain here. Anyways, buy HEX or don't - it's your responsibility and the choice is yours.

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