Chiliz (CHZ)

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Chiliz, powering, aims to give sports and esports fans the ability to crowd-manage their favorite teams, games, leagues, and events    
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avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on February 09, 2019 08:01:10 does have a partnership with Paris Saint Germain and Juventus already, so it seems! They claim not to be competing with the existing eco system, rather adding to the fan engagement. And sports fans are quite committed to their teams, so any club specific tokens that give rights in the decision making process of their team, I could totally see that be a huge thing. Same as crypto space, sports

avatar stellarowl12 224 rated:

stellarowl12 posted on February 08, 2019 13:52:57

This is a very interesting project with a legit existing partnership - They are doing tokenized voting rights starting with football teams. Reason I'm putting slightly shady is two-fold: 1) It remains to be seen the extent of voting rights for major football clubs and whether more clubs will join this model and 2) they are using private blockchain Proof of Authority instead of public blockchain

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