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Easy way to accept crypto payments with a native integration or a widget    

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cryptodude posted on January 30, 2020 10:50:59

I've recently started using NOWPayments as an alternative payment option for my business. It is very convenient, especially since they reduced minimum payment amounts to around $2 which is great.

Their support is super helpful, they guided me through the entire integration part. They are constantly rolling out updates and fixes which is cool. I think it is a very convenient way to r


paulcharles posted on January 29, 2020 11:37:09

The company where I work has integrated NOWPayments not that long ago and I was put in charge of it. Well, what can I say – my job's been easy! I am loving the interface, no extra fluff, it is very easy to see where the money is going. I had a couple of questions in the beginning, and I was very quickly put in contact with a BD manager who was very sweet and explained everything to me. I would r


christian123 posted on January 18, 2020 02:46:08

I turned to NOWPayments to start accepting donations on my Twitter for a local charity saving animals that I help out. I just thought that they should not limit people to only donating fiat, because any type of donation is good for the cause.

After a little Googling, I found NOWPayments, with their donations button, which was super simple to implement. Ever since I did it, it caused

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