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Been into crypto since late 2016. Fan of altcoins with real world usage.

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Review Date: July 17, 2020 19:20:09

Nimiq is the first browser based blockchain for easy payments. You can pay/send money with cashlink and crypto payment links. You can also support other or even invite friends just by sending them a cashlink. Creating a wallet is done in just 30 seconds. They have a great momentum, and are also introducing staking later this year.


Review Date: January 30, 2019 16:49:49

I haven't followed Zilliqa that much, but I have heard people talking about for a while, and I hear positive stuff. Crypto Lark made a review saying it's a high potential project to follow.


Review Date: January 30, 2019 16:39:32

Ethos Universal Wallet, started our as Bitquence back in june 2017 as an ICO. They almost sold out their ICO and quickly started on their universal wallet. They changed their name in November 2017, and gained a all time high at $12 January 2018. Their aim is to make cryptocurrency accessible for everyone, by creating an universal wallet for mobile phones - an app that easy that even your grandmother can use it. They launched the wallet in July 2018, and they quickly got it in the app stores all around the world. The safety on this wallet have been questioned. Some don't trust mobile phone wallet at all, others believe that they can keep your cryptocurrency safe. In the end it's always up to the end used to make all passwords and pass phrases hidden and secure, but Ethos Universal Wallet are doing their best to make their part of the security as good as possible. When you open your wallet, the app sends the phone into sandbox mode, making it disconnect from the web. It then creates the 24 words you need to write down, including your password and code. Their activity online have never stopped, and they are pushing out new updates regularly with new tokens and coins to support. They have many more features on their roadmap that they will implement in the wallet. Recently they partnered up with a company, making it possible to add fiat to your wallet from your visa card. This is really important step in their march to make crypto accessible for everyone.

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