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I'm Bitflate developer. Bitflate is a crypto with constant inflation. I design Bitflate to be a coin for transaction as opposed to Store of Value. I'm long-term investor in Bitcoin and Bitflate.

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Review Date: November 16, 2019 15:30:16

When I first got into crypto, Ethereum was the first project I looked at. I'm a developer so I have the skills to dig around a ETH development framework, such as Truffle. I find the whole ecosystem confusing. The idea of smart contract and programmable blockchain sounds fancy. But like many things in software, fancy is a gloss for complex technology that doesn't work. I followed ETH development but didn't find a good and simple use case that really gains adoption. I think CryptoKitties was probably the most notable project. After ETH, I studied Bitcoin BTC. I find it is more focused. BTC only wants to be money, in particular, digital gold. BTC clearly captured this market. ETH is like a research project. ETH is general purpose and programmable. It lacks focus. Their leaders often change narrative and pitch endless new ideas. I continue to watch the project but I'm not a long-term investor in ETH. Disclosure: I'm long Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitflate (BFL).

Bitcoin SV

Review Date: November 16, 2019 15:29:27

Bitcoin SV fork is another strange episode in Bitcoin world. I'm an engineer and I understand the decision to increase block size to accommodate more transactions. But there is a limit to any technical parameters. Increasing parameters often doesn't fix problems. Supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) should revisit their thesis: people need bigger blocks. The market has decided BCH is an inferior fork. Block size is not a problem. Big block supporters intentionally or inadvertently took Satoshi's paper by its words. They fail to understand the market. People want digital gold, not digital cash. Having small block size is beneficial for digital gold use case. It seems like big block supporters just want more money by forking. I stopped following further BCH forks. Disclosure: I'm long Bitcoin BTC and Bitflate BFL.

Bitcoin Cash

Review Date: November 15, 2019 20:11:35

I am a long BTC holder. I am sympathetic to BCH. I think Roger Ver took Satoshi literally. Bitcoin's original whitepaper states its goal to be digital cash. But people really want digital gold. The block size debate and fork were unfortunate. It really didn't matter. Users don't care about block size that much. With digital gold, hodlers don't really need to transact. SegWit and big blocks don't solve any real problem. Long-term, I think BCH will be around. BCH lost the battle of consensus. And it's losing the price battle with BTC. Having a small block size could be good for digital gold. I wouldn't be surprised if BTC increases its block size or BCH incorporates SegWit. BCH frequently copies BTC and adapts their narrative. Their team seems scammy. This is why I only have BTC. To make crypto more friendly to transaction, I think we need to remove the limited supply. Disclosure: I'm long Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitflate (BFL).


Review Date: November 15, 2019 20:09:59

I'm a long BTC holder. I think it has the best chance of winning the Store of Value (SoV) cryptocurrency category. It has the biggest network of nodes and supporters. Other forks like BCH or LTC will have a hard time competing with BTC. They don't have enough differentiation to help them win as the SoV crypto. But BTC's success is also far away. It is highly volatile. You need to manage your expectations about when you'll make a lot of money. Bitcoin's community is also hostile. They preach BTC domination and play down forks. Regardless, you can hold BTC and ignore the drama. Long-term, I think BTC will settle into being a SoV. I think we need another chain for transactions. Disclosure: I'm Bitflate's developer, a crypto with constant inflation. Bitflate's goal is to be a transaction coin. I'm long both BTC and BFL.


Review Date: November 15, 2019 20:08:52

I'm Bitflate's dev. So I am totally biased :). I hope to educate and spread the idea of an inflating crypto. I think it is useful to have a digital native and decentralized crypto with constant inflation. You can find more information about Bitflate on bitflate.org. Do You Own Research.

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