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Bgogo Token - BGG

This project was shady from the beginning. People in my group were shilling it to me but after taking a look I immediately decided to stay away. They have big name investor backings but my qualms with this project is with its CEO, Max Wong. They misled the public about being part of Facebook's crypto group when they were an employee at Facebook for a year or so. Also on Max's instagram they are constantly using the crypto riches they got from Bgogo to go travel the world, hit up Vegas, party and what not. Definitely seems like a huge money grab and I hate them for doing it.

review Bgogo Token
PTPA Partner - PRC

Looks like a legit oil and gas company in Russia. They can use blockchain in their business for their stated reasons -- that's totally fine. But their token is pretty useless - just to get investment pretty much. They can use blockchain in their business without a publicly traded token. This is a money grab unfortunately.

review PTPA Partner
Dentacoin - DCN

Definitely do not see any need for this project at all.... dentistry on the blockchain? What a joke! Definitely one of the most laughable projects to come out of the 2017 bull market. At least they are still active on social media and haven't exit scammed even after almost 2 years so I can't give them the shadiest review but still I think this project has no reason to exist and no reason to use their token. Just find a dentist that accepts Bitcoin instead!

review Dentacoin
Animality Coin - ANTY

Why is this project getting brigaded and shilled by so many people? Definitely not a professional look especially when their reviews are so devoid of any information. Anyways their supposed goal of saving animals is noble for sure but they don't need their own token for this. They can just raise Bitcoin or what not. This is likely a way for the founders to print their own money. I'll just leave it at that. So.... Brigading + No real Token Utility = STAY AWAY!

review Animality Coin
Tether - USDT

In late April 2019, Bitfinex and Tether's parent company iFinex got "outed" by New York financial regulators for "losing" $750 million of Tether funds in late 2018. At that point, their USDT/Tethers were no longer backed 1-to-1 with US dollars anymore. Many crypto influencers are saying this may cause a "bank run" with everyone trying to withdraw funds from Bitfinex - much like Mt. Gox 2.0. Twitter analyst @Bitfinexed especially has been calling out all the shady stuff regarding Bitfinex for years and this recent event has given him a lot more ammo. Personally I don't care if Tether stays or dies since there are a lot more stablecoin options in the marketplace these days. I'd stay away from Tether and definitely do not HODL Tether for long periods of time. Update (May 2019): Bitfinex raised $1billion from Chinese investors to fully recoup their Tether imbalance. Still a lot of shadiness and lack of info surrounding that debacle but for now I won't rate it the worst rating.

review Tether

Really not a fan of Tron since its inception all the way to present day. They plagiarized a bunch of stuff for the project and their marketing is incredibly disingenuous. Their CEO Justin Sun is the scum of crypto with his hype/buzz filled marketing. That's the LAST thing we need in crypto after the long crypto winter. Recently Justin Sun tweeted about a "Liverpool partnership" and it turned out to just be some generic sales pitch that the Liverpool execs sent to a bunch of companies. The media and Crypto social media fell for it and then instantly people roasted Justin (deservedly so) when it was turned out to be way overhyped and not even a real partnership. Screw Justin, he will never become Vitalik (who he wishes he was). More info: https://cointelegraph.com/news/tron-ceo-justin-sun-hints-at-partnership-with-liverpool-fc

review TRON

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