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Qredit launched its mainnet in August 2018 using the Ark codebase with the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus with 51 delegates forging on the network    
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avatar CryptoEclipse 59 rated:

CryptoEclipse posted on February 15, 2019 04:49:38

I've been following Hodler Enterprises team and their Qredit project progress for over a year now. Was close to investing in Qredit during the ICO in Feb 2018 but pulled out at the last minute for not being sure if a real-time retail digital coupons and rewards platform could run well on Neblio. Still following the project closely and finding the CEO Nayeim Willems as well as

A quick summary - I've been pleasantly surprised with the agility and technical abilities of the team, as well as the extent of sacrifice the team has gone to on many occasions at their own expense for the sake of their investors. I have ended up participating in securing Qredit blockchain network by running delegate servers finding a good use to my Qredit (XRP) tokens in delegate voting while the project was gaining traction through the difficult times of "crypto winter" 2018. 

Below are some additional details demonstrating team's hurdles and abilities and why I'm still the investor in Qredit and Hodler Mining projects of Holder Enterprises: 

1. Qredit ICO run in Feb 2018 have raised very little capital in NEBL tokens (well under 1 mln in USD equivalent) with NEBL token loosing the value rapidly over the rest of the year 

2. In Q3 2018 the scope of the project changed from a simple shopping rewards to a full blown retail payment system and Qredit made a difficult decision to move from Neblio to Ark's DPOS platform. At that time they also made an unprecedented (in crypto ICO world) action of care for their investors offering all ICO and OTC investors full refunds at the original ICO fiat price and honored about 40% of them before their budget run low and the team had to postpone the refunds until Mar 2019 

3. After a lot of struggle in Q3 2018 Qredit did manage to successfully list on a few small exchanges (willing to integrate the unknown at that time to the most exchanges NTP-1 token protocol): Tradesatoshi, BiteBTC, Altilly 

4. Shortly after migration to Ark V1 platform in Q4 2018 - Qredit performed a successful fork of their blockchain in Jan-Feb 2019 to the just released Ark V2 becoming the only software fork of Ark upgraded to much more stable and feature rich Ark V2. As of the time of this review none of the other blockchain based projects utilizing software fork of Ark blockchain are running on version V2

5. In Jan 2018 Hodler Enterprises launches online shopping site Bitilly that is intended to become the first use-case for Qredit token as well as become a source of additional income for Holder Enterprises team and their founding investors 

6. In Feb 2019 after a few months of team work with Altilly exchange Qredit CEO Nayeim Willems becomes CEO of Altilly while ex-CEO of Altilly Michael Osullivan decides to work full-time on his CTO responsibilities in order to focus on advancing the many cutting edge features of Altilly exchange. Qredit's XQR token replaces the Altilly token with similar utility as BNB token of Binance exchange. XQR becomes one of the base trading markets on Altilly exchange. That was a great mutually beneficial acquisition that is expected to boost the adoption of Qredit platform as well as bring Altilly exchange to much higher daily volumes. The increased demand on Qredit XQR token gave some of the investors a chance to finally trade some of their XQR hodlings for a nice ROI 

7. The innovation: Qredit platform is set to provide some distinct retail cryptocurrency payment and rewards solutions not yet found anywhere else:

- QREDIT MOTION: "stay connected with your customers by rewarding them with your own tokens created on Qredit Blockchain." 

- QREDIT WAVE: "by using the NFC technology integrated with our Blockchain you can also receive Qredit without internet." 

- QREDIT KYC: "similar to a bank account, you can optionally register your Qredit address for more transparency"

More information about Qredit's story, the roadmap and milestones ahead could be found here: 


Information about other Hodler Enterprises projects could be found at the below link: 


avatar pjd1976 7 rated:

pjd1976 posted on February 15, 2019 02:15:45

100% genuine project. Run by a great team. These guys are super ambitious and capable. Great things ahead from Nayiem and the team. Crypto and block chain in general need people like this.

avatar Not the real Fiat Daily 133 rated:

Not the real Fiat Daily posted on February 12, 2019 07:07:59

So I saw this project appearing on this website without reviews so I decided to take a look. Originally it was on Neblio but decided to continue with their own DPOS blockchain by forking Ark codebase. ICO was a year ago and the team managed to grow the Telegram community to over 38k members, yet the only exchange where it is listed is the company's own exchange Altilly, which is a very low volume exchange.

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