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Collectible trading card & battle game built on blockchain (formerly Steem Monsters)    

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blockchainff posted on March 02, 2020 20:06:37

Very engaging game using blockchain that makes you want to keep playing battles and tournaments to win real crypto! Definitely worth trying it out and see how you do in the arena!


chrisroberts posted on January 28, 2020 11:05:05

Splinterlands (formerly Steem Monsters) is an incredible and revolutionary digital card game with a thriving economy. Players are rewarded for completing quests, selling cards on the market, tournaments and season rewards!

I've played strategy games for years, and this is the first one that's ever kept me coming back every single day for almost two years. I tell everyone: &


dylanhobalart posted on January 28, 2020 12:17:35

Splinterlands has been a game changer for me! The gameplay is super fun, but it's the ability to own cards and other elements within the game that has really moved me. I have supported both of the Splinterlands Kickstarter campaigns and have enjoyed watching my investment grow! Meet me on the battlefield. @dylanhobalart


clove71 posted on January 27, 2020 21:08:12

Splinterlands is my favorite crypto game! I quit Cryptokitties & Cryptofighters right away to join Splinterlands and also the community is the best! E-sports, big tournaments & battles! Win crypto every day! Guilds are huge and can get you crazy DEC bonuses! I love this game, it is the best one I play. Post to the Steem blockchain and win upvotes. I earn about 110-150 DEC per battle on average. I


CarrieAllen posted on January 27, 2020 18:17:26

I LOVE THIS GAME! I've been playing since the beginning. I wasn't really a gamer before this, but find the strategy and quick gameplay right up my alley. PLUS, I get to earn when I play! Honestly, that's the main reason I never became a gamer. I love games, but could never bring myself to 'waste' time playing them (no offense to anyone who does this). With Splinterlands I'm able to feel like I'm n


JonSnow posted on January 27, 2020 18:16:02

I feel honored to be an early adopter of this magnificent game. You will think that I am too biased, yet truth is something that no one can deny - the truth is simply the truth. Splinterlands is an awesome collectible strategic card game where its users band together on the battlefield in order to prove who's best. One of the powerhouses on the #Steem blockchain.

Splinterlands is m


WoWCrypto posted on January 27, 2020 17:13:26

I play this amazing blockchain game often. I earn crypto and cards every day! This game has crypto and fiat onboarding, so if you are new to crypto you can even start with PayPal!

avatar Stasof 6

Stasof posted on January 27, 2020 12:31:08

I look forward to every tournament, I only wish that I had started playing earlier. I've played only 3 months so far, but have already fallen in love with this game - I plan to accumulate a lot of different cards and rent them out to other players - passive income will not hurt me!

avatar cadawg 46

cadawg posted on January 27, 2020 03:57:48

This is a great project, I've been with it for most of its lifespan. I did miss the alpha phase, but I joined as soon as it was playable. Something that I really like about the game is that anyone can run a market and take the fees and offer rewards to their users (such as crypto back on purchases) as well as giving an incentive for better market interfaces.

I also like the fact tha

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