Atonomi (ATMI)

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Atonomi (ATMI) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform     
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avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on February 18, 2019 10:31:34

Atonomi is one of those projects of which there are so many in crypto! Maybe it didn't immediately start out as a scam, eventually due to mismanagement, wrong people in the team, virtually no accountability etc etc, projects die and money is just being taken out and used for other purposes. Before anyone finds out, the coin may even appear alive to the majority of bag holders while in fact they believe

avatar Crypto Chick 52 rated:

Crypto Chick posted on February 17, 2019 14:50:48

Sighhhh, I bought these coins because Ian Balina and Crush Crypto both talked about it.... :( Now the price went down so much and there's so much talk about the founders having problems and fighting with each other. Reminds me of Tezos... I had such high hopes for Atonomi and now I can't even sell my coins anymore @ a 99% loss. Stay far away and never believe these founders again!

avatar Jason T. 111 rated:

Jason T. posted on February 17, 2019 14:45:08

Breaking potential exit scam, straight from Reddit/Telegram - David, co founder of ATONOMI wrote the following: 

"I was forced to quit atonomi because of many reasons. 
  1. I joined as a founder to build a blockchain company. Once ICO money was certain, Vaughan began to remove me from the project and wanted
  2. Vaughan was fired and new CEO did not want anything to do w crypto community.
  3. New CEO also combined Centri and Atonomi into one company so ICO funds could pay for centri payroll which was 30 people or so. 
  4. new CEO would not recognize me as a founder or executive of Atonomi because he turned Atonomi into a “project” of Centri so he could pay Centri bills. Then he fired everyone tied to Atonomi project. 
  5. I received no tokens at all. I was promised tokens by Vaughan and the Board but was never given a single token. Once I began to see these actions I wanted nothing to do w this company and will not accept tokens. 
  6. new ceo hired his sister and Son and paid them w ICO funds. Do I need to keep going? I want nothing to do w this company. I left in August and served the rest of my “advisor” agreement thru October. 
  7. busy working means busy using ICO funds to pay for Centri. There is no one at atonomi w blockchain experience or skills anymore. Everyone was forced to quit or were fired."

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