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when I made my hex free claim of 6,649 hex on the 4th December 2019, i was down to my very last 0.4 BTC, 2 ETH and a bunch of useless shitcoins. Today because of hex my crypto position is well over 10BTC not counting the potential 55x BTC worth of HEX currently stake in HEX. For the next 2 and a half months, after I free claimed I participated in the AA lobby with all my eth about 0.1 - 0.5 eth a day. I exhausted all my eth, converted some of my shitcoins to ETH, those which still have significant value and played the AA lobby game and finally sold all my bitcoin to enter AA lobby. call me stupid maybe ... Today I am happy to note that I have over 40M HEX staked, my BPD bonus is sitting at 176M hex, interest about 5M HEX. I have also taken out HEX valued at more ETH, probably 10x more than I put in AA lobby. I have used these funds to buy back a lot of more promising altcoins than I had initially. since June 2020 hex has been financing my family monthly upkeep. Those who are calling HEX a scam. well if this is what scams do to people I like this hex scam. I have discovered that when you are staked whether the price goes down or up you make insane gains. recently when hex price went down I bought back over a 1M HEX and staked for 5555 days the BPD bonus is already mouth-watering. HEX will truly make a lot of millionaires and I am planning to be one of them. What if it fails? No problem!!, I have not lost a thing in hex, it has in fact recovered my overall crypto position.

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