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First U2F FIDO device, featuring SSDP tech for compatibility with Safe Haven's inheritance platform

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avatar Massif 2

Massif posted on January 18, 2020 10:11:24

Very easy to use. Small design so it is easy to store away. Must have to save and and split private keys via Inhiriti, the Safe Haven inheritance solution for cryptocurrency.

avatar kurt 12

kurt posted on January 18, 2020 07:14:30

I received my Safekey(s) in the mail last month and had a lot of fun reading up on the specs. It's a powerful and secure device. My favourite function is the 'button' on the top which lights up touched. Makes me feel like I live in the future... Haha!

If you are searching for an 2fa device to encrypt your passwords and wallets... give this is look! Safe Haven is currentl


Cryptostrategy posted on January 17, 2020 22:10:31

Extremely functional U2F authentication device! Functions on all platforms that service U2F FIDOs. Nice, sleek design and pricing is extremely fair for this market.

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