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Personal Tokens

Review Date: January 08, 2020 01:39:25

We have heard the quote "tokenize everything", but tokenizing people is a step even further. This is a crazy idea to tokenize yourself, but if you think about it, this might be the answer to many of the troubles in the world today. It's an ultimate decentralization of money creation process - "be your own CENTRAL bank". It might be an alternative to universal basic income. It might be a free-market based social scoring system, an alternative to the government citizen scoring systems like in China. Personal Tokens is the first functional platform where you can verify yourself with your social media (no KYC), and issue your named token (fixed supply: 21 million). The platform enables you to easily distribute your tokens via social media using a simple link, to pay your followers for things like shares or comments. Your tokens could also be traded on the exchange for free. The only commission is 1% of your tokens - which are held in the reserve that will be used in the future to generate more liquidity (similarly to Bancor protocol).

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