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JILT are ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain which employs smart contract protocol    
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avatar thisfuckingguy 2 rated:

thisfuckingguy posted on April 07, 2020 13:32:01

Jiltokens is just simply not good. What are their actual products right now? An ERC-20 called JLT - what does it do? ...absolutely nothing. What are their goals for the future? The J1 USD-pegged stablecoin. Hmm. What separates their stablecoin from others on the market? Well, first off theirs isn't even on the market, it exists solely in their whitepaper.

Oh and that JLT ERC-20 token?

avatar Quin 2 rated:

Quin posted on December 08, 2019 16:54:23

JILT is one of the most promising projects today. With a very dedicated team and a hands-on founder, JLT token will surely smash it. It just launched recently but it already has a big and fast community of supportive members. Good luck JILT. It's my pleasure to be part of JILTOKENS' community.

avatar Pcwm Philippines 2 rated:

Pcwm Philippines posted on December 08, 2019 17:05:05

I love how they build trust by using blockchain technology. They're an ERC20 token running on Ethereum. They have the best team with good social communities. The founder is pretty solid as well.

avatar Habatech 2 rated:

Habatech posted on December 08, 2019 16:55:23

A great team and well planned project. Join their ongoing airdrop and received 35 Jiltokens straight to your wallet...you can also refer your friends to earn more tokens..thanks guys!

avatar RDUB 2 rated:

RDUB posted on December 07, 2019 13:12:11

I've been a big fan of JILTOKENS since I discovered them in 2018. This is a good team that has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The team is very active in their social media. I recommend this project to everyone.

avatar DMJ 2 rated:

DMJ posted on December 07, 2019 13:11:55

Jilt is a great project because they had a very fair airdrop campaign. They also offer free courses to help remove the fear of using crypto. The founders have been working hard for 1.5 years to bring a straightforward quality product to the masses and help create the worldwide acceptance and use of cryptocurrency.

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