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(#TICO) is an effective real-time, low fee and fast response #centralized #cryptocoin #exchange #platform.    
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avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on March 08, 2019 08:06:18

Ayayayay, this should be called "Nigerian Prince Coin" lol! Whitepaper is an absolute joke! They are essentially selling Ethereum as a wonderful solution and then conflate their ERC20 token as a natural success because of Ethereum's success somehowm but nothing about what actual benefit the token brings. I managed to find this of very few sentences that are actually about TICO coin: "With Topinvestmentcointhe mobile staking wallet which gives you 3% monthly for every investor." No actual value to be found here people!

Another hilarious segment of the whitepaper: 
"challenges. People recognizing the value of cryptocurrency technology and joining the cryptocurrency ecosystem
widely recognize the drawbacks surrounding the existing monetary system and stable currency.
These drawbacks include the increase likelihood of fluctuations in the value of their wealth in the real-world currency. While these fluctuations are
typically small when compared to cryptocurrency they are still worth noting. For instance, a stable currency like USD is subject to devaluation due to
economic inflation whereas, cryptocurrency continue to mitigate issues surrounding stability of value."

Fair enough, in above example, one could argue that in many countries the fiat currencies are in fact failing due to hyperinflation, like in Venezuela and Zimbabwe the value of the fiat currencies is dropping harder than bitcoin has and thus from that perspective, bitcoin is in fact much stabler store of value. HOWEVER, they then give the USD as an example of those unstable fiat currencies compared to the "much stabler" cryptocurrencies. Still, this part of the whitepaper is just discussing cryptocurrency in general, the part that "discusses" TICO is only: token ICO details, very short roadmap, team (pictures of 3 team members with names, I would be very surprised if those lead to actual identities involved with the project), so not any information on what TICO's role in the cryptocurrency/Ethereum eco system is going to play.

Website(s) are "under construction", so perhaps they are updating????

ICO investors get only 20% of supply (team 10%) while 65% is reserved for "investment", which means an enormous amount of dilution is ahead. 

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on March 08, 2019 07:33:03

One would not have to do any research other than just looking at the name, take notice and move along to other stuff. So this is the roadmap as published on their bitcointalk page:

{1} Announcements
{2} Creation of website
{3} Creation of Token 
{4} Airdrop
{5} ICO opening 
{6} Exchange listing
{8} Exchange Launched 

Literally no innovation planned, just creating a token (which anyone can create) and promise to build an exchange (or at least that seems the plan, because the exchange is otherwise not really mentioned as the main plan).  the "advantages" of the coin are: it's "tradeable" (not really something new, is it), and proof of stake (3% per month for keeping it in your wallet, well I guess it is easy to giveaway 3% of something that is worth nothing). Luckily this is not easily available, only on small shady exchanges, so hopefully not too much people will actually pay money to acquire this vaporware token. 

avatar stellarowl12 224 rated:

stellarowl12 posted on March 07, 2019 19:02:22

The name says it all. Focusing solely on the investment aspect of this coin instead of any potential innovation they are bringing to the table (little to none from what I can tell). 

This is an ERC20 token and the team held an ICO. They are based in Nigeria. 

Their website hasn't been updated in a while and their Telegram group that they link to

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