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Initiative Q - QQQ

I'm not sure Shady is the right term but it definitely has some obstacles to overcome. With multiple missed deadlines and almost no new information lately, it seems this project might be permanently on hold or completely dead. I'm not even sure if you can sign up any more. Regardless, caution to those who try to get involved at this stage.

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Karatgold coin - KBC

This is more of a "gut feeling" but when listening to this pitch, something feels off. Tangible evidence is that they have missed deadlines they published publicly, someone I spoke to said they were supposed to start getting some sort of payment and they haven't, and someone tried to go to an event they were hosting in Phoenix and no one showed up apparently. Overall, I'm leaning shady until further notice.

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Bitcoin - BTC

#1 Coin! While it might seem obvious, it seems there are many that are still skeptical. However, it seems Bitcoin is one of the main coins that is here to stay. Lots of vested interest in seeing it succeed in the future! Will be fun to watch long term.

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