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Physical cash notes that have crypto locked inside of them 

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avatar kevin 2

kevin posted on January 28, 2020 15:52:49

I absolutely love my KongCash. It was shipped in a sealed static resistant bag, tucked in between two pieces of cardboard. It was shipped very fast and arrived in pristine condition. I really wish I would have ordered more, because the note is so beautiful I don't want to open it. :) Since I received my KongCash I've been digging more into how the backend works and it seems like a very novel appro


booshewars posted on December 24, 2019 22:33:52

I just received my first Kong starter pack in the mail. These notes are absolutely incredible! Futuristic, well designed and beautiful physical cryptocurrency notes. These guys are innovating in an already saturated marketplace where I didn’t expect new ideas. They definitely proved me wrong. I can’t wait for the next big innovation from the Kong team!

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