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xina301 posted on January 30, 2021 05:45:05

There are really a lot of coins on this site, I exchanged a few coins here that I could not find on any other service. The exchange was successful, I will recommend this service to my friends. I was satisfied with this service!


mihoja81 posted on August 27, 2020 16:09:36

SwapSpace is one of the best coin exchange sites. Exchanges are fast and profitable. Site support will help at any time. I forgot to enter MEMO the last time I exchanged. I wrote to the support service, they quickly contacted the partners and clarified everything. The guys work quickly and honestly.


pefixow2020 posted on August 26, 2020 15:32:01

I use SwapSpace a lot. Great website and great customer service. When I needed help solving my problems with the exchange on this platform, they immediately answered me and solved all the problems. Thanks again SwapSpace, good job!👍🏼


lous2020 posted on August 24, 2020 15:52:26

This is not my first time using SwapSpace. And every time a quick exchange and good prices. When exchanging coins for the last time, I entered the wrong address. I immediately contacted support and they quickly helped me. Good service!

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