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Gold Bits Coin

Review Date: December 14, 2019 16:35:01

Back in 2018 when Gold Bits Coin was only an ICO, I decided to purchase half an Ethereum's worth of their coins. After a year I wanted to take my funds back and as normal I logged into my account and tried to transfer my GBCs to my Ethereum wallet and I couldn't, because of "technical issues" according to them. And this was the start of my negative experience with this GBC company. In May 2019, I got in touch via Linkedin with Steve MacDonald (Fund Manager and investment specialist) and told him of my problem. He kindly understood my problem and via email wrote to me that Ali Mohamed (CEO) will resolve the issue for me. Well things didn't turned out that way, at all!!! On the contrary, my account was totally locked out and my funds lost - don't know where. I have a series of emails with Ali Mohamed to show my record of conversing with him about my issue and also screenshots of my wallet to show the truth of this shady company and frame the people responsible for any wrong doing to me and any of their members. If anyone has had any issues with them, any cooperation will be much appreciated.


Review Date: May 12, 2019 16:56:05

Back in 2017 I invested on this E-Chat ICO. For the first three months everything seemed to be fine until, in March 2018, they sent an email and warning about tokens distribution. I followed their instruction to the letter but things didn't succeed for me actually the opposite. They asked to provide them with a personal Ethereum wallet and I did so. But, the so called E-Chat coins never got transferred to my Ethereum wallet. I tried to get in touch many times but their response it's always the same. I believe they use some kind of BOT for that. At the end, everything went up in smoke. If anyone has got any info about this E-Chat would be great to share and warn other people to stay on alert.

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