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TokenPay is a great project. It exists lawfully with regulations and via license. There is one group intending to damage TokenPay reputation since they are extorting TokenPay, that's where your misinformation about TokenPay comes from. I recommend looking up WEG BANK, Tokensuisse and other projects in TokenPay Ecosystem. These are licensed and regulated realm. It's not your daily crypto project. To even have ownership of a German Bank required one too goes under tense scrutiny by regulation and in this case, German Govern body. Tokensuisse has the license to issue TPAY Certificate, where you can purchase it as you do with stock in any bank. Or license to operate their online gambling casino In crypto space, there is SO MANY BAD information. This is why I turn to project such as TokenPay that has the license to operate and follow regulation. In fact, this bank just issues the first FINTECH corporate level bank account to LISK, if you recalled most bank kill crypto accounts, same with credit cards company killing the crypto transaction. Therefore, it’s such a significant move in crypto space to have an entity that has an EU banking license to be able to open banks account for a crypto project.

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