Runebase (RUNES)

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Smart contract platform   
Category: Coin/Token

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avatar Crypto Bear 58 rated:

Crypto Bear posted on June 06, 2019 21:48:38

Their mining rewards scheme will take 2000 years, which I think is quite remarkable (no judgement about this, it just caught my attention). Seems they are using bitcoin core wallet tech and the Ethereum Virtual MAchine model, with the intend to become a prediction market (like Augur). Their prediction market website does not have any activity yet though. Roadmap exists primarily of exchange and pools

avatar Booker 2 rated:

Booker posted on June 04, 2019 12:45:26

Very good project I love this project it make me very proud and i have been more interested so i keep continue to support and live in hapiness to this project ,thank so much for watching my text review

avatar edsonmelo 2 rated:

edsonmelo posted on June 03, 2019 10:30:23

currency great future also pos stake and has team that works 24 hours has very active community this sensational currency I believe she goes very far in this market I am satisfied investor I believe in the project.

avatar douglaslins 2 rated:

douglaslins posted on June 03, 2019 09:53:02

Runes is a PoS currency (Proof of Stake) with an intelligent contract platform enabling a multitude of dapps .. A great transaction currency super fast and smart.

avatar Bago 2 rated:

Bago posted on June 03, 2019 04:16:11

Great and helpful Community, Transparent Foundation.
Modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an intercompatible version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

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