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Visit me on twitter.com/hexosaurus // Use this link to get 10% more HEX in the transform lobby: https://go.hex.com/?r=0x1c6f81e63524d6B8eBB18F3690a2e43d6ba74D47

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HEX is the first blockchain CD / time deposit with high interest. Trustless. Audited. Immutable. hex.com -> main website, visit to learn about the finished project, really the product. go.hex.com -> Interface to interact with the smart contract (There are alternatives such as anotherhex.win, hex.live) Use this site to interact with the HEX smart contract on Ethereum. You can use it to do the following: Send HEX to other addresses Stake HEX, end stakes, use good accounting function Claim HEX (until Nov 19th 2020) Create your referral link (until Nov. 19th 2020) Transform ETH into HEX (until Nov 19th 2020)

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