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I have been acquainted with Richard Heart's content since April of '17, and have been a staker of HEX since its launch. There has yet to be any issues in the acquisition, staking, unstaking, and exchanging of my HEX tokens. This is what happens when one takes the time to have a product audited before releasing it to the public. And yes, HEX is a finished product, and an awesome one at that. There is no road map of promises because they have already been fulfilled in that it does what it was designed to do: Provide an interest bearing cryptocurrency smart contract that resides in the Ethereum blockchain with no admin keys that allows another person to steal money. As someone who has been involved in this space since 2011, I can wholeheartedly say that HEX is everything a cryptocurrency was meant to be, and I have demonstrated that by exchanging my entire portfolio for HEX, which is currently staked over the next 5555 days.

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